How to Sculpt a Clay Figurine : How to Design a Clay Sculpture

JORGE BENLLOCH: Now we have to pick a model,
which design. I love this posture of the-these drawings that are original from Yves Saint-Laurent.
That’s he was fantastic draw– designer in many ways. But I like the posture and also
with those hats that they give this kind of fantastic personality to the ’60s, beginning
or middle ’60s. Then we have to choose one but, of course, one that have this kind of
structure because this dress it’s self-supporting, the figure. Then this is it’s a good one,
it’s not Yves Saint-Laurent but it’s a good one that maybe we are going to follow more
or less that inspiration. And maybe we are going to put like a hat like that or the posture
of the model like that, and then it would be a mixture of these two things. I’m going
to start–yeah; I’m going to see what happen with that. This is a very sexy model. Let’s
see. Now let me do that I need like a minute. Now the models, they are very skinny and a–but
I don’t like it. Models they have to have everything. But one of the things that I’m
trying to do here to is to protect the figure to attach the arms and the hands to the body.
Then it’s going to be less fragile and it’s not going to break easy, put it that way.
That’s my concern here. I like this posture here that is like that. I like the posture
of that one. Then, I’m going to mix the two of them and you will see that it’s going to
be good. I’m going to I’m fixing and putting very attached and not too thin arms in order
to reinforce the structure and the sculpture itself, because if not, this is going to be
a little bit too fragile. That’s the problem with the figurines, that’s why the figurines
always–they make it with resin or–and also with the mold because clay itself, you have
to fire it or–like that supposedly that–this is going to be self-drying clay. It’s going
to be a little bit fragile but I hope it’s going to last enough to enjoy it long time.
I’m just trying to define. We’re going to make–we are making here the bones, structural
bones. We’re going to take out of this shoulder thing. We’re going to make the blades here.
The models they have more blades than nice things in the front.


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    how can I fabricate clay for sculpture?

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    The chemical formula for clay is alumina, silica, and water. Good luck in your adventure! It can get way more complicated beyond this starting point!

    Secondary clays are easy to find in river or creek beds. If you can sculpt with it when you find it, it is probably clay. Be sure to harvest the cream of the crop, stones and other larger impurities not well mixed in the body will create a "punky" clay which is not very strong and very brittle when fired.

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    "models have more blades than nice things in the front."

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    now the model is happily skinny. BUT i don't like that. lol.


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