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Hi, I’m Patricia Longo and I’m a celebrity
makeup artist. I’ve worked with models from Sports Illustrated
like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the
average person doesn’t know how to do will learn how to do it on these videos. So it’s very important to choose the right
shade of foundation. Sometimes one foundation color is not enough. Sometimes you have to mix two foundations
to get the right shade for yourself. And what I do is I take a foundation brush
and I slightly swirl them together so it gives me the right colored tone for her. And then what I do is I just test a little
bit near the nose just to see. Then what I do is I’ll take my finger and
blend. You always want a shade slightly darker than
the skin. And then I’ll take a sponge and just blend
it in see how it looks. Once I get an idea on the color, then I can
continue with prepping the foundation. And I always say one pump of each is enough. And that’s what I like about liquid foundations-you
pump once, it gives you just the right amount. And again, I blend. That’s what a foundation brush is really good
for. It’s blending the foundations together, getting
the right color. With a light, light, light stroke, it gives
you just the right amount to cover because she has beautiful skin. She doesn’t need a heavy, heavy coverage. So I’m going all over her face. Up on the T-zone, back and forth. Up, down the nose, in creases. And a lot of it is downstrokes. You very rarely go up. You go down. Everything is down, down, down. Now, if you put too much and too heavy; say
I wanna do a little heavier where she has maybe some scars or any bruises, you just
do a little heavier foundation you add a little more with the foundation brush and you go
right on top and just dab, dab, dab. Dab in the spots that she needs fuller coverage. I also like getting on top of the eyelids. When you cover the eyelids it keeps, actually,
the eye shadow on better. As you can see, I’m dabbing. I’m not streaking. I’m not pulling. I’m dabbing. So you want to use a foundation brush when
you’re trying to achieve smooth skin. And I recommend using it with a fluid foundation. So when I blended the two foundations, I blended
nicely just like a regular brush. And what I did was, I did strokes down towards
the face very, very lightly. And anywhere you want to put more foundation,
you just put the foundation brush on the skin in the spot and dab, dab, dab. As much as you dab in that one spot, it puts
on a little heavier foundation. And you’ll blend it later with your finger
or a sponge, but the brush is what applies it nice and naturally.


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    Third time lucky.x

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    Wat brush is that?

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    wow. how helpful -_- not.

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    That poor model. You're ruining her beautiful skin. She looks so damn uncomfortable!

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    you are absolutly GORGEOUS!! Beautiful hair!! Keep it up and ignore the hater remarks…God has blessed you!

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    The model's face looks awkward only because she has JUST foundation on her face. How elaborate could you make her makeup in 3 minutes of video?

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    @zdcjmsp yes. this is really fantastic. Listen to this, i really ddnt expect that maybelline will send me the mascara without any dime. if you wanna try just try now >->

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    And why would she have bruises on her face?

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    The model: Bitch WHAT are you doing

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    Okay.. theres' one thing I learnt from this video..


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    You are very pretty

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    I learnt that celebrities apparantly have bruises on their faces.

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    Thanks I always use a sponge but I'm going to start using a brush

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    Can you do a tutorial on BB creams

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    Hmmm….I just smear it all over my face, the smear powder on top as a finish. I'm doing it wrong am I? Plus I use my fingers.

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    I have the cover girl foundation, not the pump but like the kind you pour, so I've always poured a little on the back of my hand and then I took my kabuki brush and just dabbed the foundation on my face all over and then I took my kabuki brush and blended my foundation by using circular motions. I just recently bought a Kolight makeup brush set which came with a foundation brush. i now own three of them and I didn't know how to use them. is my method wrong?

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    This is so not the best way to put on foundation. Who the hell taught this girl ….

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    Why the hell do they always pick someone with no spots at all. What is she covering?

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    This is perfect if you are an artist working on a model. Avoid this if you are working on your own face as it can look a bit streakey. Plus if you buy any expensive foundation the last thing you want is an accelerated use up rate! The brush wastes a certain amount of product. Points to this young woman for sharing the dab it on technique. That part was useful. SeriousSkin

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    Your model looks like a man

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    Thanks very much I always thought u needed a shade lighter than my skin!

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