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Spray Paint Art Secrets, secrets of Mexico
This is not your normal learn to paint site. If you’re looking to spend years of your
life to learn techniques everybody already knows then move on.
These lessons can teach you something VERY different, new style, something VERY powerful.
This is an art course taught by Alisa Amorand and Gerardo,
they show you some of the most powerful and ingenious painting techniques known only to
an elite group of Mexican street artists. Alisa worked with street artists in Mexico
for 15 years. And With the techniques they taught her
she was able to easily support herself as an artist and muralist.
During this time she and fellow street artists co-created even more advanced and tricky quick
painting techniques. These enabled her to do murals, portraits
and gallery work in record time and to have lots of free time left for well whatever artists
do with free time You can now become a member of Spray Paint
Art Secrets and learn to become a master of Spray Paint Art
If you are just beginning to paint with spray paint and you are ready now to become a master
of spray paint art, wanting to successfully sell your artwork
and exhibit in art galleries, or you just really enjoying your new hobby
and learning to paint in a way that’s really fun for you,
this is a great course for you. Here’s why If you want to see a sample of the type of
lessons she does click the link below. To continue
On This Spray paint master course you’re going to learn all about the breakthrough
street art program that will transform you into a skilled and
fast spray paint artist who can fascinate an audience in the street
and make the kind of paintings that really shine, draw attention, and sell like hotcakes.
Alisa want you to experience what it’s like to do a painting with spray paint in just
5 minutes using only plates, spray paint and newspaper.
To feel the flow as you improvise to your favourite music and know very naturally just
what you need to do to create that painting just the way you imagine it.
To hear the crowd applauding you and telling you how amazing you are as you show your work.
To feel the satisfaction of knowing you can paint anything you want with skill and style.
To feel the thrill of selling your artwork on streets, in galleries and as a professional
artist. Those good feelings of showing your work to
others and hearing those ooohs and aaahs. Alisa and her fellow street artists over the
years have taught only a few people, only those who they thought they could trust
with their secrets. After all, if this information got out, she
might have too much competition! For the first time ever, these techniques
are being made available to everyone who wants to learn.
They are sharing their best techniques, their most closely guarded secrets with the world
and they hope that you will learn from their experience and then continue to evolve and
perfect the technique yourself! Here is a partial list of what you will learn
when you join Spray Paint Art Secrets today Included is a 116 page book “Secrets of
Mexico” which contains lots of information. Lists of materials, safety issues and solutions,
illustrated instructions on how to paint a multitude of effects and scenes
A video course which includes over the shoulder demonstrations how to create 3-D planets and
powerful space scenery. Detailed video lessons demonstrate newspaper
and spatula techniques that let you draw anything freehand and make it look cool
Watch Alisa guide you through a basic nature scene that will get you well on the road to
creating any kind of landscape art you desire in minutes.
Follow along as Alisa and Gerardo guide you through an easy yet totally impressive beginners
painting called the “Blue Ocean” that will amaze your friends and family when they
see what you have painted. Gerardo also shows you how to create cosmic
and earth type skies with different kinds of clouds.
Many light and galactic effects are discussed. Learn another impressive beginner painting
step by step. This time you learn to paint a pyramid in
front of a planet in brilliant golden tones. The sky is cosmic style.
lisa guides you through a multitude of paintings and skills including a jungle waterfall,
spray paint roses, magic mushrooms, sliding newspaper techniques, and a light on dark
style painting. Gerardo guides you step by step through a
complete painting called “the Cavern” which will show you a number of planet and
newspaper techniques put together in an awesome painting.
Each month you will get at least 5 new videos from Alisa, Gerardo, and others teaching you
the secrets of spray paint art. They make new videos and share techniques
and ideas about things that inspire them and also we make videos to answer your questions.
For more information click the link below If you found this video helpful give it a
thumbs up, if not please put in the comments below how I can improve my videos.
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