How to Spray Water Based Topcoat

Today we’re going to show you how to apply water based top coats. We like a couple of guns for this application. One we use in the shop is the 3M model HG18, it comes with a medium sized fluid tip, And it has a disposable air cap that you can use several times before replacing. This runs off of an air compressor. But for our demo today, we’re going to spray High Performance Top Coat with a self contained system, the Earl X Model, 5500. Again using a medium sized fluid tip for spraying clear coats, any sprayer will work, But contact your supplier to verify proper tip sizes for specific equiptment, every gun is different. And although High Performance can be sprayed straight from the can, the best practice is strain through a fine mesh filter before spraying. So lets step outside now and I’ll show you how. Alright, we’re going to show you how to spray the High Performance Urathane. We have this little black table for our project, and we’re going to use the Earl-X 5500 HVLP gun to spary it with. Alright, we’re going to turn the gun on and show you how to spray and just practice on a piece of cardboard to become familiar with settings of the gun. A couple of things: the fluid control determines how much material comes out of the gun. And you can see when you’re spraying, you get a nice even fan pattern. And the tip of the gun changes the size of the pattern. Spray in a diazonal. So its really nice. Anytime we spray, we recommend using a respirator , its a good idea to cover your mouth so you’re not breathing in any fumes. And we’re going to work on this table here. And we want to start with a 90 degree angle And keep your gun nice and even. You want to spray about 6-8 inches of fan pattern. The idea is to get a nice even uniform coat of finish on. And then when you’re done, just inspect your work; make sure that all of your areas are covered. You don’t want any dry spots. So it will dry nice and quick. And when you’re all done, you’ll have a nice even uniform finish. Alright, i’m going to turn this sprayer on and we’re going to get this table done. Now, when you’re done with your pass, just take a look and make sure everything is nice and uniform. If you get a run or a drip, just take a foam brush and you can come by and just lightly brush it out. And just let the product dry. By the time you’re done. It will take about an hour to two hours for the finish to dry. You’ll have a nice even uniform finish. Once you’re done with your spray equpment, clean it out with water. And a final tip: Water based finishes dry so fast in hot and dry climates, add 10-20 percent water or General Finishes Extender by volume to slow the dry time. It’s been a couple of hours, lets take a look at our project. Let’s just recap: we used the Lamp Black Milk Paint, couple coats of the High Performance Satin- Its nice and smooth. Its an even finish. I think this piece looks great. Easy to do.

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