How To Nail Instagram Quality Using Lightroom Mobile

In this video I’m going to show you how to get the best quality possible when uploading your photos to Instagram. What’s up YouTube, I’m Oliver Sjöström and today I’m gonna show you how to crop size and export your photos to get the best quality possible when uploading your photos to Instagram. You don’t need a computer or any paid software you can do this straight from your phone by using Lightroom Mobile’s free app. So let’s say that you’ve been out and taken a couple of amazing photos, You spend your heart and soul editing and once you are ready to post the quality Sucked! It’s not sharp, and maybe it even turned out pixelated. The reason why this happens is because Instagram has specific guidelines on how to post content to their platform. If the photo that you upload does not follow these guidelines they will use their own compression software and size the image for you. So the best thing that you can do is to follow instagrams guidelines and size your photos accordingly. So, just follow the next steps that I’m gonna show you and your photos will never be pixelated again! Alright, so start off by opening up lightroom mobile. Import a photo or pick one that you already have in your library. I’m just going to pick this one and give it a quick edit with one of my presets from a travel preset pack. Boom, the link to these will be listed in the description below. Then go to the left of toolbar and choose the crop tool. Then again click on the far left icon. Here you will have a bunch of different options to crop your image. The correct aspect ratio for Instagram feed is the 4 by 5 crop. So choose that one and then compose your image and apply the crop by pressing ok. Now you can see that the image has been cropped. The next step is to export the photo and you do that by pressing on the share icon on the top of the screen and then press save to camera roll. When choosing image size, pick small And let the photo render. Then go into your camera roll and you will find your exported image. Then upload your image to Instagram. And there you have it! That is how you export high-quality photos for Instagram using Lightroom mobile. And there you have it guysThat’s how you get high quality photos for Instagram. That’s it for this video I hope that you found it helpful If you did make sure to give it a like subscribe for more videos related to photography and filmmaking and Also, don’t forget to go follow me on Instagram to stay updated with my work Also, check out the links in the description to download some of my presets. That’s it for this video See you in the next one, peace!


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  • Tushar Kamble

    Why did you not chose maximum quality over small size?

  • Mark Bond

    Bro, make the same tutorial for Lightroom on computer, peace ✌🏻

  • gamerz_ _zone

    Hey! There I am pubg lover u just mail me about this video

  • Rick nxl

    THANK YOU!!!

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  • driezzie88


    Well I tried this and I am still not convinced haha.

    I started shooting with my iPhone X via the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app and not the standard iPhone camera app because it let's you shoot in .dng formaat or the illusion of at least. This makes the size or your photos very large but it is better for editing.

    After editing the photo in .dng I exported it via the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app to cameraroll which gave me two options small – 2048 pixels or maximum available. The original photo was 3024 x 3780, the export in original was the same size and 3,3 mb in filesize, the export in small was still 1638×2048 and 1mb in filesize.

    When saving the photos to cameraroll and uploading them on Instagram it was very hard to see a difference but I guess the small version should be "less" pixelated because of the smaller size of 1 mb and dimensions right? Should we export to cameraroll or directly to Instagram via the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app?

    Another thing I noticed is that you can actually choose the size of the long side of your photo when exporting it via the Adobe Lightroom CC desktop app, which I find strange because I can not find this option in the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app eventhough they should be identical in the cloud. Choosing the longer side makes it easier to make the photo fit in the guidelines of Instagram I guess? Which in turn means better quality.

    This bothers me haha so I hope you can help because I really want to have that HD look on my photos, just as in the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app

  • Liam Graneri

    Why wouldn't you directly share the image to Instagram straight from the inbuilt share function on LR mobile? Do you know if it affects the quality?

  • Watching Videos

    I don’t see 4×5 I see 5×4

  • Chern Yau

    I didn't see 'share icon' from top right there…
    Is it same as 'save in device' from '3 dot' icon setting?

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    Can you please do a update video on this

  • itsCJolie

    Quick and to the point. Very helpful.

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    I don't see the same share icon logo…🙁

  • Daniel Chiu

    Mine only has 4×3 on it. I've tried on my tablet and cellphone.


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