How To Paint MDF – D.I.Y. at Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to paint MDF, and
these are some of the tools I will need. I’ve got an undercoat and a topcoat. I’ve got my paint tray, cloth, stirrer, roller
and brush, my sander, safety equipment, drop cloth to keep everything clean, sawhorses
to work on, and of course, my sheet of MDF. MDF is such a flat product straight off the
shelf, but don’t be tricked into thinking you can go straight into painting. It’s incredibly porous. It soaks up liquid and water-based products
like a sponge. Priming and undercoating are essential. My MDF board is quite smooth, but it’s still
going to need some preparation. You can use a sanding block, or I’m going
to use an orbital sander. I’ve also got all of my safety equipment,
and on my orbital sander, I’ll have a light to medium grit. I’m going to sand the surface, and I’m also
going to give the edges a light sand. After sanding, it’s important to get rid of
all of the dust in preparation for painting. I’ve removed most of the dust with a dry cloth,
but now I’m just going to use a damp cloth to finish off and get the last of the dust. Now the MDF is prepared, I’m going to put
down a drop sheet and apply the undercoat. To prepare for the undercoat, start by giving
your paint a good stir. Use a lifting motion from the bottom to make
sure that you get it well-stirred before you put it on. Once your paint’s well-stirred, just pour
it into your tray, and let’s get painting. When applying undercoat, it’s important to
get a nice even coverage across the whole board. Once the first coat is dry, give it a light
sand. A light sand at this stage will help get rid
of any imperfections and give you a great finish. Now we can apply the second undercoat. A great way to prevent your roller from drying
out is to wrap it in a plastic bag. The second undercoat is dry. I’m going to give it a light sand with a fine-grit
sandpaper. I’ve removed most of the dust with a dry cloth,
so now it’s time for the topcoat. And now the first coat is dry, apply your
final and topcoat. There you have it, job done. Take the time to do the preparation, and you’ll
be rewarded for years to come.

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