How To Paint Hair – Digital Painting Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of
Ross Draws and welcome to the hair tutorial! Oh yes, I just launched my new
merch line, my new book, and that took up a lot of my time, but now I’m back in the
studio and I want to show you guys how to paint some awesome hair. Yeah, a lot of you guys on my YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, have been asking how to achieve some
nice-looking hair, so I’ve digested and tried to streamline my process on how to
paint hair. Without further ado, let’s do it! So, here is a sketch that I’m gonna be
painting today. A quick reminder again that this is a hair tutorial. If the face and
everything else looks kind of unfinished it’s not my fault, I’m mainly here to
teach you guys about hair. Yeah so I roughly kind of drew in the shape of the hair
and this is a little boring, right? I just did this as a placeholder and so we’re
gonna do something a little more interesting. And now she looks kind of
bald haha. We can totally do a crazy hair we can totally do like, I don’t know — a
ponytail? Maybe pigtails? And the first thing you
want to do is try to tap into the character. We ourselves are characters; we style our own hair. My hair is color dodged, I don’t know how you wear your
hair but this person seems very regal- you know, she looks like a princess. Maybe she’s like on the cover of Vogue or something like that. I feel like
she’s sophisticated and she should have some luscious, beautiful hair. So the
first step of any hair is identifying the shape. The shape is so important. The shape is what’s gonna hold everything together and so I’m gonna try to make a
really nice flow of shapes for the hair. That’s actually really cool and that was
their first try! And the number one thing I’ve learned in art is: shapes are
everything. If it’s something more jagged we feel a little more tension, if something’s
more soft we feel a little bit more comfortable and warm to the character, to the shape and I love relating my processes to pizza! I love pizza, we can
all relate to pizza. Pizza has such a like a fundamental step language that’s
very reminiscent to art! For example these lines and flow — think of it as our
bread. This is our container, this is what we’re going to put stuff on top. And
right now let’s add our sauce, which is the base. I’m just gonna fill in the skin
real quick. Now we have our bread, and we have our sauce, and now let’s add the
cheese! And I love making my cheese the shadow. So we’re going to softly add some shadows and I love using an airbrush Maybe ah, hmm, look at that. Ooh I like that. Wow, look at that haha. So to tighten up
my cheese a little bit? So weird, I’m tightening up my shadows a little bit. Let’s add some more specialty cheese which are more like deep shadows and specialty
shadows. So they’re usually in the pocket of the deepest shadows. I wonder what cheese this would be? What cheese do you guys like? Actually I don’t eat much cheese haha, I think it’s too pungent for me. I like softer, kind of mellower, not as
like sharp — like, I like more like a chiller cheese. So we have our
base, we have our sauce, we have our cheese, we have our specialty cheese, and now
let’s add our toppings. Let’s add the bulk of it which is a protein. Some of
you guys are vegan or vegetarian, that’s totally okay. To relate to most of the world out there let’s add pepperoni and so this is the light! So one of my favorite
tips on adding light is: I make another layer and I — maybe a soft light — let’s
try soft light. Like a teal, a blue teal? Ooh~ look at that!
Alright, let’s add some pepperoni. Coloring her face real quick- Now I’m going to try to perfect this. You
know, I’m gonna try to perfect this pizza. I’m gonna use some brushes, something with a hair stroke, like that, and then we’ll take it further. Let’s do
it! Hey guys! Welcome back and here’s the
progress of our piece so far! Yeah, it’s looking pretty solid. One tip on how to
render hair is: you always paint with the direction of a flow. So your hair’s going
this way you would want to paint like that. Even though it looks pretty good I
feel like we should mess it up a little bit, you know. This is a common problem
when we’re doing hair — it kind of looks a little alskfjaoeijasldk. You know, like. I don’t know if
there’s a word for it but my feeling is it feels a little askfjeiask. So this is my
number one tip on how to make hair look a hundred thousand times better in
fifteen seconds. We’re gonna use curves! Yes! Control + M is curves. You have your curves here and we’re just going to experiment
with the curves of the hair. We’ve been working hard at our current pizza but
sometimes we just need a fresh perspective, and so we’re just — ooh that’s really cool. Maybe it’s something a little lighter like that. Hair has shine,
it has complexity, and usually when we’re painting hair it looks a little dull,
like this! Womp. It feels like it should be more alive and so — woohoohoo — that’s way cooler and better it has like a kind of like a rainbow transition over
here. And now we have our new pizza! And so after I have something like this I
love to add like a kind of a shadow and light passing it, and so I make a new layer and I’m gonna start to overlay. I’m just going to try and soften up some of these
shadows and light. Before, after. Before, after. You can tell
that it kind of gives it a lot more form; it punches things out.
Brings that more of like a sculpted 3D look. Now I think it’s time for some
color dodge! Yes! This is our topping, we need some light, we need some awesomeness, we need some uh, I dunno, some cilantro. Whatever you guys like on your pizza, let’s add some color dodge, let’s add some accent toppings. Ooo~ oohoohoohoo! Look at that! Hold on, deepen it a bit — gorgeous, wow! So what’s this meant to do: it’s gonna blast your hair with some luscious, luscious color dodge and then we’ll refine it. I’m going to blend it a little better.
It’s all about transforming, refining, transforming, refining. So we just spent a
lot of time transforming it, let’s uh let’s perfect this a little. It’s come a long way! Oh my gosh. Alright, it’s time for another
trick. It’s time for a super trick that I love to use to make my hair look awesome and that is: the mixer brush! Yes, the mixer brush is absolutely amazing, and it’s so
versatile. It’s probably my top 3 tool that I always use in every painting,
especially for the hair. So let’s do some mixer brush. What a mixer brush does: it
blends everything! Yes! It just blends everything! Ooh look at that! Ooh that’s so gorgeous. Maybe you can use a bristle brush like that, or something
like this? Ooh look at that, that’s gorgeous! I always play between these two mixer
brushes. Something with a lot of texture and then something with a hard edge. And then now I’m gonna switch to a slightly harder edge- We’re gonna carry this line over, okay? Oooh~ And now it’s time to add: our strands! Yes! A lot of people think painting hair is this. Doing this for 100,000 times. This
is actually my last step: finishing your pizza with some salt, some oregano, I don’t know what you do to finish a pizza but basically some beautiful accents. I am
so precise with this because one little line can make it or break it. And so I’m
super meticulous about where I add these strands. Wow! That really made it a lot
better. This is before and after. See the individual strands — before and after. And
that brings like a whole ‘nother depthness to it and the rest is just refining and
rendering and making it perfect. I hope you guys enjoyed this very streamlined
process on how I do hair. So we have our bread we, have our base sauce, we have our cheese, we have our proteins, we have our toppings, and then our super specialty
toppings. Yeah! So I’m gonna probably spend a few hours perfecting this,
rendering, and making this piece awesome. I’ll check back in with the final! I’ve had this hair for like a month.
I actually really love it, do you guys like it? We should dye Milo’s hair, maybe like red or something? Hey guys! Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and hopefully you guys
learned a thing or two and make your own character with awesome hair. And if you
do, please tag me, I would love to see what you guys come up with. Oh! And some of you guys are wondering when BLOOM will be back in stock. Thank you guys
everyone who purchased it, it recently sold out on my store but I’ll let you
guys know when its back in stock. Follow my Twitter and Instagram for updates. If
you guys want to learn more with bonus content and video demos where I dive even deeper into how to render hair, you know where to find it!
Please come check out my Patreon. So if you want a chance to win a book, print, shirt,
this video’s question is: if your hair could have a superpower, what would it be? Ooo, maybe Milo’s can catch on fire or something? For me I’m a pretty simple guy,
I just never want to go bald. But let me know in the comments below and we’ll
choose a lucky subscriber. Also, thank you everyone who bought something from my new collection: a shirt, pins, prints. And makes me so happy when you guys wear it outside in the real world. We’re almost at a million subscribers! Oh, oh man. I’m
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a million on stream and share that special moment with you guys. Keep your eyes and ears open for when that is. Don’t forget to subscribe and remember:
every day is a color dodge day!


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