How To Mix Car Paint – A Quick Paint Mixing Tip with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey guys kevin gates with these to it
and a quick tip from our automotive how-to series hands on cars we’re
transforming a 78 z28 camaro into one awesome protein machine let’s take a look we’re using the
eastwood show clear which is a four-to-one mix ratio but because the
temperature is 80 degrees will be adding the slow reducer which means we’ll be
using a 4212 one column on the mixing Cup we’re mixing a large amount because
i know it takes a quart and a half to get around the car so i’ll be using the
three as a reference to give myself enough for two coats remember that three
is just a reference not an actual amount with the clear added to the first three
and the activator to the second three it’s time to fill to the next three with
reducer as you can see these cups from eastwood make mixing easy and you get a
perfect ratio every time now it’s time for a final wipe down with a tack rag
for the clear into the gun and we get to start spring so for more tech tips from
me and eastwood make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube before you head on over
to for everything you need to do the job right

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