How to Use Filters When Doing a Facebook Live

What’s up! Sherri Brown here from and I’ve had a lot of requests to show you how to actually
use the different Facebook filters when doing a Facebook live. So that’s what
today’s tutorial is going to be. So I’ve got my phone up here. And so all I’m
gonna do is I’m just gonna go into the Facebook app itself and I’m going to go
as if I’m doing a post. And what I’m gonna do since I’m just testing it is
I’m gonna have this set to where it’s only me that way nobody else can view it.
I’m just gonna click done. Now obviously when I go to post again I want to make
sure that I change this up here and toggle it back to public before I
actually make a public post. But for this tutorial I’m just going to do it to only
me. So what you would do is you would just go in and put your title in here.
Just you know a catchy title maybe add a couple of emojis. I usually just do that
just you know for the visual aspect of it. And then what we’re gonna do is we
are going to where it says add to post. We’re going to go in here and we are
going to click live video. And right now you can see that this is just me
messing around with it. And so in order to turn on those filters now I will say
generally I do my Facebook lives horizontally. So I will generally turn
this sideways like this. I’m just gonna keep it vertical for now/. But to change
those filters in the lower left-hand corner you’re gonna see what looks like
a wand. And so what I would do is I would just click on that little wand and then
you can see down here at the bottom I’m scrolling through and I can add all
these different types of filters. So I could do this little filter, be pretty
cool. I could have little stars around me. I can go in here down at the bottom.
These are generally what I’ve noticed like with this one is it’s just quick
access for me because this is generally the one that I use the most. But you can
go through here down at the bottom. Just click each one of these down on the
bottom like these are masks. You can do like…how cool is that! It’s not, it’s not
my face and those little things. Look at that! How cool my face is in those
raindrops. To be a cat and you know you can just
kind of switch back and through here. There’s all kinds of little frames that
you can add and let me see. What else can I show you? Now up here, let’s just say if
I go with this frame right here this little filter. Up here at the top you
look what you can see it what looks to be like a Harry Potter like a lightning
bolt so if I click that. That’s going to also increase my light. A lot of the times
I’ll use this filter and then I’ll turn on that little light or, you know, if I’m
inside. Now another thing that you can do because right now a lot of the times
when you’re doing a Facebook live, it’s automatically going to be flipped like
the screens going to be flipped. And so if I were to hold up something, you can
see the writing is backwards, right? So if you want to flip that to where people
can actually like read something what you’ll want to do is lower right-hand
corner you see what looks like to be two little tools. So if you click on those
two little tools, this is what’s going to allow you to flip the camera so that
when you hold up something your viewers can actually read it and it’s not going
to be backwards. I’ve also had people asked me as far as how to flip that camera as
well. And then again right here you can also lower and raise the lighting. So
that’s pretty cool. You can flip yourself upside down which I
have no idea what the point of that is. But I’m just saying you can do it. But
just because you can do it don’t mean you should do it. So I’m going to put
myself back and once you’re ready to go live then what you’ll do is that you
just click start Facebook live, okay? So that is the end of it. That’s the end of
this little tutorial. If you have any other questions let me know. But hope you
have an amazing day and if you are not inside of my community you want a little
bit more tips as far as just marketing tips, and how to stand out on social
media, what types of content things to post, then all you have to do is just do
a little search you search for Back To The Basics Community right here on
Facebook. And what I can do is I can just show you where I’m going to discard this.
But I’m just gonna do a little search for Back To The Basics Community right
here. That’s the group. Got some pretty cool training in there for you. But I
hope you have an amazing day and that’s all for now. Bye!


  • Maryann Maisano

    thanks much quick question ??? can I use a filer to go live then as I am live change the filer back to another filter

  • Keshu Baba

    Useful knowledge full video

  • Aunt Sherri's Kitchen

    I've always wanted to know how to flip text. Thanks so much.


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