How to Make Wire Sculptures : Building a Base for Wire Sculptures

I’m Mark Kooy here with Expert Village and
we are going to be talking about wire sculpture and braising techniques and tools. Okay we’ve
spent some time in filling out the torso here and adjusting for our gesture and movement.
Now we need to decide how we are going to set the tongue for the environment our dancer
is in.
I was looking at this particular piece, this welded piece of pipe cylinder sort of a thing
as a base. It is nice and heavy, sturdy. it will be great to balance our piece on. The
nice thing about the wire sculpture is that it will have a vibration and it will tend
to give itself movement. Originally we might think just stick him on top of that and that
would kind of be the first guess maybe. But to give him that kind of edgy feel, it adds
to the environment that he is in and who he is as a dancer and why is he dancing. is it
like most of us that we are all kind of dancing about as fast as we can just to stay on top
of things. So if we put him on the side of this cylindrical piece and instead of just
straight forward where his shoulders and stuff are parallel, we turn him a little bit and
put him on an angle. It creates a little more stress, gives him a little different rhythm
and it creates a little more motion. It also gives us that kind of more or a precarious
atmosphere that he is kind of a juggler and those kind of things. The nice thing about
wire sculpture is that they are so adjustable. They are kind of fun to work with in those
kind of senses. I think that is what we are going to do; stick him right there.

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