How to Sharpen Coloring Pencils

So I want to talk to you about the care
of your pencils, and it starts with pencil sharpeners. There are some really
fancy pencil sharpeners – this one’s from Prismacolor, it’s got a cool little flip
top and got pictures here that show me the different ways that it’s going to
sharpen the pencil, it has a little removable top here so that all the
pencil shavings are down in this little case, and it keeps it clean. This one here is also a removable top,
really inexpensive – this one’s from Target. One of the things that happens
with pencil sharpeners is that they are eventually going to go dull. So you want to keep track of the
lifespan of your pencil sharpeners. This pencil sharpener here is very
inexpensive, and it has just that the single blade that’s on the inside, which
means it’s going to be used a lot. The one that has a double – at least I
have an option of which one I’m going to be using, so chances are this is going to
last me a little bit longer because I’ve got two blades that can be used. When you
are sharpening your pencil, it is helpful if you take your pencil, and you put it
in your non-dominant hand. I’m right handed, so if I put my pencil
in my left hand, and I turn the pencil sharpener with my dominant hand. What most people tend to do is they put
the pencil sharpener in there, and they don’t realize, but they’re kind of
cranking the pencil with their hand. Ao the idea is that you want to think of
the olden days with the crank style pencil sharpeners, the pencil stayed
still, and it was the blades that moved, and we take better care, and we move a
little slower, if we do the same thing with our handheld sharpeners. If we do
this here, we have a tendency to move fast, and remember coloring is about
slowing down just a little bit, it’s connecting with your tools, and if you
miss handle your tools and you break them, you’re not going to get much coloring
out of them. So the preparation of even the tip of
your wax, even the tip of your pencil, can make a big difference in preparing for
coloring, so take the time to sharpen them properly,and sharpen them gently, so
that you can get that sharp point that you’re looking for. So this is what the inexpensive one, and
even with – this one’s a little bit larger – but still, I can move this with my right
hand, and I’m going to get this really nice sharp point. One of the things I
realized with myself, is that if I sharpen with my dominant hand, I am more apt to go too fast and break
the tip. So that’s one of the things – is use your sharpening skills wisely. The other thing is the actual care of
the pencils. The wood casing protects the pencil and gives it stability, but the
wax inside can break easily. So one of the things that you really
want to consider with your pencils is don’t drop them. Every time that you drop
your pencils, even if it’s an accidental thing, there is a chance of creating some
type of breakage deep inside the wood casing. Now one of the things that you can do to
remedy that is you can put it out in the sun for a little bit and warm it up,
because it is wax; it can repair itself by just warming up. You don’t want to create so that it’s
melted, you don’t want, you know, it to be gush, but just to warm it enough to
create that gap to come together. I have heard people use a microwave. I
don’t recommend that because that’s not something that you can have a lot of
control over, and the other way that people have recommended getting good
results from is actually just laying it on top of the heating pad for a few
minutes and just allowing it to warm up through the wood casing, just sitting on
top of the heating pad. Please keep an eye on your pencils if
you decide to do any kind of heating up of your pencils because this is wax it
will not take a lot to correct anything that’s on the inside. You want to really treat these as important tools for you. Even if it’s an inexpensive brand, this
is this is your tool, and you want to be able to create good care, good habits, with the care of your
I need to mention the electric pencil sharpener. A lot of people are wondering if it’s
okay to use an electric pencil sharpener with the colored pencils. If you’re doing one pencil you’re
probably okay. I don’t recommend using electric pencil sharpeners with the
colored pencils because what happens is when the pencil goes in there, the mechanism inside the electric pencil
sharpener heats up, which means that you are putting a wax-based product into a
hot element inside the electric sharpener, if you’re doing a whole bunch
of pencils. So, again, if you’re doing one or two
pencils, you can probably get away with not having any issuesm, but if you are
doing multiple, please do not use an electric pencil sharpener; the mechanism inside the electric pencil sharpener heats up, and
it creates a softer wax, and you’re going to gunk up the inside. With both the
electric pencil sharpener and with the handheld pencil sharpeners, one thing you
can do is take a regular graphite pencil and run it through after you’ve done the
wax pencil, the colored pencils, and it will help to clean and lubricate your
blades. So that’s a safety tip, not only for your
pencils, don’t use the electric pencil sharpener,
and to cleaning your hand held ones with a graphite pencil.


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  • Brenda Penny

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