How to use Autoglym Polar Blast

Using a snow foam can reduce the
risk of scratches and swells, which can occur when a
sponge or wash mitt moves over dirty paintwork. Autoglym Polar Blast is a
superior, dense, pH-neutral snow foam. When used through a
pressure wash or foam gun, it covers every inch of
your car in a rich foam blanket, which
clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt. It can be used as a
pre-wash before shampooing, to loosen dirt,
and as a shampoo, if your car isn’t too
dirty, providing you rinse it with water first
to remove any heavy dirt. Polar Blast can be used
at various dilutions, depending on the
density of foam desired. A good starting point is
100 mil of Polar Blast to 500 mils of water
in your foaming bottle. The water hardness in your
area, and pressure washer power, will impact the level of foam. So have a play with your mix
till you find the right one that works for you. Check the bodywork is cool, then
cover every inch of your car in foam. You can now leave Polar
Blast to dwell and loosen dirt for up to 10 minutes. Just don’t let it dry on. The longer the foam clings
to your car’s surface, the more time the
active ingredients have to work on loosening dirt. Finally, rinse
thoroughly with water. If you’ve used Polar
Blast as a pre-wash, the car is now ready to shampoo. If you’ve used it as a shampoo,
the car is now ready to dry. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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