How to Make & Use Airbrush Stencils : Use an Advance Airbrush Stencil as a Negative Stencil

How you doing? We’re back again. Here’s our
advanced stencil. Remember, when you make a stencil you always get two pieces, one way
or another. Sometimes if you get a positive stencil and you’re only going to use it for
positive purposes, you want to cut it as close to the edge as you possibly can so you can
save some of the board. But this case I planned on using it twice, so I kind of cut it out
in the middle so we can use it. This time we’re going to use this piece and I’m going
to show you how to make a colored skull on a white t-shirt. Again, you take your tape.
I’m not going to get too much into it because by now I’m sure you know what we’re doing.
Hold it in place. you want to make sure your tape comes off with the, off of the t-shirt.
Get your black and your positive stencil, doesn’t have to be perfect. Just hold it into
place so you can find your nose. Now you have a blue skull. And just like the other one,
you can come back and outline it. Put a drop shadow behind it. Whatever you want to do.
And then you just go from there and just use your artistic abilities to create what you
want it to be. Thank you.


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