How to Paint Fences & Decking Quickly

welcome to the Wagner fence panel
challenge today we’re going to show you the quickest way to coat a 5-foot fence
panel with results like these it’s a showdown between the traditional brush
the manual pump sprayer and the Wagner electric sprayer let’s see what happened
on your marks get set and go before Simon gets started he has to prime the manual sprayer with the pump handle it’s not easy and needs a lot of pressure to push the paint through the hose he’s looking tired before he’s even started Andy with the brush is having to constantly bend down to load up the brush and then drag the paint across the surface going over the same bit again
and again it’s tedious work trying to get into all the difficult to reach places and cover the entire surface properly He’s using a lot of paint too
which means he’s not getting a very smooth and even coverage not to mention the fact that all that extra wood preservative is going to be expensive
Kathryn is making great progress with the Wagner electric fence and decking sprayer and is flying through the challenge she can easily spray a perfect
coat covering the surface evenly to protect it for years to come
you can fully adjust the amount of paint that’s being sprayed by turning a dial on the trigger thereby setting it to match the speed which you’re comfortable working at currently she is spraying up and down but by adjusting the nozzle you can
easily spray left and right alternatively there is a detailed
setting which allows you to precisely spray around intricate objects and features
and that is Kathryn finished in just one 1 minute 07 seconds
she makes it look effortless Kathryn has time to admire her work
one last time and now she can relax Simon’s having to go over bits he missed as the pressure reduces as soon as you start using the manual sprayer that’s him finished at 4 minutes and 5 seconds Kathryn’s first coat is
nearly dry so she’s going to give hers a second coat this time spraying from
left to right the fence and decking sprayer can be used throughout your garden on fences, sheds, decking and garden furniture and the German engineering is
backed up with a three year guarantee which can be extended by another year
when you register your product and that’s Kathryn now completely finished
having applied two coats to her panel Poor Andy he’s not even halfway through
his first coat trying desperately to get a neat finish and remove some of those
drips caused by the brush catching against the edge of the wood eventually Andy is doing the final
touches and that is Andy finished coming in with a time of 11 minutes 16 seconds
the Wagner electric fence and decking sprayer is the clear winner not only is
it the fastest way to apply wood or metal paints it also provides the best
surface coverage using less material for more information please visit wagner –

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  • Alan Jenkinson

    I have one of your sprayers but what you haven't been honest about is that you can't spray neat fence paint through you sprayer without it blocking. So you need to water it down and all the mess, it's such a faff I haven't painted my fence in a couple of years. Will intentionally buy a rechargeable sprayer but it won't be your brand because I don't buy twice from the same manufacturer when the first product is shite.


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