How to Organize Your Desk Drawers (Part 3 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show you how I organize all my desk drawers in my home
office. But first, if you’re looking to get organized
you can check out my free organizing video series on my website, Alejandra.TV. The link
is below. OK. So, talking about desk drawers. So one
of the biggest problems that I see and hear with desk drawers is like everything is just
so cluttered inside, nothing is organized, things get jammed when you open and close
the drawer where you can’t find anything, and it leads to frustration. So let me show
you what I do to avoid all that and be able to find exactly what I’m looking for. OK. So, this is my top drawer, next to my
desk. So this is like — since it is like the top drawer, it’s the most frequently accessed
stuff because I can reach it easily. So, inside here I have all of my post-it notes, my thumbtacks,
paper clips, binder clips, change, staples, flags, my measuring tape, my timer, my little
computer duster thingy. And then I have these, these are fun. These are Quickie Stickies.
They are like little fun sticky note affirmations that I just like put around the office. And
then I have my Blue painter’s Tape and then like my fun washi tape. And then everything is kind of categorized
and organized into these mesh containers that are just puttied down to the bottom of the
drawer. So putty, I was always talk about putty. This is putty. It’s this little like,
just putty and it sticks like it holds things in place. I just put it at the bottom of the
organizer and then they don’t move. So if you kind of like see in the back of
the drawer, there is like one and a half inches of space that’s empty back there? So if I
like open and close the drawer like really fast, nothing is going to move because the
organizers are puttied down. So it’s just really nice. OK. So that is that drawer. And then the second drawer is more — it’s
more like gadgety things. It’s not so much like Post-It notes but it’s like personal
stuff like lotions and ChapStick, business cards, these little cord organizers, erasers
for pencils, tape, this is empty right now. I have note cards in here and then — oh,
so this is Museum Putty. I keep it right here because I use it so often. But I just love
this stuff. OK. Then the bottom drawer, so this is stuff
that’s like less frequently accessed since it’s like the farthest drawer toward the bottom.
But this has my receipt organizer for work. So I did a whole video on this last year.
Basically, I just organize all my receipts by category into this beautiful rainbow poly
envelope. They just like stays in this drawer right here. And then in this poly envelope, I have all
my stickers. So, I love using stickers on like cards or like my nieces and nephews or
like checklist stickers for all my checklist trackers and stuff. Let my show you inside
how I’ve organize them. Basically, I just use the same thing as the
receipt organizer but then I just label the categories just like that. And whenever you
have this accordion organizer, it comes with these little paper inserts that you just like
slide inside. But I feel like those things always fall out. So instead of putting those
in, I just take my label maker and I just stick a label on the top of it and nothing
is going to fall out. So, that is my sticker collection. And I have my address book right here. I have
my coupon binder that half of the time, it’s like in this drawer, half of the time it’s
in the car, half of the time it’s in the purse. So it kind of just like moves around wherever
I go. And then, this is really cool. This is a cool organizer which I will put a link
to some of the products I’m showing on my website so you can check it out. But this is like a little plastic organizer.
They are really inexpensive and what I do is I put all my big letter stickers that I
use for scrapbooking inside here because they don’t really fit in this accordion organizer.
So it just goes in here. And they just like fit so perfectly. OK. So, over here I have — this is all of
Mojo’s like her medications and her — yeah, just like medication. Then I have bag of her
treats. So when she’s hanging out in my office. And then over here, looks like I have tons
of these but they’re all like different address and shipping labels and like perforated business
cards and stuff. They all just kind of hang out in here. And this is actually a file drawer. This was
a file drawer. You can kind of see the holes on the ends. But I was like, when I got this
desk, I was like, I’m not using this as a file drawer. I have a separate filing cabinet
so we’ll just cut off the bars and then be able to fit in these nice organizers. These
are the same organizers that I showed a few years ago in my fridge for containing like
the lettuce and the vegetables and stuff. But they’re actually like file organizers.
So they just fit like perfectly in there. OK, so that’s that drawer. So, on the other side of the desk, this is
the top drawer. And again, this has like more frequently accessed things because it’s the
top drawer. So it has my pens, my markers, my pencils, highlighters, colored pencils,
chalkboard markers and then crayons but I don’t really use those that often, chalk and
then my calculator. So yeah, even though there’s like pens and pencils on my desk because this
is like the back-up supply or these are like the less frequently accessed writing instruments.
So yeah, so these go in here and they’re all categorized in the same organizers that are
puttied down. And then the second drawer, so this is my
favorite drawer in the whole desk. I love this drawer. Yeah, I’m so excited to show
you what it looks like. OK. So this is my shipping drawer. So whenever I’m like paying
bills or I’m like shipping something, I always come here to grab an envelope like there are
the long envelopes, there are the short envelopes. These are like the best thing about this drawer
so I grabbed or I find all these little poly envelope holders, organizers and they fit
perfectly in the drawer and I just categorize like — I just came up with all the categories
that I would need to ship something. So there are stamps. There are checks to deposit
or I’m sorry, address labels, checks to deposit, home record or home receipts, travel receipts,
receipts to register and gift receipts. So all like — I just put whatever I need to
inside that envelope. So like, checks to deposit, if I receive a check I’ll put it in the envelope
and then I’ll take that envelope to the bank when I’m ready to deposit it. And then when
I come back, I’ll put the empty envelope back in here. Like travel receipts, I’ll take this envelope
with me when I travel in my suitcase. Put the travel receipts in there and when I come
back, I’ll take them out and put the empty envelope back in here. It’s just like a great
system and like none of the envelopes get caught in the drawer. It’s like the perfect
height. It’s awesome. OK. So then, my checkbooks are right here.
My extra checkbooks are back here. And then another cool thing about the drawer is these
drawer dividers that I put in the drawers, they just fit so beautifully. It’s like, I
don’t know, they’re not even made for this drawer, the just fit nicely. And they are
expandable so you can expand them to whatever size you need. And then I have these little
dividers right here that holds envelopes in place and holds these poly envelopes in place.
And yeah, this is the beautiful shipping drawer. And then the bottom drawer is all of my poly
envelopes. So, I have a lot of poly envelopes because this is like my job to organize and
show solutions and stuff. And so, I have so many that like I use and I reuse. And a lot
of these, they’ve been used before like if you saw my old sticker collection video. I
had all my stickers inside of these poly envelopes but as you know as life changes, your systems
have to change just as fast. So these are not in use right now. But anyway, so this
is where all the poly envelopes live. And when I’m organizing something, I can just
come here and see exactly what I’m looking for. OK. So, how do you organize your desk drawers?
Is there something that I didn’t show that you do that keeps you really organize and
productive? If so, leave a comment below and let me know and everyone else is watching
know whatever you do. And if this is your first time watching one
of my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or you can check out my website at
Alejandra.TV. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.


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