How to Transfer Your Sketch to Canvas – Justin Hillgrove – Imps and Monsters

Hi! I’m Justin Hillgrove of Imps and
Monsters, and today we’re going to be transferring a drawing onto canvas so
that we can get ready to start a painting. So all of my paintings start with a
sketch, and so today I’m going to start a new painting based on the sketch
of this little tree guy. I’ve decided I’m going to work pretty small for this, so
I’m going to work on a 6 inch by 12 inch canvas and in order to make that
sketch work with this, rather than just redraw it in pencil straight on the
canvas, I’ve already spent the time making the sketch so I’ve just gone and
resized the sketch in Photoshop and printed it out in black and white to
dimensions that are going to work well with this canvas. All right, so I have my
sketch. I’m going to just kind of place it onto my onto my canvas where I want
it, and I’ll just use a piece of, right now, I’m just using a piece of artist
tape. It’s like expensive masking tape that’s just acid-free. If I had masking
tape, I’d probably just use that and I’m going to use a piece of graphite
transfer paper and slip it under here being sure that I’m putting the right
side down because otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time just tracing for nothing
and I’m going to use a ballpoint pen to go over my drawing for a couple of
reasons, one so I can actually see where my drawing is are where I’m tracing and
also because the ballpoint pen lets me trace nice and a nice and firm, nice and
hard for a good transfer. So I finished tracing my drawing and I’m
going to go ahead and just pull it off of there and see if it worked out.
Realistically while you’re working on it you should check it a little after you
start to make sure it worked, but that looks great, and in another video we’ll go
ahead and move on to the next step and start getting this canvas ready to
actually paint. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the video. If you’d like to see more of these, then go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and
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  • Bea Kesch

    I'm abaout to paint an acrylic of Eduardo, the monster of Foster House for Imaginary Friends, so I'm really really really really looking forward to see the next viedo 😀
    I love all of Justin Hillgrove paintings, especially the once with characters from Studio Ghibli

  • p0is0nshr00ms

    is there a particular brand of the graphite paper that you use?

  • Lasting Impression Art

    Loew Cornell makes a fantastic graphite transfer paper. It is smudge proof and will not bleed through paint.

  • Lasting Impression Art

    The next video will be up on Friday!

    Eduardo has always been my favorite Imaginary Friend.

    Thanks for your support!


  • Edgar Martinez

    nice, ill try this sometime. as of now i've always hand draw my paper sketches on to canvases :p

  • Christie Trout

    Subbed, keep the vids coming!

  • FMNelly

    subbed. great video tutorials. I'm new to painting and these are extremely helpful.

  • Carmen Santaella

    love! thanks!

  • crystalrobot01

    Great technique. This is exactly what I was searching !! Thank you for posting !!!

  • Tabby Gray

    Thx I have a cool drawling that I dk how to re drawl so I will try that.

  • Connie Harris

    So glad I kept searching for how to do this.  Thank you.

  • Lizzie McCroskey

    Would this work for transferring a sketch on to a blank playmat? It's the same kind of material a mousepad is made of.

  • MsJaniri

    Hi there,
    I am unable to open the link provided above for the supplies you have used. I keep getting a message that reads "server internal error" is there any other way I can review the supplies you have used for this painting?

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  • KK CW

    Excellent tip!

  • OrbitalAngel Nebula

    Oh wow thank you so much I hate drawing on canvas!!

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    THANK YOU thought i was going to have to use tracing paper…

  • Kirk Lazarus

    Thanks Justin
    What brand transfer paper do you use?

  • Jade Conway

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  • Liz Cole

    Thank you!! So helpful. And your work is really fantastic.

  • Bonnie Shapiro

    How do you enlarge the actual drawing in photo shop. I'm not sure of the actual process of enlarging a drawing. Thanks

  • Bonnie Shapiro

    Are you enlarging a drawing you created in photo shop. If you hand draw a drawing can you do any enlarging with photo shop. I'm assuming you cannot. That you have to enlarge with a copier.

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  • Rita Gumper

    Super helpful. Quick and to the point. Very mellow and calming voice that is easy to listen to, and easy to follow instructions from. Thank you 🙂

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  • Ellie Merc

    I love that drawing, so adorably cute! You have an amazing imagination! (Feb. 22/16).

  • Prismatic Pearls

    Brilliant! I would have never thought of this!

  • Syuhada Roslin

    Omg thank you so much! i have seen many artist do the transfer sketch thingy and been wondering about how they actually do it. Thanks a lot!

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  • Serenity Jewel

    That's how I do it also. Why do some artists cover the back of their drawing with charcoal and transfer it that way? Is that a more archival way of doing it or do they just not know about transfer paper?

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  • James F

    how do i do this on a black canvas?


    Pls pls pls can anyone tell me ……whats the name of the black paper thing that he use ??? …………pls reply me in 24 hours i need to past my project on monday!!!!!

  • Midhat Sawwan

    Hi great drawing ,is this a uniball black pen ?

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  • Bailey Gibson

    Great video! (Also, I loved your little tree dude!) And as a note to artists with no money (like ME and most other teens) I find that, if your not afraid of a hand cramp, you can coat the back of a photocopy of your drawing in a lot of pencil instead of using graphite sheets. Not as quick, sure, but my time is worthless and I have no money, so I gotta do it that way 🤷

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    Quick question I’m not good at drawing can I printout a picture from online will that work? I order carbon paper from amazon.

    This was great. I’m giving my mom a paint and sip party for her birthday. I hope mines turn out as good as yours tfs

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