How to Make Wire Sculptures : Wire Sculpture Tools

I’m Mark Kooy here with Expert Village and
we are going to be talking about wire sculpture and braising techniques and tools. Some of
the basic tools that come in handy for doing this kind of work are a pair of vice grips
for holding things together and in place while you are trying to work or just a second pair
of pliers for bending and needle nose pliers for getting nice tight curves and bends. They
also come with the side cutter shears in here. You can also have a separate pair of side
cutters with the almond nose that is a little easier to use sometimes but if you are just
trying to get one pair of pliers to begin with, the needle nose will come with that.
Make sure, some don’t but most of them do and that way you could save yourself a little
bit if you want. It’s good to have an inexpensive pair of pliers that have the square tips that
will allow you to get straight corners if you are doing some more square geometric shapes.
It also gives you something to grip the wire with when you are doing smaller turns. You
will need a striker for your torch. I like when cleaning up the piece, I use a triangular
metal file so you can get in to corners and you can do flat spaces as well as getting
into those cornered areas and then a wire brush. I like the bronze or brass wire brushes
for doing this kind of work. It doesn’t cause issues with the wire itself. Safety glasses
is a good thing. We also use the welding shield for the torch when we are working with the

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