How to Paint: White Armor

Hello everybody I’m Zumikito and now I
will teach you how to paint white armor and just before the video begins please
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already know that I own some white space marines and by some I mean many many
white Space Marines because of this I consider myself to be somewhat of a
skilled painter when it comes to painting white armor now I don’t want to
show you how to paint space marine armor ONLY but also how to paint curved
surfaces and areas. So generally speaking you will paint mostly these two types of
armor some kind of curved surface or some kind of flat surface for example a
Space Marine or some tank or some kind of vehicle
so first let me show you the technique that you will use to paint some kind of
curved area for this I will use as an example or a Retribution Of Scyrah Jack. If
you are wondering this model is from Warmachine & Hordes. and of course before I
even start I prime this miniature with a white spray in this example I will use
Corax White well maybe you can use some kind of gray but any other color
will give you a hard time so pick your wet palette and you will need just two
types of colors. For this particular Jack, I will use White Scar and Celestra
Gray but any other gray will do. Also you should also aim for some mid-tone gray
or darker gray to create some contrast between the colors. This is because you
are not going to use any type of wash or shade. Now the process is really simple
you will mix these colors and make a light to dark spectrum – apply darker
tones to the perfect area and lighter tones on more flat surfaces. If you
really want to make the miniature dark in the recesses you can add a little bit
of black but using just gray should be fine. Alright so this is the result that
you should be aiming for as you can see I applied
all darker tones to all the curves and recesses and more flat surfaces that
should be more exposed to light I used more white more heavily. During the whole
process you should really thin your paints a lot almost to the point that
you are wet blending your colors on the miniature and when done correctly your
miniatures should have smooth transitions also note that I still use
straight white to highlight all the edges to really make the miniature pop.
Now to show you that this can be done even on smaller areas I have this
Retribution of Scyrah character and clearly as you can see her armor is done
with the pretty much same technique so recesses are done with darker color and
flat areas are done with brighter colors so that was the first technique and for
more flat areas and surfaces you want to use the good old base-shade and
highlight technique maybe this technique sounds a little easier to you and it is 🙂
but it may be a little more time-consuming 🙁 and this is because when
you are applying your wash to the recesses you will actually apply the
wash somewhere where you don’t want it to be and you will have to fix it later
so let me use this Farseer and his helmet as an example as always you want
to use some kind of white spray especially since the whole Farseer is
gonna be pretty bright and after that you should put down your base layer. In
this example I will use : Ulthuan Gray watered-down Drakenhof Nightshade and
White Scar. Instead of watering down your wash you can also use Lahmian medium. So
after properly laying down the Ulthuan gray I will apply my wash to the
recesses and as you can see it is INEVITABLE
to paint the area around the recesses to fix your mistakes you will have to
get your base color again and clean them up when you are done with that just
apply edge highlight and you are good to go. Now I know this is not a Space Marine
it’s a Farseer about the process for the Space Marine is pretty much the same you
will take your base color then put down your wash then you will clean up your
mistakes and afterwards you will apply the highlight so pretty much the only
difference between the space marine and this Farseer is between the washes
that I have used. If you are wondering which wash I am using for my Space
Marines I am using Agrax Earthshade So this is it from you guys if you liked
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  • Erich Wood

    What luck, I was just about to start a Sons of the Phoenix army myself! Great video brutha!

  • Zumikito

    Leave a comment of what you wanna see next! ?

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  • TheMeanDM

    I would be curious to see how you do white on a Tau Crisis suit. The front chest and the "thigh" pads are areas which always give me trouble when it comes to shading and highlighting.

    I was wanting to start a white Viorla Sept army, but enhance/combine it with a cell shading/comic book look. But I need to get the basic white shading and highlight process down first.

    Seeing you do that would be a big help I think!

  • Loveless

    Danke für die Anleitung. Ich werde sie an meinen Sororitas ausprobieren =D


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