How to Use Sculpture Tools : How to Remove Plaster from Sculptures

Hi. I’m Debbie Hughlin Vogel and I’m here
to tell you a little bit more about tolls for Expert Village. We’re working on a sculpture
and here we have a half round riffler rasp. It’s just like a regular rasp only it has
bigger teeth. You can see that I’ve built up plaster over the foam here and it’s not
as smooth as this. But it’s supposed to look like a mitate which is a smooth rock and something
really drippy. So, I’m going to take off a bunch of that and smooth it out and here’s
how you do it. Once again, when I’m going over a surface that goes on the top I use
the flat part. And you can see it just really chews it up fast. Or if I’m doing something
that’s an inside curve, I used the curved past which will take off more that way. And all of a sudden, it starts looking more
like a rock and less like plaster that’s splashed on here. So, see, you can still see that it’s
splashed right here but it’s taken up a whole lot of it. And when I go back with this next
tool which will be a file it will smooth out some of those lines I just put in. So, you
can see already, it’s smoothed out. It’s a very fast process when you use the right tools
together. The more you can do with your metal tools the less you have to do with the sandpaper
which just falls apart. So then you just clean it out and keep going.

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