How To Remove Spray Paint Graffiti – Chemical Guys Car Care 2018

Hey guys, we’re back in the Detail Garage
with a real-life scenario for you. This Tahoe has recently been vandalized by
some inconsiderate graffiti artist. There is spray paint on the glass, rubber
and paint. I’m going to show you how easy it is to remove
using one simple product which is Butter Wet Wax. A lot of people would take this to a body
shop or through the insurance company where this would cost a couple thousands of dollars
to repaint or repair but I’m going to show you how easy it is to remove it using Butter Wet Wax. I’ve already shaken it up and using it on
a microfiber applicator with just one line to start with. Spreading the line onto the microfiber applicator. There isn’t any abrasives in here but natural
cleaning oils that gently break down the over spray to reveal the factory look. Just working back and forth I can already
see and feel that it is removing it. I’ll buff it off to show you guys. Now, we have perfect clarity on the glass
and it is also protected with a smooth finish and it is going to resist UV rays and future
contamination. It has restored that factory clarity. I’m also going to use it on the trim here
which I KNOW is a “no no” but it cleans up well using Butter Wet Wax. We will go back over it with one of our new
products Trim Clean which will prevent any staining from the wax. As you can see right there it has removed
the paint and it has a factory finish. Like I said before, you can use it on your
glass and paint. Just using the little bit of wax that is left
we’ll clean up the paint. It may be a little hard to see because the
car is kind of a darker champagne color and the paint is gold so they sort of blend together
but I’ll tell you it is coming off. Now it has a nice slick finish without the
need for polishing or caustic chemicals all you need is Butter Wet Wax. So if you guys want to learn more about this
product, head over to our website. If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.


  • Cesar Aguilar

    Hahaha you guys have another video like this but it still gets me that wax is what does it !!

  • Manny Dom

    ??, Did the owner try tinting his/her window with spray paint.

  • 1818magik

    Just spray some window cleaner and scrape it off with a razor(windows)

  • Troph2

    Sold, i have been waiting for a video from professionals on what i need to do this to my Z. I assume this will work just as well on spray paint primer?

  • JPN850R

    The Butterwet Wax has been the best wax I ever used…….but the problem with every CG chemical I've used is that they are so thick that I cannot shake its contents…..

  • That1 FamousWRX

    Have you guys heard individuals spraying this mysterious liquid on people’s cars in WA State (I live in Seattle). It causes the paint to bubble and then gives it rust appearance if not removed. What can we do as a community to counter act this act that destroys beautiful cars we all own and love?

  • SecretSauceyjuice

    So is butter wet wax a cleaner wax?

  • simon caces

    A must have product for men….

  • GTR Wendy

    I say leave it on! It shows character!

  • Patrick Tuggles

    I feel like an all purpose cleaner would remove it too lol

  • John Gomez

    Cool. Now for a real problem. What wax to use so that when it rains or snows after the temps drops to 7F and wind chill making it feel like -10F so that i can remove the snow easier or that its less likely for the ice to stick. To the car. #REAL NORTHEAST PROBLEMS.

  • Preston Edmonds

    I spray painted my wheel wells years ago on my hot rod and some overspray got onto the ground effects. I haven't found anything I'm comfortable with taking it off because the cars paint is nice and don't want to mess it up. What do you think? Will it come off since it's been on so long? It's the Camaro in my picture upper left.

  • Harshvir Kamoh

    Cool video. There was no video on Monday. Is it because of new year. That's ok at least we got a video today

  • Mr Croket 23

    Thats not real spary paint, you did that yourself with waterbased aerosol, i can tell by the weak color and horrible leters!

  • CB R

    “Just one line is plenty”
    Words that have never been spoken out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth.

  • Aaron's

    Will butter wet wax remove paint transfer?

  • Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig

    is it a tag?

  • THawk Productions

    Crazy that just a wax can remove paint.. looks like I need butter wet wax in my life, even if my car isn't spray painted

  • scottlaaa 1984

    clickbait! i really don't understand why anyone would spray paint a car like that unless it was staged? my friends car got vandalised with spray paint it took forever for us to get it off with t-cut, how is that product doing it so easily???


    I’ve had an issue where my microfiber cloths leave marring on my exterior trim. The trim is rubberised plastic. Any ideas on how to remove these marks?

  • Rtec Auto Design

    Nice thumbnail ??

  • United Ali

    ORe use thinner XD



  • kimbox

    how often do u have to change the oil on a gas pressure washer?

  • theyermany

    Can this wax be applied with some machine or can it cause further damage to the paint as this is no polish compound whatsoever??

  • Nugroho Bagor

    Please,advise,how to remove if over spray,over 1 week?

  • Jacob Fleming

    so how do i remove a thick layer off of a bus

  • Ariana Grande

    I have overspray on my 2007 Camry I'm gonna try this I have a whole bottle of butter Wax!

  • Gary Field

    @Chemical Guys, I've recently bought an 14yr old car and on close inspection it seems like maybe somebody painted their house or something near the car and the paintwork is speckled – barely noticeable. Would this product work to remove?

  • jessica navarro

    Thank you thank you thank you. My car got vandalized last night. And thanks to your video it came right off.

  • White Trash and Hellbound

    Fuck I hope this works or my girlfriend is going to KILL ME… God damn over spray. Painted my ATV outside by her truck. Don't drink and paint Kids 😉 … thanks for the video

  • Rodney Chandler

    Will butter wet wax remove primer of cars paint, even though the car itself has not been previously been protected???

  • Derpy

    Sponsored by Butter Wet Wax.

  • Andrew Berndt

    My car I just bought was respayed by the previous owner but it was sprayed over the clear coat and the clear coat wasn't preped or scuffed, I know this because I can see clear coat popping through in different areas where the respray has been scratched. I can even scratch it off with my finger nail. My question is what would be the best way to remove the respray without ruining my factory paint underneath. I'm not trying pick away with my finger all day lol. Any advice on this would be very helpful.

  • Why6th

    had some asshole spray paint half my 09 eclipse while i was asleep..just bought this hopefully this does the trick


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