How to Use Colored Pencils With Watercolor | Cute Panda Doughnut | Easy Mini Mixed Media Tutorial

Hey guys! In today’s mini speed painting tutorial
I’m going to illustrate a super cutie panda donut with watercolor and colored pencils. I’ve actually just recently got a small
24 pack of prismacolor pencils and I’ve been happily experimenting with them by adding
them to my watercolor and gouache works and loving the results. Colored pencils are great for outlines instead
of ink because they are so subtle. They are not erasable so I can do a sketch
first and then use the colored pencils and then easily erase my sketch, just like if
I was working with normal ink to outline. The lines also have a super subtle texture
and I can control how dark they are easily by varying the pressure. You can also easily blend different colors
together and as you can see I can easily use watercolors on top of them, the darker the
pencil marks, the more they resist, like a crayon does, and leave the original color,
but if you use the pencil lightly it makes for a super soft look and the paint dries
on top like it normally would. I used watercolors like I always do, without
giving it any thought. When the watercolors were dry, I wanted a
higher contrast with the outline so I went around the piece and outlined it using different
colors and by pressing down more I got darker values. You can easily use pencils on top of watercolors
to add more value, but you can’t make it lighter with pencils, you’d have to use
gouache for that. You can also add a subtle gradient textures
like I did here in the cheeks, just by varying the pressure. I used a gel pen like I always do to add highlights
around the piece and little dots to make darker areas pop and the piece more interesting. But, the donut didn’t feel as dimensional
as I wanted, so instead of adding a second layer of watercolor, I went back in with colored
pencils and used them to shade in some shadows, pressing down lightly for a subtle look. The texture is so beautiful, especially since
it contrasts with the smooth blending of the watercolors. My biggest tip and my favorite technique so
far, is to use the colored pencils of various colors to darken the outlines, various colors
just to make it more interesting, and then use a gel pen to outline it within. This greatly increases the contrast and makes
for a fun shiny effect of an outline. I do this all around the piece and I’m done. This cutie panda donut was so much fun to
make because I combined the two mediums and I encourage you use colored pencils next time
you sit down to watercolor. You can use pencils more subtly, to the point
of them being invisible to add tiny details or you can use them to add a lot of texture
and color like I did here. It’s up to you how obvious you want them
to be, but I encourage you to play with it and find your favorite style of working with
them. All I know is that I’m going to be using
colored pencils a lot more in my work from now on. Just to add little details and sometimes texture. I had a lot of fun painting this and I hope
this little video inspired you to experiment with your supplies and I’ll see you guys
in the next one! Happy painting, and playing, and experimenting,
and having fun! Because that’s what art is supposed to be,
fun. Stay awesome, guys!


  • Tareyah

    Really cool! I have those same pencils and Watercolor and never thought to use them together. I also have the Markers to match the Pencils… I wonder how you can use markers with watercolor? I always love your work and videos!


    Oh my god you are amazing i love your videos your awesome what colored pencils did you use

  • S N

    This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing. I love you're style. <3 <3 <3

  • Harini Baskar

    This is adorable!! Can u pls make a video using watercolour pencils… love ur vids…subscribed

  • Sanne Nijland

    I love this! I used pencils in my painting yesterday and the result is so great! This panda is so adorable and I absolutely love your work Yasmina 😍 thanks for sharing πŸ’•

  • Kia Ora

    This channel needs more attention πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  • Kia Ora

    Can u plz make a ice cream next btw I luvvvvvv ur vids πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • It's Tammy!

    Love it 😍. I love combining watercolour, watercolour pencil, coloured pencil and ink. It's so much fun and produces such a beautiful result. The panda donut is so cute!

  • Iriss Delgadillo

    Love this! <3

  • trianatasya Safira

    Beautifull !!

  • Joy S

    Yesterday, I drew this donut and the result is very good and the donut panda is so cute…
    I love your video,
    love from Indonesia…

  • Joy S

    I have the same pencils…

  • gamingwithAubs

    Not what i wanted

    o o

  • θ‰θŽ“ Strawberii

    I love it! Do you mind if I copy this little panda donut? I can’t get enough of it’s face!

  • Eck22

    I just started using watercolor pencils cause I found it’s hard for me not to add detail (like on the edge of whatever I’m painting) and watercolor pencils have been a wonderful solution for that since it was hard for me to do it with watercolor paint and brushes. Funny thing is that I just discovered them I didn’t know they existed, I still need to practice more but they’re great πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Tainted Thistle

    That 1 dislike is someone who doesn't know how to paint


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