How to Mask a room before Spray Painting with Craig Phillips

now if you’re planning any form of
spray painting indoors preparation is very important once you’ve sanded down
the walls and all the areas you’re about to paint you’re going to have to mask up
now don’t be put off by the masking it can be done really quick and easy by
using the Wagner masking kit first of all remove all the furniture
out the room if possible if not simply move it to the center and cover it with
dust sheets I want to start off by covering up the carpet area with the
dust sheets then I’m gonna use my masking kit to mask up the skirting
boards the radiators the windows the lights the switches and sockets next I’m about to mask off the skirting board and what makes it quick and simple to do is the masking tape itself is
already connected to the polythene so what we do is place the top of the
masking tape right on the top of the skirting board drag that along and start to
stick it down as we go the key is to line the masking tape up exactly on the
top of the skirting board where it meets the plaster now I’m in the corner area I’m
just going to trim that off using my trimming knife and then I’m going to
start to unfold the polythene and straight away you’ll see the poly sheet has
got a static effect it starts to cling to the surface of the skirting board once
I’m happy that I’ve covered all of that area I’m going to get the standard roll
of masking tape and simply just fix that down to my dust sheet now next up I want to mask the windows now
you can get different size roles depending on how big your window is and
want to use the larger one because I not only want to cover the window but I’m
going to cover the sill as well, once you are into the corner again using your
trimming knife trim that off start to peel the plastic out and again you’ll
see it’s got the static effect so it grabs to the surface below once you’re
happy with that length you can trim it off along the bottom of the sill and
then of course mask it to hold it in position then using your masking tape
mask up the edges where it meets the plasterboard and you do the same on the opposite size
that way you know all the window and the frame is covered for when you’re about
to spray the reveals of the window now the radiators are a little bit different
they’re standing proud off the wall on brackets so what we need to do is get
the masking tape and tape up along the back edge of the radiator drape it down
cut off the sides and on the underside and then tape it up that way when we
spray the wall we can spray the areas behind the radiator where it’s seen now any pipes or thermostats that are
visible they also gonna need covering up using
your masking tape now your light switches sockets and
lights are also going to need masking up real simple to do pull your tape out run
it along the top edge and then down the sides just where it meets the plaster
work once you’ve gone all the way around cut it off simply fold it in and if
you’ve got a small gap in the middle just cover that up as well I’m masking the door up it’s always wise
to mask the frame at the same time especially if your painting in the walls and
ceilings above it I’m going to start off using the large Masking roll from the
top of the frame drapes it down cut it into the corner
drape it all the way down to the floor then get the standard masking tape and
cut in the corners of the frame where it meets the plaster work that’s the masking preparation all
complete and it only took me about 45 minutes to do this room I covered the
floor masked the skirting boards the radiators the windows the doors the
lights the sockets and even the switch now ready to start doing my spray painting


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