How to Mask Up Carpet when Painting Skirting Boards Like an Expert Video

hello and welcome to some more tips from
the building sheriff and today we’re going to be learning how to mask up
specifically on carpets when painting now if you’re going to work like a pro
you gotta talk like a pro and it’s masking up its not put masking tape on
it is not apply masking tape it’s masking up all you need is some patience
and masking tape 50mm masking tape don’t get anything thinner. Okay let’s start on the skirting board.
What we need to do is to apply a length of masking tape. There needs to be a lip so it rolls
up against the skirting board so you have the masking tape on the carpet
rolling up on the skirting board what you then do is you put your fingers down
where the carpet meets the skirting board press down and pull back slightly
and as you pull back push forward and push the masking tape down in between
the gap of where the carpet meets the skirting board now this process is repeated
so you’ll then draw out another length apply it to another length of skirting
board or anywhere where timber that’s painted meets the carpet we’re now going
to have a look at doing a tricky bit which is a door frame which is is molded
so you’ll see there’s a fancy pattern and part of the problem with painting
door frames is if you don’t paint perfectly you may have too much paint and
with gravity bringing the paint down you’ll find that paint might well right to the
bottom so unless you’re masking tape is perfectly protecting your carpet you
could be in trouble there so let’s look at how to do that break a small piece like this off and
work it along a straight edge again we push down pull back and then squeeze
the tape into there then break another piece and look it’s a
mad mad mad mad shape but you just have a look and think well that point can squeeze
into there and if you look at that closely you’re protected. Rip again, rip
another small bit off and then we’re going to push it into their the roll-up
technique and push down and then there’s a little corner in here so i just need a
tiny bit i’ll use my triangle there push that see how it’s rolled up push it in ok like
this okay look it can be rolled up quite a
long way and we’ve pushed down – my look at that! So what’s going to happen
when you paint your skirting board you are going to have your brush running
along right down to the bottom and you’ll have a little well of paint
that will create a seal when you then come to pull in the masking tape up and
all you have to do is lift and pull like that the carpet will spring back into
position and you will not see the very bottom edge now one big tip do not take
the masking tape up too late don’t let it skin over and harden
gloss paint takes about 48 hours to skin and harden and if you do what
you’ll find is as you take the masking tape off you will take the paint off the
skirting board so if you’re careful you can do it straight away you’re gonna get
your hands dirty just with the masking tape roll it into
a ball and then just stay well away from it and leave it to dry so one of the big
problems when masking is masking upstairs you’ve got the flat but that’s ok but
then the up bit the carpet tends to be a bit flappy and you have you get around
that so i’m going to show you now how to put the masking tape on a staircase ok same as before get yourself a length
of masking tape and then what we do is we – oops, mind the cat! is we apply it to the flat
bit like that and ensure that that is turned up there and this is turned up
here then we go through the pull and push process get that absolutely flat
turn anything around and push that up against there for the update it again get yourself just slightly longer then
the trade the riser that’s called the trade that’s the rise of the riser is eight
inches what we then do is we call it under and
that gets applied right at the bottom and we do the same thing we have a
little curl over so look it’s fairly rough and ready i’m not having stuck it
you can just put it in place okay you’ve got your curl over there now
what you do is you push this right in force it in there because let the carpet
is just hanging down so you need to get in right behind down at the bottom and
then lap that over-the-top so the next thing we do is get another bit and just
longer than the tread and this time we turn that up again turn it up at the end so we have a piece
that is rolled up that way covered here turned up there and push that right in we do have push down pull push pull and
push that So Solid now and then we add the riser ok you can get messed up but
we go ad the riser remember this turn bit you’ve got a right angle there turn
that put that into the corner the corners what you want to get done fast push it into the corner ok then we lapped around like that and
see how that pushes back we just push writing writing round up the top you are
and this is then repeated all up to the top right that’s that done home when you
get to the top you’re going to get to this bit this big post it’s called the newel post and you are
then going to have to do a combination of your stair riser because you’re going
up and across and then a bit of fiddling around which is like you’re craving so
for the bus a bit here as you can see i just pull out a little bit of tape plug
that down there do the corner then come up again along the riser and then back
on the flat bit

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