How to paint a garage door using the Wagner Flexio sprayer

In this video I’m going to paint two garage
doors. This is the first door which is looking dated. You will also notice that
I have removed the door handle so that it can be opened from the inside only. I have
covered the hole using a small piece of stainless steel which has been stuck to
the door using grab adhesive. This door is being painted because I’m going to use it for a halloween projector. The second door is in much worse condition
and there’s paint flaking at the bottom, it also has a couple of aluminum vents
that need painting at the top. Both of these doors are going to be
sprayed using the Wagner Flexio sprayer using Zinsser Perma-White
external paint. If you don’t have a sprayer you could use a brush and a roller but you get a far superior finish using a sprayer. I’m mainly going to
concentrate on the first larger door but will show some footage of the smaller
door as more work was required on that door. To start off with I have put a dust sheet down on the floor this is plastic backed and so no over spray can penetrate the sheet. I have cut the dust sheet and taped it to the
floor using gaffer tape. Above the first door is a galvanized lintel the paint is
peeling from it badly because the incorrect or no primer has been used. There is also a loose bead of silicone which will be removed and replaced later. Removing this paint was difficult and
time-consuming in the end I used the angle grinder and the paint
remover disc. It’s now time to clean the whole surface. To do this I’ve used Zinsser Universal Degreaser. I am even cleaning the silicone around the edge as
I want to paint over this instead of replacing it. On the first door there is some form sticking through the gaps so I’m removing that before cleaning the rest
of the door. I have cleaned half of the door here so
that you can see how dirty it was to begin with. On the second door I had to spend a
while with the sander to remove any of the loose paint before cleaning it with
the Universal Degreaser. If you think the paint on the door may concern lead it
is essential that you wear a suitable dust mask. If you have a pressure washer
it might be a good idea to give the door a blast a few days before to remove as
much of the loose paint as possible. It’s now time to mix up some primer. I’m using Zinsser B-I-N for the silicone as I have used this previously. For the bare metal I’m using Zinsser 123. Both of these primers are over paintable after one hour. I’m priming the galvanized lintel, the stainless steel piece in the center and on the other door I’ve primed where the loose paint
had been removed as well as the aluminium vents at the top. The silicone
on both doors was really badly discoloured I did try cleaning this using Universal
Degreaser and also methylated spirits but it would not come clean. I thought I would try painting over the silicone and if it was not successful I could replace
it at a later date. I’ve primed the silicone using the Zinsser B-I-N and gave it two top coats of Perma White and surprisingly the paint took to the
silicone and it looked great. There are a lot of different silicone
formulations so this might not work on all types of silicone. Because the top coats of paint are being sprayed on to the door we need to do a really good job
of masking everything off. Firstly the masking tape was applied where I wanted
the paint to stop, then clear masking was tapped to the masking tape using gaffer tape and masking tape. It’s really worth spending the time here to get
everything perfect as the last thing you want is overspray or a un neat edge. Surprisingly the Wagner Flexio
delivers the paint really well with the minimum of overspray. It’s well worth the
extra effort of masking everything off because the paint finish is much better
than you would get with a brush or a roller. It is important you mix the paint correctly
and ensure that it is suitable for spraying. Zinsser Perma-White works really well for spraying but it is essential that the correct mask is worn during the
spraying operation. Before spraying the door I have tested out the spray pattern on a scrap piece of cardboard. The nozzle on the sprayer can be rotated
so that the spray can be used to spray vertically or horizontally. To start off with I’m doing the two edges of the door ensuring the spray nozzle is
adjusted to the vertical spray position. This spray is covering the edges of the door as well as the silicon which was primed earlier with the Zinsser B-I-N. I’ve now adjusted the nozzle for
horizontal spraying and I’m starting to spray at the top of the door and I’m
working from side to side and down. It’s surprising just how quickly you can cover a large area with a sprayer and get a brilliant finish. After two hours have passed I’ve given
the door another coat and then removed all of the masking and masking tape. Once this paint has dried fully it should
resist any mould growth for five years and it should last 10 to 15 years
before it needs painting again. The finish on both doors was absolutely
superb and I was really happy that I did not have to replace the silicon, as
it is time-consuming getting a neat bead next to rough bricks. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this
video if you have and you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the channel.


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