How to Paint a Realistic Mouth (Lips) – Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Hi I’m Kelly and today I’m going to show how to paint a realistic mouth with glossy red lips and a couple teeth showing through first I’m covering the entire skin area with
water I just think this makes skin look more
natural smoother without any streaks or lines next I’m dropping in color orange purples and yellows I’m
very pale so I really don’t need very much of this the teeth are kind of similar to the
whites of an eye but not blindingly white because the top lips casting a shadow, and
what you’re going to see here is light blue and some other colors.
dropped in. I have given the skin some time to dry and now I’m covering both lips with
basically water that’s just been tinted with an orangy pink. As you can see that
areas that have been covered with masking fluid resist this paint, and they’re protected from this paint and everything else that I’ll do to these lips. Actually I’m so pale this is what my
mouth looks like without lipstick so I should probably stop right here but I’m going to keep going Now I’m dropping in a mixture of hot pink
and orange along with a little yellow. Now I’m just spending some time
establishing that the left side is dark and the right side is lighter
and I just love watching the colors blend together. We’re getting darker on the left side. The
surface of the paper is still very wet so my lines continue to blur. Light
colors are okay, but there’s something so satisfying about painting with really bright colors. I just love it. Now I’m using a small kinda fuzzy brush and just a little
bit of water I’m going around the outside perimeter of the lips to just soften that line a
little bit. With a mixture of purple and orange, I’m beginning the line between the lips and working on interior
of the mouth just a little. Next I’m going to really start defining the wrinkles especially on the bottom lip.
Wrinkles on lips kind of remind me of parentheses on the left side of both lips top and bottom. The curve of the wrinkles looks like beginning parentheses, sort of straight up and down on the center of the lip and on the right side they seem to curve in the opposite direction a little to the right
like end parentheses. Wrinkles on the lips also remind me of eyelashes. They’re basically
the same curve, the same size. If you mess them up, it’s not gonna look
like a lip anymore in the same way eyelashes won’t look like an
eye anymore if you mess them up so I really do take a lot of time making these look natural. You don’t
want to make the wrinkles all look the same. You want to have some
variation, some smaller ones, some bigger ones, some lines that really don’t go in any direction in particular. So I’m just going to keep working around the mouth like this. Not
really sure whyI’m going counterclockwise today but it allows the
bottom lip to dry while I’m working on the top left
and just seems like a logical way to work the top lip is almost always darker than
the bottom left because light hits the center the bottom
lip and makes it look like it’s sticking out ok up so we’re going around another time if
you wanna make anything work three-dimensional I find that you need to have a white
area Midtown and dark and so that’s what I’m trying
to do with the sprinkles you have some areas of white some very
light peachy areas some right pure color areas and some darker shadows so its all those
different values that make a three-dimensional now good good my in case you’re interested that’s occurring in the painting here is
Estee Lauder and the color is rich and Rosie in and I’m just putting in some shadows
around the bottom and the top left in in okay now I’m removing masking fluid and I’m sort of softening the edges with
a really small breasts just a little water good and finally and adding some iridescent
shred basically all over the entire list
except for the white gary is this step isn’t necessary but it
reminded me of lip gloss and I just couldn’t resist really like to admit the lips look on and there’s the finished product thank you for watching it

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