How to Use a Pressure Washer : Connecting Hoses to a Pressure Washer

In this clip we’re going to show you how to
hook up the wand to the hose, and the hose to the pressure washer. There’s these one-step
snap little clip, little washer. Let me show you that again. The hose fits in there snugly;
you release the little washer on there so it clips right in there. It also does the
same thing at the pressure washer. If you notice here, we already have the hose hooked
up so that’s where the water intake enters the pressure washer. And here we’re going
to hook in the clip on the bottom, make sure it clicks, that was good. And also check the
hose, make sure your hose, it’s very important there’s a lot of pressure coming through this
hose. It’s important to check the hose, if it shows any signs of wear, get rid of it.
This is my machine, so it’s a new hose that I have. Normally, you can rent these pressure
washers and they normally come, the hoses are pretty much pretty good.


  • snowball1988

    "there's a one sne….. one stu….one sto….one step-snap" looooool, he made it sound reeeally clear simple… "a seasond profoessional" ..he cant even say it right!

  • Kastor Salanack

    Worked perfectly. Ignore the pricks making fun of your mistake. You just saved me lots of time, and I need all the time I can get to wash this place down!

  • Rem Griffin

    this helped! thank you!

  • You Heard Me

    My gun keeps popping off once the water is turned on! UGHHHHHHHH!!!! 24 hour rental is messing up my day

  • Dawn Brenner

    How do i hook the hose up to the pressure washer

  • Michael Mc

    Wow. Terrible. "We're gonna show you how to connect the garden hose…. 3 seconds later As you can see the garden hose is already connected."


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