Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. Welcome
back to my channel. I’m here today with a bit of a renovation or makeover video I suppose
because I have just painted my kitchen cupboards and kitchen drawers or kitchen units, whatever
you want to call it. So I thought I would share with you how I did it and also the process
and let you know whether I think it’s advisable or not, because this is something that I wasn’t
sure about taking on because I’ve read all sorts of different things and seen all different
videos on youtube about doing this and it looked like quite an effort. Well it was quite
an effort but I’ll talk you through it anyway! And then you can decide yourselves if it’s
something that you might want to try and do yourselves. So hopefully this video will be
useful to you if you are considering painting your kitchen units. So I decided the other
week that I would do this as a little project, the reason being I really didn’t like the
colour of our kitchen cupboards as they were, they were this kind of ash birch effect laminate,
not for me, nothing wrong those if you’ve got those I don’t mean any offence by that,
they just didn’t look right, I didn’t like them. So I picked up this paint in Wilko’s
and this is furniture and cupboard paint. So it is designed for this, it’s not gloss
or anything like that it’s specific. So I picked up the paint and I picked up the primer.
And I’m slightly obsessed with painting things in our flat grey at the minute, there’s load
of grey going on everywhere. I think you can’t go wrong with a bit of grey to be honest with
you! What I would say is that the colour if you hold it up against the farrow and ball
paint chart if you know your paints, it is almost identical to Manor House Grey so if
you want to get an idea of the shade of grey it’s going to come out it is pretty much identical.
I don’t know whether to show you guys a before and after shot now or not, I don’t know whether
to make you wait until the end of the video to see it finished because otherwise you’ll
probably switch off. I don’t know. Ok, well let’s pop a quick one in. This is before.
And this is after. I hope that you think it’s an improvement. I hope that you don’t think
it’s worse. Let me know in the comments I’d be interested to know your thoughts. So let’s
talk you through the process. So the first thing I did was remove all the handles from
all the cupboard drawers using a drill and a screwdriver for the ones that were a bit
tricky to access. Then I went on to clean the entire kitchen with a sugar soap solution.
Sugar soap is a detergent it’s really good for removing grease and things so if you’re
painting anywhere you should probably be using this if you’re painting walls you spray it
on or you can mix it in with some water and just get a sponge and wash away the grease
and grime and everything. Particularly paying attention to around the cooker and anything
that’s kind of above things where you wouldn’t normally wipe it, it was absolutely gross
take a look at the cloth, yuk. Yep, but you know who cleans up there on a regular basis.
Not me I can tell you that! The next stage is to sand it all down so you need to make
the surface more grippy? I’ve used these angled sanding pads so they’re kind of like a foam
pad with sand paper all over them but the good thing about these is they’re angled so
you can get in and behind corners and things so I’d really recommend those if you’re doing
any sort of sanding projects, if you’ve got a flat edge you can’t and you’re trying to
get into a corner it kind of blocks it so that pointy bit on each side is really really
useful especially if like me you’ve been a little bit lazy and you haven’t taken all
the doors off. A I thought it would be a big hassle to take them all off, put them back
on. And B I didn’t really have the space to lay out all the doors to paint them in my
flat. It did actually work ok so if you’re thinking of if that’s what’s putting you off
not painting your cupboard doors, the thought of pulling everything off and putting it back
on again you don’t have to, it was fine. The next thing I did was mask of any areas that
I didn’t want to get paint on and cover all the kitchen worktops with extra large dust
sheets that you can pick up in any diy shop and I put a tarpaulin down on the floor to
protect the floor. And then I went onto the priming. And I’m putting it on with an angled
brush and a good quality roller. I say a good quality roller because if you get a cheap
roller it’s going to start to shrink with the paint and then when you’re putting it
on it’s going to be uneven so one side might be more painty than the other side so definitely
just spend a little bit more money on your roller and also your paint brush, because
you don’t want a paint brush that’s going to be moulting and leaving hairs all over
it, so make sure you get, doesn’t have to be really expensive but just make sure that
when you feel your roller it’s got some firmness to it and when check the paint brush isn’t
one of those horrible cheap ones that’s got hairs going all over the shop because that
is just going to be making for a really messy finish. So with those I just started to apply
the primer and it went on really nicely, I applied quite a thin layer because you want
to have a really even coat as your base. If you do see any little bumps and lumps just
pick them off or you can sand them off and just get rid of all of those another little
tip for you guys is if you’ve got any awkward areas that you don’t want to get paint on
such as the door handles, I couldn’t get all of the door handles off because of the way
the doors were constructed so my tip is to use some tin foil because you can just scrunch
it on and it moulds into shape, it’s going to protect it from any paint and it’s really
easy to pull off again afterwards.You’re not going to be left with any sticky residue that
you would be left with from things like masking tape. I’d also use tin foil to line my painting
tray so that when you’ve finished painting you can just pull the tinfoil out and chuck
it in the bin and your painting tray is still good for the next day. And I also use tinfoil
to wrap around the roller and the brushes because again you can just get it really tight
and scrunch it on to make sure that it’s air tight. So then onto the painting. Having left
the primer to dry overnight I started painting the cupboard doors. One technique I did use
was to just to keep all of the doors closed, paint across all of the fronts. Let that dry
a bit and then go around and do all of the edges either with a roller or with the brush.
I found that using the roller is definitely the best thing, so the roller just put it
on really nicely you just keep going until you smooth out all the bumps and any streaks.
So once the paint had dried I gave it a second coat just to go over any areas that I thought
some of the white was still showing through. I think it looks really smooth, I think it
almost looks like it’s been sprayed it’s so good and it’s really resistant so I’ve already
done a little test now it’s dry where I’ve scratched at it a bit with a fork and it hasn’t
scratched it so I think it’s going to be really durable. It’s a nice in between it’s not too
dark and it’s not too light. It’s got some bluey tones in it so it works really well
in the day light so throughout the day it becomes a lot lighter and brighter which I
think is good for a kitchen, and in the evening all that grey becomes a little bit darker
so if you want just switch on the odd lamp or whatever it’s all going to become a bit
more intimate and I think it looks really good. So I would recommend giving this a go
if A you’ve got the time and B you’ve got the patience because it is a bit fiddly and
there is a few stages to it. But over all I did it in 3 days and on each of those days
I probably spent 2 to 3 hours max, so it wasn’t like I was spending all day every day doing
it so I’d say all in all it probably took about 8 hours maybe, probably with all the
putting things away and getting things out and all the rest of it. So I’d recommend this
paint and I’d recommend painting your cupboard doors if you want to give your kitchen a quick
refresh. Thank you very much for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I
hope it’s inspired some of you to do a similar project. If you do don’t forget to let me
know how you get on in the comments below. Please hit the subscribe button if you want
to keep up to date with my videos, I’m going to be doing more DIY and renovation related
videos as well as loads of other stuff so do hit subscribe if you want to check those
out and hopefully I’ll see you here again very soon, bye.


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