How To Use Paint Sprayers – DIY At Bunnings

Hi I’m Simon and I’m going to show you how
to use a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are perfect for doing large areas quickly and
are a lot of fun to use. And here’s what you’re going to need to use one: a drop sheet, a
bucket of water, rags, a protective mask, goggles and paint. Remember always wear your
safety gear while spraying paint. Before you start spraying you need to thin
your paint down by ten to fifteen percent. Make sure you always read the instructions.
For water based paint, thin it down with water and for oil-based paint, thin it down with
turps. Today I’m using water based paint. Then fill the paint sprayer’s container with
paint. And now you’re ready to use it. Simply pull on the trigger and paint away.
Before you start, test and adjust the nozzle to the consistency you want. Use a slow, continuous
motion, up and down and side to side. And remember to clean it thoroughly when you’re
done. Now you can power through any paint project
big or small. Bunnings Warehouse.

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