How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Transfer Sketch to Wall Mural

IAN LOVEALL: Hi. I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village, and we’re talking about mural painting. And so, once you got a design that you’re
happy with, you’ve established your vanishing point, you’re going to want to transfer your
design to the wall somehow. There are three basic ways to do this. The first would be
freehand, that’s my preferred method, projection, or grid. Projection, you can use an overhead
projector. You’ll transfer your design onto a transparency and then project it on the
wall and trace out your outlines. I don’t like to work that way: a) It’s time-consuming
and b) generally, I’m working in a space that isn’t big enough to allow the distance I would
need for the projector to actually get to the size I need it to be on the wall. Grid
method, I’ve got an example here. Hope you can read my shorthand as it were. So, this
is an example of a sketch that I use a grid method on. I don’t know if you can see, but
there’s actually boxes drawn over the sketch. Now, I only use a grid if there are a lot
of straight lines and measurements that need to be paid attention to. For example, here,
lots of architecture, lots of things that have to fit in a very specific spot. When
I’m doing something like a landscape, I usually freehand the whole thing because if the tree
is a couple inches off from the sketch, nobody cares. My preferred method of transferring
images onto the wall is just freehand. I’ve got a blank wall and I just go and I sketch
my design directly onto the wall. It’s much faster. I have a lot more freedom that way.
This works great for landscapes and abstract designs where measurements and all that isn’t
too crucial. If a tree is a couple inches off from my original sketch, it doesn’t really
matter. There are cases though when precision is definitely necessary and in that case,
I would use a grid. So, I only use the grid as a last resort if I absolutely have to;
otherwise, freehand is the way to go for me.


  • Caitlin Smulders

    me likes :')

  • alps dev

    Once the grid based sketch is prepared , how do i transfer it on the wall… ? do i use a projector or make a grid on the wall?

  • mrirurfkjsdo

    i'm a professional since very long time, and for me the best method, the easiest and faster one is to use retroprojector… much more efficient then grid, and all the time during the painting process, you can project again and again if necessary.

  • Mario Angui

    your clouds could need more life..they look poor

  • Jay Sato

    god i use to watch a lot of shit on this channel

  • Orange Pourage

    Not helpful at all

  • Lisa Miller

    Once again, Expert Village video is pretty useless. No instructions on how to use projection or grid and can you say 'freehand' a few more times?


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