How to Prank your Teacher – Sneak Makeup in Class! School Pranks and 15 DIY Girl Hacks

Makeup is always so much fun. But if you take it to school, you may get
in trouble. But no worries because here are 20 epic ideas
on how to sneak makeup in class and prank your teachers and schoolmates! Wow! Flowers get their food from sunlight, water
and minerals from the soil. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Sara and Katie! Who’s makeup is that? It’s hers. It’s Katies. You know who’s makeup is this now? Mine! And you both have detention for the rest of
the week! Have you ever noticed that a glue stick has
almost the same packaging as a foundation stick?! Well I certainly have and it gives a perfect
chance to sneak foundation in class. Take an empty and clean glue stick container
an make sure it is of similar size as your stick foundation. These two will work just perfectly. Set the glue pot aside and roll the foundation
all the way out. Next, take a knife and make a cut as close
to the plastic foundation container as possible. Take the foundation piece and… oh no as
you can see my glue container is actually pretty big. Luckily, I have another empty glue pot which
will work way better. Oh yeah these two are a much better match. Push the foundation inside the glue stick
and you’re good to go! Romeo and Juliet is a love story place in
Italy. It is written by author William Shakespeare, who is also author of other… This hack is perfect for days when you need
a few extra minutes of sleep, but you still want that flawless skin in school. The best thing is that no one will ever notice
that you’re actually carrying foundation in that glue stick of yours. So go ahead and play a little trick on your
classmates and teachers. A few swipes here and there, blend it out
and your face is glowing! How awesome! If you prefer liquid foundation over the stick
version, no problem! Take an empty and completely clean glue bottle. Now it’s time to pick the liquid foundation
of your choice. You can go for the usual type, but here’s
an even better option. This magic BB cream looks white, but once
you apply it on your skin it changes color, adapts to your skin tone and covers all the
imperfections. This is perfect because the glue bottle is
semi transparent, so we need something white inside for it to be perfectly camouflaged. Although you can still totally use the regular
liquid foundation, especially if your glue container is not transparent. Squeeze your foundation in the glue bottle,
put the lid back on and there we have it. Such a cool idea if you want to look fresh
and glowing, but don’t have time to apply foundation in the morning. Just squeeze a small amount of your foundation
glue on the fingers and smear it all over your face. This bb cream evens out the skin tone and
makes it super flawless. At the same time it is very light and easy
to wear. You can blend it out with your fingers or
check out this super cool idea! You know how pencils can have all those fun
toppers – some are erasers, others are there for pure decorating purposes. Well if you are a makeup lover you can replace
these with something way more practical – a beauty blender! Apply some glue on the end of your pencil. Now chose the beauty blender of your choice. I’m going for a smaller version but any size
will work alright. Stick the makeup sponge on the pencil and
that’s pretty much it. Not only do these beauty blender pencils look
super cute, they are also very convenient. I always apply my foundation with a sponge. I just think it looks more natural and flawless
compared to applying it with fingers or brushes. You can get beauty blenders in different shapes,
colors and sizes. So chose your favorite and stick it on the
pencil. That way you’ll have it available literally
everywhere. Even during class and your teacher will have
no idea. When you’re super tired, foundation can’t
really help you cover those huge dark circles under the eyes. We need something way more powerful. Take a concealer that comes in a little squeeze
tube and let’s transform it into a super glue. Grab a black nail polish and use it to cover
the entire concealer tube. That way we’ll get rid of all the captions
and anything that suggests that this is actually a makeup product. Alright now we have a black canvas to work
on. Search for super glue pictures online for
some inspiration. I like the red and yellow color combination,
so I created a little heading inspired by this super glue brand. I printed it and cut out. Using some double sided tape or glue, stick
the little paper piece to your super glue slash concealer tube and say goodbye to those
annoying dark circles. This idea is so unique and creative and makes
it very easy to sneak concealer in class. Concealer is honestly my most used makeup
product. It covers eye bags, dark circles, spots and
other imperfections. On top of that you can use it as a highlighter
to brighten up your eyes and tops of your cheekbones. You can blend it out with your fingers or
hold on – here’s another epic and sneaky hack. Makeup brushes look super similar to the usual
paint brushes. They are just a bit fluffier and softer, but
from the distance they look almost identical. So place your favorite makeup brushes in a
pot together with paint brushes. Now you can sneak an entire collection of
face brushes to class without anyone noticing. Use the soft fluffy ones to apply eye shadows
or blend the concealer. What a simple and genius idea for all the
makeup enthusiasts. Since we’ve smuggled a bunch of makeup brushes
in class, we also need some eyeshadows, right?! And a watercolor paint set is a perfect tool
to hide them in. Remove the color blocks from the container. Time to fill the empty slots with your favorite
eyeshadows. These little refill pots fit in so perfectly. It’s like they are meant to be stored here. I went for some neutral shades, some pinks
and cool tones as well. Because we need a good variety to create a
ton of different makeup looks. Last but not least let’s replace the paint
brush with a makeup brush and our watercolor makeup palette is complete. This honestly looks 100% legit. I am shocked! You can tailor your makeup palette exactly
to your needs and fill it with colors that you use the most. I am obsessed with all of these. They are so smooth, pigmented and an absolute
dream to take to school. Your teacher will have no clue and classmates
will be impressed for sure! Share some of this makeup goodness with your
besties because they deserve a fierce eye makeup too! We have two equations with two unknowns. Ladies! Are you following? Do you have any more makeup for me? No miss! Good. I need more makeup. Did you know that you can build your favorite
felt tip eyeliner in the usual coloring marker? Yes, and it works like a dream! Take the ink tube from the marker. Pull the tip out as well. A pair of tweezers will make this job a lot
easier. Now the marker housing is empty and ready
to host the eyeliner instead. Take your favorite felt tip eyeliner. Open it up, grab the trusty tweezers and pull
out the tip. Just as in a marker there’s an eyeliner ink
tube hiding inside. Take it out and grab the coloring marker housing. Pop the eyeliner ink tube inside. Now push the eyeliner felt tip inside the
narrow opening on the other side. It fits like a dream, how exciting! Seal the back opening and put the lid on because
you don’t want your epic eyeliner to dry out, right? There we have it – the most insane and awesome
eyeliner I’ve ever seen! Who would have thought that we can transform
a coloring marker in an amazing eyeliner! Cat line elongates the eyes, makes them more
open and it literally suits everyone! While making a neat cat eye flick may be pretty
difficult, felt tip eyeliners are the easiest to work with. Although this may still be a challenge, especially
if you don’t have a mirror. Hey! No stress girl, sneaking a mirror to class
is actually super easy! Hmm… do you know what is this? It’s just a simple colorful notes cube and
soon to be a portable mirror compact. Try using the non sticky notes brick. You just want the paper pieces to be holding
together on one side. That way you’ll be able to open and close
the mirror very easily. Open up the notes cube somewhere in the middle
and a bit up towards the top. You want to place the mirror on the side that
opens up. Use a bit of hot glue or a double sided tape
to stick a small mirror inside the notes brick. Here’s our epic notes cube mirror all finished
and it looks amazing plus works wonderfully. From the teacher perspective it is literally
impossible to see what you’re hiding inside your pile of paper notes. On top of that I love how easy it is to use. It opens up and closes just like the usual
mirror compact, which is exactly what we wanted. Making a perfect cat eyeliner is a piece of
cake now! Priceless! What? Is this a pen? No, actually it’s my favorite mascara! No makeup look is complete without voluminous
and perky lashes. So sneaking a mascara in class it’s a must. Mascaras come in many different shapes and
sizes. Chose one that has a symmetrical rounded form. This one will work great. See – it already looks super similar to
this black and blue pen that I have. So let’s get to work and give our mascara
tube a complete makeover! This pen has a sticker covering the entire
body or barrel, which is very convenient. Remove the sticker from the pen. Be careful so you don’t tear it, because we
need it for our DIY. Here we go, task successfully completed and
the sticker remains intact! Take your mascara tube and pop the sticker
on. The easiest way is to roll your mascara over
the sticker while the glue part is facing up. Voila we’ve covered all the wording on our
mascara and made it look a lot like a usual pen. But we still have to add a small detail that
will make all the difference! Take that plastic clip from a random pen of
yours. Apply some super glue at the back of it and
quickly place it on our mascara slash pen cap. Ta daaa now your favorite mascara looks just
like pen and it’s totally approved – you can sneak it in class without a worry on your
mind. How insane is this right? The things you can DIY with a bit of creativity
and imagination. I’m impressed. Mascara makes such a difference to every makeup
look. It opens up the eyes and makes you look more
fresh and awake in seconds. So cool that we can touch up our makeup everywhere,
even during class. Alright with all these fun DIYs, our eyes
will slay for sure. But we can’t forget about the lips! I got this pretty pink glue stick that already
looks like a lipstick, but it isn’t a lipstick… so let’s transform it into one! Roll the glue all the way out and remove it
from the tube. Make sure to clean the container super duper
well! Now take a lipstick or two in any shade that
you like. I’m keeping the hot pink theme going so in
they go into a double boiler. This DIY is great for recycling old lipsticks
that you’ve almost used up. You can mix different shades and make sure
to scrape all the product from the container. It’s crazy how much lipstick there’s still
inside when you already think you hit the plastic bottom! My lipsticks have melted, so it’s time to
give them a little stir and take them off the heat. Pour that beautiful liquid goodness in a glue
container. You have to be fast, because lipstick solidifies
pretty quickly. How epic right?! Glue lipstick check! I love how the packaging works exactly like
the usual lipstick – you can roll it in and out of the tube. Apply it on the lips and it will give you
a beautiful rosy pop of color. You can even use it as a cream blush. Swipe it on your cheeks and blend out with
fingers for that gorgeous rosy flush. I love this pinky shade for this time of the
year! It’s gorgeous! Wow! What are you doing with that glue? Nothing! It’s just glue. If you’re more a lip gloss kind of girl, this
DIY is right up your alley! Take a wider coloring marker and take out
the ink tube plus the felt tip. Go ahead and wash the marker container thoroughly
and chose any kind of lip gloss that you want to use. I decided for this rich glittery cherry pink
shade. Open it up and pour the product in a little
container. Take the syringe and suck the lip gloss inside. Now you can transfer it to the marker bottle
without any mess at all! Set the pen filled with lip gloss aside and
it’s time to work on the applicator. Use some pliers to snip the applicator off
the original lip gloss lid. Make sure to keep the stick as long as possible. Grab your super glue and apply a drop on the
end of the applicator. Push it inside the marker lid so it sticks
firmly. That’s it. We’ve successfully transformed a usual lip
gloss into a legit and epic marker lip gloss, that works so well! I’m honestly surprised how well this DIY turned
out, I mean – I am speechless. The opening at the tip of the marker is narrow
enough so it removes the excess lip gloss when you pull the applicator out. It literally works exactly like a normal lip
gloss tube which is kind of insane but totally awesome at the same time. Some mornings you don’t even get time to brush
your hair right?! Well no worries – here’s a cool hack to
sneak a hair comb in school. Take a small notebook that has the spiral
on one side and open it up roughly in the middle. Take a hair comb that is a bit smaller than
the notebook. Next grab your glue gun and apply a stripe
of hot glue all along the comb. Now stick it to the spiral part of the notebook
like this. Oh yeah, we got ourselves a notebook that
has a build in hair comb. Talking about epic school supplies right? No problem if you don’t have time to sort
out your crazy hair in the morning. You can make it all perfect when you get to
school. If your hair likes to get all tangled and
weird during the day or after the PE – this DIY is a must try. Have you noticed that hair chalk looks exactly
the same as the classroom chalk? I definitely did and this idea was born. Take the school chalk out of the packaging
and get your hair chalk ready. This hack is of course very straightforward
– all we need to do is place our hair chalk in the empty package of school chalk, easy
peasy. This is done in seconds and we are all set
to smuggle hair chalk in class. Experimenting with different hair colors is
always so much fun. And if we can play a little trick on the teacher
in the mean time, even better. Let’s make a couple of cotton candy highlights
to the hair and see how the teacher reacts. The Earth is unlike any other planet in the
solar system due to a number of different ways. It is the only planet that has the atmosphere
containing 21 percent oxygen. Earth is often called the blue planet… What’s going on with that hair of yours? My hair? What do you mean? Umm nothing. So Earth is often called the blue planet because
it is covered 70 percent in water. Yes, 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered
with oceans. It is the only planet in the solar… Something wrong? No. Focus! Few things make you feel as fabulous and fierce
as your favorite perfume. And good news is that you can now have your
favorite scent always with you and right on your school desk. Take an empty bottle of lens cleaner and wash
it thoroughly. Now grab your favorite perfume, body spray
or mist and pour it into the lens cleaner bottle. We want lots of this fresh body mist so lets
fill the bottle right up to the top. Take the lid with a spray nozzle and screw
it on the bottle. Alright class, let’s now solve this simple
equation. Our glasses cleaning perfume is especially
convenient after PE or stressful exams, which can make you feel a bit un-fresh. The school approved perfume is a life saver
and it’ll make sure that you’ll be the nicest smelling flower in class. Oh, I smell so good! We worked so hard to make a cool makeup look
today at school so we need to make sure it lasts all day! Solution: Makeup setting spray! We’re going to hide it in an anti bacterial
spray bottle. Wash the container really well and take your
favorite makeup setting spray. I like this one so let’s pour it into the
antibacterial spray bottle. Fill it up completely so it will last you
many school days. Take the lid, screw it on and voila! We are now able to set the makeup and assure
that it will stay fresh and intact all day long! Use it yourself and since sharing is caring
pass some to your bestie as well! Because everyone appreciates that gorgeous,
flawless makeup right?! What are you doing? Um it’s anti bacterial gel, there’s so many
germs here and I don’t want to miss school. Ah, you’re right! She took it! Oh gosh, no! Miss are you ok? If you want to know how to sneak food in class
click right here and subscribe to my second channel for more epic videos. Love you guys, mwah, bye!


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