How to Make Wire Sculptures : Forming Wire Sculpture Figures

I’m Mark Kooy here with Expert Village and
we are going to be talking about wire sculpture and braising techniques and tools. We are
going to start here with our basic figure and I start with a piece of wire for the torso
here, one long piece for the arms and a smaller piece that we’ve bent to the shape of our
figure’s face and head and one long piece that we laid out for the legs. What I do is
that I figure for the actual length of the leg and I add about an inch for the hip space
across so that we can have that pivot point as we get into manipulating. So I am just
going quickly braise these pieces together. The nice thing with trying to keep the form
fairly simple at the beginning is that we only have 1, 2, and 3 joints that we have
to join together and we could even shorten that if I had done the whole neck here and
we would only be joining that to there. So we will take in since we’ve already adjusted
our torch, I will strike away as soon as I get some gas and we’ll get it nice and toasty
and I am going to use my uncoated rod and heat that up really quick and I dip it into
the flux so that it is all gooey and we are going to heat up the wire. We want to be careful
that we don’t melt it. We are just getting it nice and hot so that the braising rod will
actually flow around the joint. You want it to be that nice shiny gold color like that.
Come up to the arms. Now I just don’t want to get the top and that’s what happened. I
just got the top hot. I’m going to get the underneath part hot too and then we are going
to melt the braising rod right into the hole. The trick gets that we want just enough. We
don’t want this big glob on there. The trick becomes being able to heat it up and melt
it on there without making a big globby mess. You want just enough but you want enough.
So now we have one whole man with legs and arms.


  • haze

    i can sculpt them with my fingures in 1 minute. lol

  • unlinedwork

    This is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

  • Mang Jose

    @SirFligil yeah… FINGURINES!!!

  • Mang Jose

    What the hell is this!!!

  • Keena Ironweaver

    LOL I can make this with 1 strand of wire easy! I make dragons with 1 strand all the time! I guess this wasn't a whole waste though, because it shows how to attatch pieces of wire together, which I didn't know how to do. I guess this vid's not about true art, but to give a pointer on making true art. Baby steps. After all, Expert Village IS a great source of knowledge…

  • jon struse

    i could actually quite literally make that with my asshole..

  • Lisa Van Herik

    This was an unexpected treat……I've never seen brazing done before, thanks

  • 969ripper

    you folks at expertvillage are fantastic! i have gleaned more useful tips from you than any other site. bar none. however; please be aware of where you put the expertvillage the instructional videos. On this one it's placed over the area he is laying out. thanks

  • 1995Benzo

    Expert Village has the worst videos!

  • Gedvina Ziogelyte

    Thanks that really helped

  • Dennis S

    it would be nice to be able to see your work. It's covered with the expert village logo

  • John Alvreign Ocon

    i don't think it's a wire sculpture at all.

  • Upfront

    Time McClendon makes some of the most amazing wire art sculptures and jewelry in the World. His collection is outstanding and beautiful. Check him out on the internet.
    You will not be disappointed.

  • platinumare

    I can't see what your doing, there is an advert for expert village in the way.

  • Peter Hemm

    What a load of rubbish!

  • Gail Gabel

    Awful videos, just awful! 

  • Jim Lane

    It may not be the most involved sculpt, but I think he is just trying to show you basic tecnic in braising. ..not how to create a Mona Lisa in wire. Give the poor guy a break! You don't teach a child how to ride a bicycle using a motorcycle!

  • Magma Nova

    What was the torch?

  • Alyjha Williams

    hey cool there I also do wire art

  • Mike Justice

    Need an expert photographer
    Work blocked by the blurb


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