How to Paint a Complete Landscape with Just 3 Watercolor Pencils Step by Step Easy and Narrated

hi friends today we are going to draw
this landscape with just three watercolor pencils yellow blue and red
only three colors, we begin making the first layers of colors with blue,
as you can see, this video is very visual and easy to follow because we are only
using the same three watercolor pencils all the time, the only difficult we
can find with this drawing is when we blend colors with water, okay, but you must
let your brush rinse with water but not too wet, only a little, okay?
paper is 300 grams watercolor paper, okay? you cannot do this with a regular paper
80 grams paper okay you must use watercolor paper because this is just
another watercolor technique, watercolor pencils are just another technique
of watercolor, in other words, okay as you can see layer after layer we are
building colors, because is not the same draw red over the blue
layer, or a red or blue over the red layer, is not the same and not the same
quantity, for the clouds we are doing this, okay with yello, and now we give
more accent with a red pencil, is easy now with something round like this coin
we make the shape of the Sun, don’t fill the Sun with yellow, okay left
it white, draw in this way, okay and now let’s
accent this part of the clouds and sky, as you can see warmer colors are far
away from us, are farther from us, this is not the usual way to do this, this is
original, now this is a flat brush, very thick I think, with just a little of water…
I changed the brush because it was too big, okay taking water it’s time and
cleaning the brush with a paper to not mix colors unwanted, as you can see
only few brushstrokes, okay but carefully, okay this way…
I think this is a very good exercise, and a very effective landscape
you can paint with watercolor pencils, very easy and as you can see only need
patience, because always when we draw with color pencils or watercolor pencils
is the same: we must work layer after layer, and it need a
little more work than other techniques, but the richness of color the fullness
of brightness, deserves all your efforts, okay give more accent as you can see,
the upper part of the sky it is now somehow green, and it is good, we are giving effects, okay with just a little yellow here, okay blur the
edges if you whish of your landscape, now let it dry before continuing with your color
watercolor pencils… okay now you may draw without letting it
dry but the effect is different, you can try, okay what do you think? do you
like this technique? the colored watercolor pencils? I really like it
and I hope you find it useful, if you haven’t do it before please subscribe
to my channel, so you’ll know when I upload new videos, okay and if you like it:
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okay I’m doing last details in this part, as you see now the layers have a
very rich color, it is full because layer after layer we are filling a paper with
pigments, I think it’s very good, now a little more of yellow… if
you want I paint something, tell me at the comments line, and share with your
friends if you like this video, a little more details… accent is all
you need to make the Sun brighter, if you put something dark just next to the
Sun your Sun will seem brighter, okay more dark here… and here it is watercolor landscape with just
three pencils, I do like this, do you like it too? okay see you next week bye! you


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