How to Sketch | Sketching Tips for Beginners | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 21

(instrumental music) – Hey guys. Welcome back to another
episode of Art Journal Thursday where we get creative
every single Thursday here on this channel. And since so many of
you guys requested it, I will share some tips and
tricks on how to sketch that are perfect for any beginner. Let’s start with the materials. Obviously one of the things
you will need is paper. I would recommend to use paper
for drawing and sketching because it has a nice texture, but of course you can
use any paper you have, even print paper. And you will also need pencils. A lot of you guys asked
me about the difference between all the letters, H
and B, and all their numbers. That’s why I wanted to
give you a quick overview. So for H pencils, the higher the number, the lighter and harder the pencil becomes. An HB pencil is something
in the middle of an H and a B pencil, which I
also use most of the times for quick sketches and drawings. H pencils are great for sketching thin and non-blendable lines. As you can see, the lighter
the number of my H pencil is, the lighter the shading becomes. So with these pencils, you
can basically only get lighter and lighter. B pencils on the other hand are different. The higher the number of the B pencil is, the darker and softer the pencil becomes. B pencils are usually
used for sketching lines that are all blurry and smudged, and also of course for shading
because, as I said earlier, they are softer and you can blend them and you can create darker
shades with them as well. You don’t need all of these pencils. I usually don’t use H pencils that much but to have one H pencil
and a few B pencils such as two, four, and
six are a great start. Okay, another thing you can
also use is a tissue paper for blending instead of any special tools. I wouldn’t recommend using your fingers as you will add only add oil to the paper through your fingers and ruin the drawing. And since no one is perfect,
you can also use an eraser. Let’s start with the
basics that are so simple but really important when
it comes to sketching anything you want. Before you start
sketching, pay attention to how you actually hold your pencil. Make sure you don’t hold
the pencil super-tightly at the very tip of the pencil. You will not only have
difficulties moving the pencil while sketching, but you will
also only be able to draw in a short distance. It’s okay if you want to draw details but when it comes to sketching, holding the pencil loosely is key. That’s why I try to hold
it a few centimeters away from the tip between your fingers. This way you will be able to
move your hand more easily by moving your fingers and your wrist. As you all know, we sometimes
get super stressed out whenever we are about to
start drawing something and focus so much on making it perfect, but it’s really important to just relax and loosen up when you sketch. That’s why I would recommend
to start with drawing loose lines, circles, curves,
just to warm up your hand. Do it very loosely. Don’t focus on creating a perfect line. It’s not the point of sketching. Okay, now before we
start, choose the object you want to draw. You can use anything you find on your desk or you can also just use
a picture for a reference, and of course you can also just
draw from your imagination. Sketching is all about
capturing what you see by breaking it down into basic shapes. Even if you just want to draw a circle, it’s easier to start with simple lines and to work your way to the
final shape you are going for. A sketch would be the base
or a draft of an idea, an image you want to create,
not the final piece of work. Therefore, try to keep your
hand relaxed and move it lightly with lots of short, quick strokes. Use minimal pressure to
create the foundation of your sketch. This will make sketching a lot more easier because it will help you
to create the overall shape of the object you are going for without committing to one
single line that, well, might be crooked and
hard to erase later on. I believe lots of us forget
that sketching is all about exploring different
ideas, trying things out, and having fun while practicing drawing. So let go of the mentality that everything needs to be perfect. There is no such thing. So have fun and sketch
the outlines loosely and find the shape little by little. And when you finally
get the overall shape, you can use a B pencil and
start outlining the shape with a darker line. Here I’m using a 2B pencil. So try out this approach where
you start with loose lines that you create and form into the shape that you plan on drawing. Now once you’re happy
with the overall sketch, you can now make it look
more three-dimensional by shading it. There are different ways
how you can do that. By hatching and cross-hatching
where you either add shadows by simple lines or by crossover lines. You can contour and cross-contour
by following the shape of the object. But you can also add
shadows with random lines that might not make sense. Or you can add them by
stippling or simply by just smudging the pencil, following
the shape of the object. I won’t go into details
here because it’s a topic for a whole new video. I just wanted to give
you a quick overview. Just try out different
techniques and decide which technique you like best. This is a great way for finding your own unique sketching style as well. Now before you start shading, it’s important to find a light source as this is going to decide where
you have to add the shadows and the highlights. Where does the light come from? As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s important to pay
attention to the overall shape of the object. This is always important
when it comes to shading it. So we’ll start at the darkest spot that gets the least amount of light, and then blend it out
to the brighter areas by using any of the shading
techniques I showed you. If you draw something that is square, you don’t want to use
curved lines for shading. Rather, follow the shape of
the object while shading it. If you want, you can
also use a blending tool or a tissue paper and blend
out the sketched-out shadows following the shape of the object. This will create a smooth surface but you can also just
keep it the way it is, as all the different shading
techniques give the sketch a really nice feel and character, but remember, we are just sketching here. We’re not creating a masterpiece. Don’t feel like it has to look perfect. It doesn’t have to. This is only a sketch, a
draft for future reference or just for practicing drawing. Try to get rid of this
perfectionist mentality I was talking about earlier. If something looks horrible, it’s okay. You’re here to practice. Don’t beat yourself up if it looks ugly. Embrace it. I believe that it’s
better to create 10 ugly and unperfect art pieces than none because you can use all the
knowledge that you gained by sketching and drawing
all these art pieces for your next work that will look amazing. Just give your best, practice,
and remember to have fun. I really hope you enjoyed this
video and found it helpful. If so, don’t forget to
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on Thursday and on Saturdays. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Have a wonderful day, and
I will see you on Saturday. Bye!


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