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Today we will demonstrate how to paint
a Traxxas ProGraphix body. ProGraphix bodies are available for many
Traxxas models with pre-painted graphics for easy painting. We will use an E-Revo
body for this demonstration. Note that the body will be painted on
the inside, and the plastic film should stay on the body until after it’s
painted to protect it from overspray. A respirator mask is recommended when
working with spray paints, as well as gloves. Painting should always be done by an adult according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions in an open
well-ventilated area. Visit your local hobby store for a selection of RC body
paint. We will use a solid color for the base and then apply a white backing. Use
dish soap and water to thoroughly clean the inside of the body. The paint will be
applied to the inside and a thorough cleaning will help it to adhere to the
body. Thoroughly dry the body with a soft cloth or towel. Now we are ready to
start painting. Refer to the directions on the can and apply the paint in short
light strokes. Applying several light coats will help to avoid dripping and
running. Allow the body to dry between coats. When you have full coverage with the
base color and the body has dried, apply the backing color. We will use white, but
silver or black can also be used for different effects. Silver can give a
metallic look to bright base colors, while black makes them more opaque. When the paint is fully dry, remove the
outer protective peel coat from the body. Now we can apply the decals. Carefully
position each decal before applying. If you get an air bubble under a decal,
use a pin to carefully puncture the decal and release the air. Additional
techniques, such as using a credit card or hair dryer, can also be used to smooth the
decals. Now your ProGraphix body is ready to
go. For more tips and tricks, subscribe to Traxxas Support here on


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    Thanks this helped

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    I feel like the traxxas summit is forgotten. They didn't put a link in the description for the summit body 🙁

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    These are so entertaining

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    I have a traxxas stampede 4×4 and when I go in reverse the rc car sway's from left to right almost zigzagging is there any way I can fix this?

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    Hi traxxas! Me again. I am going to buy a Slayer Pro 4×4 and I just need to know if it comes with an EZ start. Also, I need to know how to shift gears since it’s a 2 speed transmission

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    I have a question about the bandit vxl, if I’m running on 2s, would the moter be bogged down by grass?


    cool video! I love traxxas! I really want one!:)

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    U dont need gloves or a mask. Ps, tamiya paints are better than duratrax paint.

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    i didnt use a mask. I got high af

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    do the stickers come with the prographics body

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    Where can I get the paint?

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