How to Paint Grapes With Oil – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to the last tutorial of the year! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will paint grapes with oil. We begin by mixing a very dark green. I use the oxide of chromium green
and a dark brown called sepia extra. With this, an a hard bristle brush
I sketch the vessel or the container. Previously, I had already toned the canvas
and it is already dried. We will also mark where the shadows go. And I make it a little bit bigger,
like this. Now we paint the grapes. And we shade it. I don´t like painting directly on the white
canvas because it is harder to see the colors. That one is using. I fix the upper side over here… and then I shade the grapes as well. Basically, I´m laying down the painting
just in black and white for right now. It’s not really black, but you get the idea. I mix the color for the background
with some more oxide of chromium some viridian green and some
ultramarine blue. With this we paint the background. Adding some reds here and there. And some white. Let´s also paint the surface
where the container is standing. A little darker than the rest. I don´t want the background to be even. Let´s add a light, over here in this area. WIth some yellow. By the way I will
upload a long version of this tutorial, to my Patreon account. I leave you the link below the video, in case you want to subscribe! With the sepia I do some of the darks of
the vessel. And then with a light blue, the lights. The list of materials that I am using
also will be in the information below the video. This is the last tutorial of the year. Next Tuesday we will be on 2017,
that´s unreal [laughter]. It´s time to set some good
artistic goals, for this coming year. We paint the dark part of the grapes
with a dark purple. And then we add some cadmium red
and some orange. And at the tip, some bright yellow
because I want these grapes to be shinning. The light is coming from the top-left
so the top-left of each grape I paint a cold light. Very white! But the light goes through the grape
and at the bottom-right will be the yellow illumination, maybe I exaggerated a little
bit the light on them, but I think that will look pretty nice! Is not totally how they look in reality
but that´s an artistic license that we can take, to make it even better. The yellow-orangy light that is on the right
is warm, so it contrasts nicely with the other one. I think I am missing grapes [laughter]. Let´s paint some more behind them.
We sketch them as before. And we paint the shadow part. Here will be a fallen grape. That will be closer to us. This of course for composition
purposes. I should do a video
tutorial on composition. On how to make the drawing or painting
look better by the arrangement of things. We pull some lights to reflect
on the vessel and also paint some grapes as a reflection on it. Let´s not forget the cast shadow
of the container. Good! I like how it is coming along. I love painting so much! Let´s do the stem, we do a light brown
and then place a shadow, for it. Then some red on the grapes. I will not paint so much light
on these back grapes, precisely because they are on the back and
they should stay there [laughter]. I want to wish you a super 2017! The last touches and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it,
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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