How to Spray Paint with Craig Phillips

Now for those of you have never used any
form of spray paint technology before don’t be put off
it really takes minutes to get used to it start off by getting yourself an old
cardboard box once you’ve filled your reservoir up with paint you’re ready to
start painting there’s a paint flow control on the side of the unit simply
turn that down settings 2 start with and that will project paint out
nice and slow and just a small amount at a time now once you’re comfortable at
that speed you can simply turn the settings up a little bit higher to maybe
about 4 or 5 and then try again once you’re comfortable at that speed
turn it up even higher again 7 or 8 start spraying now the higher the setting is it will
project out more paint so you’ll do a larger area quicker but of course
everybody will find their own speed to get the perfect finish. Now with Wagner
I-spray technology the paint comes out the very center of the nib here you’ve
got two air flow controls top and bottom which directs the paint and then you
have a manual setting on the top where you can reduce it down to a very narrow
pass over of paint or the high you take that take up it goes wider
I want to do three little lines on here to explain and there you can see the difference you
can range from about 50 mm wide all the way up to about 200 mm that’ll give you the flexibility of getting into nice tights corners or around window
reveals and then of course the larger pass over that will allow you to do
large flat areas like walls and ceilings now the final setting on the front
allows you to spray from side to side or up or down by simply moving the dial like this When spraying the wall keep the nib away from the surface you also want to keep it moving at all times at a consistent pace when I’m spraying
up and down I like to pass over 50% at a time so you kind of get in two coats of
paint when you’re going up and down once you’ve done one wall turn the nozzle and
then go from side to side that way you’re getting 2 solid coats up and down
and left to right which is going to give you a true professional finish in a
fraction of the time

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