How to Use Sculpture Tools : How to Use a Riffle Rasp Sculpture Tool

Hi, I’m Debbie the roboteer and I am here
with Expert Village to talk about using riffler rasps on your sculpture. They are really good
to have, they have quite the bit on them and they will take off a lot of materials, so
you want to use them on places that are really pretty rough because they work really quick
and you can see that they leave pretty good ridges which you can go back and cross-hatch
against to remove more material. You are going to get a lot of work done with the riffler
rasp. Marty, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about files. Okay, files have teeth
on them and the teeth cut only in one direction and the file has a head and a tail, you hold
onto the tail and you move the file forward and then you lift it up and move it forward
again and lift up. That’s how you can use the file most efficiently and if you go back
and forth like this with your file or hacksaw for that matter, it rounds the teeth on the
file and you won’t get the life out of the file. Now this file, you can see has some
plaster stuck in it. The way to clean a file is what’s called a file card but right now
we are using this wire brush and we are going to go sideways across the teeth, not in the
direction of the teeth, but across the teeth to remove the buildup. That will make the
file cut better. Oh, that’s great, so with files you can clean them up and use them forever
even if you get creepy stuff in here. And that gives you a really good tooth to keep
chewing at your sculpture.

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  • Chewning Witmer

    Good to see that the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.


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