How to Paint With Watercolor Aquarelle Pencils : How to Use Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils

Good morning this is Sue with Expert Village
again and I want to explain to you in this step all about aquarelle pencil, aqua as you
know means water aquarelle pencils can be found in 24 set of 12 or a large set like
I have here for someone that uses them and teaches. Aquarelle pencils are very good if
you want to do a travel journal and they are very good for those students or those people
who want to learn to do watercolor but are afraid to use it. You put you pencil on the
paper and when you are ready to begin you take your brush and you wet it and it turns
out like watercolor. You have much more control over your medium using the pencil than you
do using the regular watercolor, however, there are draw backs you do not get the variety
of color that you do using watercolor and also some of the colors such as the blues,
and greens have to much settlement in them and what there called in standing color so
be very careful of those when you use watercolor pencil, so let’s begin now we will transfer
our painting from the poster board to the watercolor paper itself stay tune for that


  • Jennifer Bannink

    Really thank you, BUT i dont see how to use those pencils. You only are talking about the paper.

  • By Data ten

    This is a nice series but I have watched it out of order because you did not number the videos to indicate it was even a series or what order they are to be watched in to make a continuous lesson out of them.

  • ozzymandi

    Hi Sue
    Yes Arches paper is rather expensive ,though some of your students might like to try Bockingford watercouler paper as a cheeper alternative it is available in a variety of weights and has two surface grades Not and Rough you can also buy sheets of this paper in a few light subtle tones. I hope this paper is available in the U.S A

  • SpecialHandlingUnit

    tear a piece of paper in half, 32 thousand views? genius.


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