How to sharpen Prismacolor pencils

Hi guys today I am going to give you some
tips on how to sharpen prismacolor pencils without any breakage. As you would probably know, Prismacolor is
an artist grade colored pencil brand from USA well known for its rich colors and creamy
blending properties. It’s the brand of choice for many colored
pencil artists around the world making it one of the most popular brands of colored
pencils. But recently its popularity is getting decreased
because of its poor built quality. Sharpening these pencils to a fine point without
breakage is a challenge nowadays. Its mainly because of two reasons, First one
being the nature of the lead, they are soft wax based leads which helps for the easy application
of colors and creamy blending properties. The next one being the poor quality wood casing. The wood tend to get chewed up when sharpening
and this makes the already soft lead vulnerable for breakage. So you may ask why not simply avoid prismacolor
pencils and go for some other brands with good quality construction such as faber castel
polychromos. Trust me I have been thinking about this several
times but I couldn’t leave prismacolor pencils because of many reasons. One reason is that I prefer wax based pencils
over oil based pencils for my drawing techniques and the color range you get from prismacolor
pencils are far superior to other brands. Especially if you are a portrait artist. So I have the choice of sticking on to prismacolor
pencils or other wax based pencils such as caran dache luminance. But since I live in India, its very difficult
to get caran dache products. I will have to pay a huge amount for shipping
over the already very expensive caran dache pencils. Since I am not a professional artist and I
don’t sell my artworks lightfastness of the pencil is of least concern for me. So there is no point in paying for the supreme
lightfastness and quality provided by carandache luminance. And when it comes to Derwent coloursoft which
is also a wax based pencil, they have better quality construction than prismacolor but
their colors are less intense and they tend to struggle after only about 3 layers. And above all Prismacolor is the cheapest
among all these brands. I can get a large set of 132 prismacolor pencils
for one third of the price of full set of 120 faber castel polychromos pencils here
in India. So naturally I experimented with all the brands
of sharpeners I can get with prismacolor pencils to reduce its breakage. The only problem I faced was breakage while
sharpening. I haven’t experienced a single case of lead
breaking inside the wood casing even after dropping the pencils several times. After trying several handheld sharpeners I
ended up using this particular sharpener called Shaker from the brand Maped. Its very easy to get in India, almost all
stationary stores here carry them. They are available over many other countries
too. But if you can get it, I recommend you to
try the brand called Kum since a lot of my subscribers from USA told highly about them. I haven’t tried them yet since its not available
here in India. I will show you how to sharpen the pencils
with a handheld sharpener with minimal breakage. You have to hold the pencil in your non dominant
hand and hold the sharpener in the dominant hand. Then rotate the sharpener keeping the pencils
steady. This will help prevent excess strain on the
lead and helps to keep the breakage to a minimum. Even though this reduced the no. of breakage,
I still got several incidence of lead breakage and wood casing splitting. So after doing some research I found out that
any sharpener with a flat blade tend to break the leads. Because when you sharpen a pencil with a flat
blade sharpener, the blade tend to twist the lead to the opposite direction of your pencil
rotation. Making it vulnerable to break unless you have
a super sharp blade. But there is another type of blade that is
used in many electrical pencil sharpeners and some manual table top sharpeners called
a helical sharpener. As you can see here the sharp metal parts
are arranged in a spiral manner and when you rotate the blade with the pencil inside, all
these edges work together and grind the pencil from the base to the tip. Since there is no twisting movements, it considerably
decreases the breakage even for a very soft pencil. And the best thing about them is they don’t
get unusable after a few uses. Because of this special method of sharpening,
they don’t require an extremely sharp edge and this helps to keep using them even for
several years. So either you can go for an electrical sharpener
with a helical blade such as school smart or you can buy a manual sharpener with a helical
blade. You can watch how electrical sharpeners work
in sheldenes channel here. But I personally prefer the manual sharpeners
with helical blade because of several reasons. They don’t tend to eat up the pencil since
you have the complete control on sharpening. Since electrical pencil sharpeners tend to
get heated after some use, there is a possibility of wax of the pencils melting and sticking
onto the blade, making its life shorter. This may not be an immediate effect but over
time there is a chance of accumulating wax inside the sharpener. And above all electrical pencils are hard
to get in India, even if I shipped one from USA I will have to use a transformer to adjust
to the 240 V standard of India. But electrical sharpeners are fast and don’t
require you to manually rotate the blade. So I ended up buying Derwents superpoint manual
table top sharpener. I have been using this sharpener for over
a month and till now I didn’t get even a single breakage on prismacolor pencils. And the best think about these sharpener is
that they give you a very long and pointy tip for the pencils. So it helped me get rid of the breakage issue
and now I can draw detailed artworks just like a polychromos pencil because of this
sharp point. You can see the sharpening process in action. So happy sharpening, thank you
so much for watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more
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  • TheNerdyBunny

    I know there are many colored pencil brands, but if prismacolors are too expensive for you, I recommend Koh-I-Door Polycolor. You cann often find them for inexpensive prices on amazon (If you look) or you can find them at hobby lobby, and, granted, they are oil based and not exactly like prismacolor, they are still very nice and I like them a lot;

  • yanca


  • NeNe Animations

    Thank you very much !!

  • Linda Leigh Johnson


  • Siraj Ahmed

    In india this is of 1400 rs 60 rupees is 1$

  • Monty Saha

    I have a Shaker sharpener of Maped.

  • demon6937

    I kind of regretting my polychromos though the colors are vibrant I find it hard to blend πŸ™

  • John Kon

    I love prisma myself but, don't use them for finished work anymore. I prefer oil or if wax, luminance. Main reason (since sharpening isn't a issue for me), is lightfast quality & wax blooms.
    Prisma application is great but, they are not made like they were. Get your hands on a old Venus pencil (the original recipe for these pencils), & you'll be so angry that they aren't made that way anymore. It is a shame

  • Alexandra Z

    I don't understand the hype around these pencils, everyone getting angry when an artist says they don't like them. For me, as a European, these pencils are extremely expensive and not worth it. Why on earth would you like a pencil that you can't use for layering without getting wax buildup and fuzzy looking edges? Whenever I see a portrait or landscape made in prismas on Instagram, I immediately recognize the muddy blending that ALL prisma users achieve. Even their aspect is bad, they are cracked, thin, their matte varnish looks old, with light cheap feeling of the pencil. They are not worth the 200 dollars they ask for a big box, plus shipping. If you really are a serious artist, Polychromos, Pablo or Luminance, or Holbein are the best. They layer to infinity, especially Polychromos, and they look absolutely amazing. Plus, they are lightfast! Unlike Prismacolor. People who use Polychromos like Prismacolors make me cringe, you shouldn't use a coloured pencil like you use your oil pastels or wax crayons, that is a thing only Prismacolor pencils do, and it gets muddy soon, as they are not transparent like Polychromos. I am sorry, but unless they change their barrels and lightfastness, I will not pay so much money on pencils that are not worth even half the cost. Oh, and another thing. If these pencils were so good, there shouldn't be videos explaining HOW to sharpen them without breakage, as that shouldn't even happen in the first place. I have been using Polychromos for a year, and no pencil has broken or even snapped while sharpening or dropping, which says alot.

  • Prey Rez

    Im over thinking the fact that theres a brand called 'KUM' .-.

  • ΨͺΨ³Ω†ΩŠΩ… Ψ¬Ω…ΨΉΩ‡

    Ψ¨ΨͺΩ…Ω†Ω‰ Ψ§Ω†Ωˆ ΩŠΩƒΩˆΩ† Ω‡Ω†Ψ§Ω„Ωƒ ΨͺΨ±Ψ¬Ω…Ω‡ Ψ¨Ψ§Ω„ΨΊΩ‡ Ψ§Ω„ΨΉΨ±Ψ¨ΩŠΩ‡

  • Erica Felman

    Thank you for the excellent video. Just bought Prismacolor pencils and saw all of the complaints about breakage but also saw the comments on color intensity and selection so I went for it. Now I need to look for your recommended sharpeners. Excellent video. Thank YOU>

  • Azzab

    I got an arteza ad at the beginning of this video omfg arteza is trying to steal y’all away from prismacolours

  • Auby Besties

    I found this when I searched how to sharpen woodless coloured pencils since mine will not sharpen.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I've found a Japanese handheld sharpener which gives a short cone, but with a very sharp tip. Since there's less exposed core, there's less chance of tip breakage. I just wish it came with a shavings receptacle.


    But if you're happy with your current sharpener, great! I'm old enough to remember the old Berol Prismacolors, which were a lot less fragile than the post-NAFTA ones. There's a lot to be said about using well-paid experienced workers instead of outsourcing the manufacturing to the lowest bidder.

  • ooak mini world

    I've got a heliblade manual the one you have with the handle but it takes about 3rd of a pencil each time so I can't use it. Any ideas why it's doing that it's not had much use at all so it can't be blunt already. I use prismacolor and carandache luminance so I need a sharpener that doesn't ruin my expensive pencils. I'm from England any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Xxjovit GamingxX

    My prismas keep BREAKINGGGG poor lavander hasnt even lived a month and is already half the size in what it used to be

  • β€’ Mitzuki β€’

    haha, polychromos is coming after you Prismacolor πŸ™‚

  • Ragini Ghag

    Hello Sir are you still using the Derwent sharpener , is it still working properly ? Have you ever used the apsara long point sharpener , we get a fairly long point in it the only drawback is we cannot insert any of the Derwent pencils in it but polychromos and prismacolors go well with it.

  • shadowmohd

    Get the poooooiiiiiinnnt! Aaaaaaa

  • Lobetec

    I always get scared when im sharpening, since some of the lead comes off with the wood, so i feel like im burning money lmao

  • STICKYArt Channel

    Watch out for fakes!! they break easier! I made a vid to show how to avoid fake prismacolors πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca Mitchell

    Your method of holding the pencil in the non dominant hand and turning the manual sharpener in the other worked perfectly. Not one break in 72 pencils. Thank you!

  • BeeBea

    YOU SUCK- Can NOT understand your curled up English. Go back to the immigrations and learn to speak CLEAR English! you terroist!!!😫😫🀐


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