Hey guys it’s Lauren open my channel or
welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re doing one of my favorites a
Sephora haul I love doing calls and I love shopping at Sephora but I also love
being able to get a discount and support does have their summer Venna sale going
on right now if you didn’t already know of all the information on how to shop
the sale in the description box down below and I’ve actually done an entire
video of recommendations for you guys for whatever you shop at Sephora during
a sale or not so if you want to check that video out I will have a link in the
cards up there in the upper right-hand corner and I will have a little video
linked in the description box down below so we should probably jump into the
video because there’s a lot to talk about they give me a big bad witch
whenever they give the big bag you know you’ve done some damage so honestly if
we’re ever gonna finish this video we should probably go ahead and start
talking about the products now the first product I decided to pick up was one
I’ve had my eyes on for quite awhile this is the NARS
Voyager mini eyeshadow palette this is in the shade suede I think they have
three different versions and they all retail for $32 this one I purchased
simply because I’ve been looking to be perfect neutral a little bit leaning
cool toned I should have palette with a brown with
a taupe those type of shades and this one I think really fits that I’ve heard
pretty good things about this I didn’t hear anything about it before I ordered
it this along with one other product I ordered online the rest I got in store
cuz my store didn’t have these in stock so this is what the palette looks like
these are the six shades I think this palette will be very nice for travel
considering it’s pretty compact and it really only has the shades that you
didn’t need in it one reason I got this was because this shade right here that
like taupey brown shade is beautiful it’s going to be perfect
crease shade for me and that really did draw me in and I really like a lot of
the other colors as well I think this is going to be one of my new favorite
palettes but maybe I’m being a little too optimistic so next up I picked up
not one but two of the alarm RCA tinted moisturizers these are the illuminating
version with SPF 30 so they are just the exact same one both in natural radiance
I really like this for everyday wear I’ve actually not tried out being new
like they have any packaging let me show you the inside of one real quick I don’t
know if you knew what the old ones look like I’ll try and insert a picture here
somewhere the screen but this is what the new
packaging looks like I’m not sure if they reformulate it or not I will have
to you know let you guys know and I’m sure you could look it up honestly but I
feel like they did just because they did up the price by a few dollars and I
definitely didn’t notice that so this is something that I’m interested to try
because I really have loved it in the past for giving that perfect glow to my
skin and just being something very I don’t know natural not looking like
makeup just looking more like my skin the next product I have already tried I
saw it sitting there and I really wanted to try it so I can give you a slight
first impression as I have already won it one time but this is the separe
coconut lip gloss II this is in the shade clear so this retails for $13 and
the reason I picked it up is I love Milan aged lip balms I talked about them
all the time like in every single video I probably even bring them up I love
them I love the chance that they give and I especially love how they feel like
a bomb but they look like a gloss because I am such a gloss fanatic I love
lip glosses and I’ve heard this one kind of gives the same effect so what I
wanted to do is really just find another one that I like just as much even if
it’s not necessarily a dupe because this is only you know two dollars less but
this the thing that I was nervous about this for is I did order it online that
was that their product I ordered online and it said that it had like a coconut
sake coconut taste and I just have not been loving coconut for a long time now
when I was younger I was a like obsessed with coconut scent coconut taste coconut
everything and so I feel like I kind of got worn out of it and now I just really
don’t like it very much but this actually doesn’t smell too much like
coconut it reminds me more of like pina colada like it’s very it’s like pina
colada mixed with vanilla like it is a very sweet scent and it does have that
kind of taste or whatever if you do happen to get a little bit in your mouth
but I mean I think it smells really good like I actually really do enjoy it and
the good thing about it is I was kind of like wow like what did they put in me
there to make it smell so good and make it taste so good and I’m honestly not
sure because it is a clean and Sephora product and I believe that those
products have like less than 1% artificial products in them so I don’t
know but this is going to be you know probably
we’ll just have to see I’ll have to let you guys know in the future but I really
do love you squeezy team apps aspect of this I like that it’s very easy to put
on it and I don’t have to like you know sit my finger and a pot that’s one thing
I really don’t love to do because this just feels more sanitary for me and
something that’s like easier to do like when you’re sitting in class or when
you’re out of the store or something so I’m very excited to try this out a
little bit more I have found that it does feel very nice it does kind of wear
off a little bit quickly but it’s not sticky so that’s kind of like I’ve
mentioned before I feel like when you have a gloss or a gloss like product
you’re either gonna get a product that it’s super super comfortable and wears
off a little bit or you’re gonna get a product that is going to stay there for
a long time but it’s gonna be kind of sticky and this is one of those more
comfortable and non sticky products out of all the products I decided to pick up
this is the one I’m most excited to try out it is the venti beauty Pro filter
hydrating long wearing this retails for $35 I’d mine in the shade 120 neutral
which I think will be my shade I did test it out in store and I’m very lucky
that they had it quite stocked in my store and you know ever since venti
Beauty came out their first complexion line which I believe is they’re actually
first launched I knew that it wasn’t gonna be for me because it was for
people with you know oily skin who want a mattified look and for me that’s not
really me I’ve super dry skin sensitive skin and I want products to look a
little bit more natural so this product was like when I saw it on trend made for
the first time I was like I cannot wait to try this because this is a product
that supposed to give a natural finish it is supposed to be pretty long wearing
on the skin and be pretty like I believe have medium to full coverage which i
think is just incredible because I do like a little bit of coverage to my face
but most of all it is for people who have skin like me and normal to dry
sensitive I think it’s sensitive I know normal to dry because it’s a hydrating
foundation I really can’t try it I can’t wait to try this product out from the
moment i swatched it on my hand I was like I want this I don’t know if I’ll
love it or not but I would definitely want it and I was kind of drawn to eye
I wasn’t drawn to the price but I do really like the price I find that thirty
five dollars is pretty reasonable compared to the other foundations from
you know Sephora and they more luxury higher and brands at Ulta I feel like
that’s pretty reasonable so I definitely was
not really hesitating once I got in store – you picked this out next up I
picked up another 50 products I actually wasn’t planning on it but I’ve heard so
many people rave about it I just decided to this is the 50 Pro filter hydrating
primer here’s what it looks like this is going to reach out for $32 I believe
they have like three different primers now I just held up a two but you know
what I mean three different primers now and again I am someone who needs all the
moisture all the hydration I can get so this primer was totally up my alley I
heard um Madison Miller here on YouTube talked about it and she seemed to really
love it I believe she does have like dry skin and is always looking for something
to help correct that this is another one of those products that has a pump I
super love it and I really want to try these two out together I was looking for
kind of a primer that would be better for everyday wear something that’s gonna
help my makeup last longer but also be super hydrating and I really do think
this one would do it after I’ve read some of the claims researched it a
little bit and I think these two going together are gonna be super great I
don’t typically buy primer and foundation like in a pair I buy them
from like different brands I’m not really brand loyal that way but I’m
interested to see how this works and I’m so excited to try a line that it’s
finally for you no drying scant drying skin dry skin and from Finn T so one
thing I want to ask you guys is if you want to see a like review on these two
products or just one or the other let me know in the comment section down below
I know these are a little bit newer and there’s something I would definitely
love to you you know show you guys as I try them for the first time dual wear
test whatever you want to see let me know in the comment section down below
so the next one I just wanted I’m kind of on the fence about because I didn’t
love it when I tested it in store but this is this is the hourglass ambient
lighting powder here’s what the product looks like this is the dim light powder
and this retails for $48 I remember this is like an older product like it’s been
out for a while and I remember it used to not retail for this much but I
decided to try it out anyway because I did have like someone from our class was
there like representative in my store and she wanted to show me you know how
it looks on the skin because I have been looking for a powder that is gonna
really add like anime makeup help my makeup be more nice and blended like
everything to mesh together and I’ve heard that these powders are really good
for that so I did you know asked her to do it and it looked amazing and sort on
my like I was living like this looks
beautiful I’m totally getting it I don’t care if it’s like basically fifty
dollars for powder more than my Holy Grail beloved airbrush powder from
Charlotte Tilbury I was like I’m just gonna try it like I want to try it so
here’s what the product looks like that is dim light and these feathers are
essentially powders that are going to be like giving the filter that you would
have if you were in dim lighting or if you were in Fr L lighting or you know
something like that they have a bunch of different ones this is the one I’ve
heard is going to really give like a natural finish but the thing is I went I
don’t know if it was just like I was in a different store that had like bad
lighting or whatever but when I went in there and I looked in the mirror I was a
whoa my face looks really just weird it had a really weird cast on my face and I
really do believe it was because of this so I’m gonna have to try it out a little
bit more but I’m gonna try and not try it out too much because I might
I hate returning things I really do but this might be going back so I got a
couple things from Drybar in this haul I’ve really been trying to you know how
about my hair a little bit use as much like good products as I can so this is
one thing that I’m super excited about for my dry damaged hair this is the dry
bar babe freeze hydrating shots so I got two of them they’re just like the same
thing I believe these retail for around $38 and these are essentially treatments
that you are supposed to use four times a month so you use them you know once a
week and I think it’s like after like you just go in the shower wet your hair
real quick and then like dry it put this in there leave it in for a certain
amount of time and then like do your shampoo and your conditioner and it’s
supposed to really help you know bond your damage and some things like that of
course I don’t know I’m not tried them before but I’m definitely interested to
try them out I didn’t pick up two of them just because I thought maybe like
you know the next week like the next month I’d want to continue trying them
out if I really did enjoy them but I’ll have to see if like that’s how you’re
supposed to use that I don’t know if it would be like too much to use it for
like two months at a time so the next product I really had no intention of
buying but you guys know how much I love my hourglass scattered like glitters
like I only have one of them I’ve the shade reflect and that shade is
beautiful it is one of my favorite eyeshadows like on earth so when I went
in the store I looked at like I think this is one of the numerous shades but I
wanted to look at the new heads that they launched recently and I decided to
pick them another so this is the our glass scattered like a litter which
retails for $29 but this one is in the shade smoke this shade I’ve been looking
for everywhere I’ve been looking for a really really pretty taupe to just put
over my eyes or clinic blend it out on the crease and I’m good to go and this
one is beautiful like I am obsessed with it I tried to go
throughout the store and like find another one to try so I’m always wanting
to try out new products like I might know the formula really well of course I
want to continue buying it but I also want to try out something a little bit
different so I couldn’t find one like I kept swatching things beside it I was
like nope that’s not like it that’s not like it so this is what I landed on this
is what the inside of it looks like it’s just a little pot I find these pots stay
really well together the glitter doesn’t really go everywhere and it’s very easy
to apply I feel like I’ve said this all on a video before because I love these
here’s what it looks like swatch on my hand or like on my finger and then
there’s on my hand do you see how beautiful that is like I am so excited I
almost worked on my eyes today but then I just wasn’t feeling it I just wanted
to go really natural and do something quick
but yeah I’m so excited to try this out it looks like the perfect shade that
I’ve been looking for next up we were product I’m really excited about I’ve
been on the hunt for like a really pretty brightening setting powder from
underneath my eyes and I’m hoping this one will be yet this is the affinity BB
a pro filter instant retouched setting powder here’s what it looks like this is
a shade of butter and butter to meet when I tried it I thought like it looks
like the perfect like I love banana powders like I love them but it’s often
hard for me to find like a banana powder that’s not gonna give me a super yellow
cast because I have such fair skin and so I think this is almost like the
banana or like pale people I have you know I know they have a banana powder in
this collection so be careful if you do have fair skin and this is the one
you’re wanting go for butter that’s what this one is this is the mini size by the
way I’m not sure if I mentioned that or not I was gonna get the full size which
is $32 but I realized I really don’t go through powder that fast so I did want
to pick up the mini version which retails for 18 and it’ll be you know for
most stores I believe it’ll be in like the cash checkout line you can go
through real quick that’s where I saw it and I was like you know what this is
probably what I should go for so here’s what the inside looks like it does have
a little cover and I really don’t want to like pull the thing off until I’m
ready to use it it comes with like little applicator
I’m probably not gonna use that to be honest but very excited try this out
I’ll have to keep you guys posted next up we have a mascara it is the Josie
Maran Argan black oil mascara here’s what it looks like it’s $22 and this is
the full size here is like the packaging that it came in right there this I
actually found in the skincare section on my support I kept it with the other
Jasmine on products which are primarily um you know primary skincare but this
product I really just picked up because I’ve been trying to find a product
that’s gonna be really clean you know really natural and good for like my
lashes I mean no mascaras gonna be great but I want to find something that’s a
little bit better especially for days where I’m gonna be working for a long
time I’m not gonna be taking off my makeup for like 10 12 hours I want
something that’s gonna be a little bit better for my eyes and my eyelashes on
for that long period of time I’m hoping that this will work I actually have let
me see if I can find it I actually have a sample of the Ilia mascara as well I
can open up this is the shade after midnight so I think it’s like their
darker shade and this one retails for $13 because it is their mini version
this one is one I’ve been really wanting to try it is there at limitless mascara
here’s the thing I mean I’ve just been trying to find like a really good clean
at mascara something natural something really easy to wear from day to day and
I’m really trying to dive into you clean bTW a little bit more I really need to
do it for you know my complexion products and things I’m putting on my
skin but for right now this is what we’re starting with because there are a
lot of options a lot of great options at Sephora but I’m still kind of dabbling
in that clean Beauty realm this isn’t my all-time favorite eyeliner I’m just
gonna be honest but it’s an island room that I do very much enjoy and I find
that my other ones running a little bit low so I didn’t want to pick up another
one of these this is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil this is in
perversion so I do have perversion right now I really really do enjoy it I like
it for a different purpose than I typically use my waterline Islanders for
I like this one for when I want to put it in and smudge it out whether that be
putting it in my lower lash line or in my waterline or my upper lash line or
whatever I like to really use this one to smoke it out because I find that
wherever I smudge this it just looks beautiful and it stays there for a
really long period of time so I did want to pick this one up during the sale
because 22 hours for a liner is a little bit pricey and if I
can get a discount I definitely am going to next up I have a purchased totally
inspired by Jessica Braun here on YouTube I will have her channel linked
down below as well as Madison Miller’s that I talked about before she totally
inspired this purchase jessica talks about all the time her love of the pro
brushes from sephora especially this one right here she talks about it all the
time and i knew that i finally had to pick it up without just come so it is
the sephora detailed airbrush concealer brush this is number 57 and it retails
for twenty-something dollars you know I’ll have it right here see you guys
will know but it retails for twenty-something dollars and this brush
I mean it feels really great I love the Sephora pro brushes that I already have
right now and you know it’s so funny because I was actually getting ready to
film this video while I was watching one of Jessica’s videos it was actually like
her most recent one on like testing drugstore makeup and she mentioned this
product again so I cannot wait to try this out I almost was like I don’t go
ahead and use that like go ahead crack it open
what’s another product but I decided you know what I’ll wait I’ll wait and I hope
that it’ll be worth so on the same vein of like these two four brushes these are
the Sephora collection brushes this is a set and I decided to pick up the support
collection brushes because I want to compare them to use some of the Sephora
brushes bro the Sephora pro brushes that I’ve already tried out and I want to see
you know what’s really the difference because the Sephora pro brushes are
significantly more expensive than these two for collection ones so I decided to
pick up a set of them these are be Sephora Eyes uncomplicated brush set
that’s what it looks like I really don’t know much about it to be completely
honest I’m just gonna try it out and see what I think and see how they compare
now for one last brush related product this is the Sephora detox deep cleaning
brush shampoo this is what it looks like I believe it retails for $14 and you
know support has a wide range likes more collection and support in general have a
wide variety of you know brush cleaners and I’ve been trying to kind of do DIY
you know you know use things that you can find on Pinterest and those
combinations but I thought why not give this one a go it sounds really
interesting it’s one of those ones you just laughs there’s a project on rinse
it off and you know look the brushes dry so we’ll see how this goes I’ve used a
couple of these sapore brand um brush cleaners and they worked really well for
me so I want to give this one a go as well the next one is just one that
drew me in last minute at the cash track it’s a little bit of an impulse buy but
I thought why not go for it this is the fresh rose deep hydration and facial
toner here’s what it looks like this retails for around $25 this is si like
travel mini sized version they do have a bigger size that retails for a lot more
than this but I wanted to try out the sample just before I commit this product
really adrene’s me the ingredients to you it has hyaluronic acid which you
guys know I love it’s one of my favorite skincare ingredients for my very dry
skin and then it also has rose petals in there and they’re not just for you know
I was gonna say looks well I guess it does have those really pretty rose
petals in there but I don’t think that it’s just for looks because they’re set
to you in combination with hyaluronic acid and a few other ingredients help
bring you know extra hydration to the skin and also minimize pores and if I do
not kind of find a product that’s going to not only you know provide great
hydration to my skin but also minimize my pores I definitely wanted to give it
a go so yeah we’ll see what I think about this I will try and like keep you
guys updated on what I think of it so lately I’ve been trying out a ton of
different heat protectors I used to call them hair primers I still kind of do
sometimes just because I think of like heat protectors as primers for your hair
if you know what I mean but I’ve been trying out a ton of those lately
just because I’m constantly trying to find something that is going to help
protect my hair before I put a large amount of heat to it which I do
frequently I know I should them but I still do it a lot so whatever I can do
to help protect my hair I try to so I’ve been trying out a ton recently and this
is the one I decided to pick up today it is the drive our hottie Tottie heat
protecting mist here’s what it looks like instantly I was kind of like drawn
to this product just because I do love the smell of dry our products they’re
all kind of different but they all smell really really good heavenly fragrance if
you know what I mean but I just I don’t know I wanted to give this one a go
there’s really not much like explanation behind it maybe this was an impulse buy
I don’t really know but I definitely think this is gonna be a good one to try
I’ve heard good things about it so yeah this next product also kind of goes with
the theme of a tribe are and impulse buy this is the dry bar the heated
straightening brush and you know I wasn’t like I had zero desire to pick
this up when I first walked in the store I honestly had no idea it exists but
there was a lady a representative from Howard lass
there’s a representative from my cell and of course Drybar and so she put this
through my hair and I like to say effect of it I thought that it was good I mean
of course that was a stylist and doing on me so I have to see if I actually
like it I believe this retails for 145 I think
yeah so it is expensive but it’s not as expensive compared to the other drive
our products that I’ve checked out like the tools I have your curling wand and I
really do like outline this one is just like a heat protecting not heat
protecting but it heated a brush so you just put it through it’s like the
brushes that you can see on QVC all the time except it’s supposed to be actually
pretty good for your hair because you’re not putting like direct heated metal
onto your hair so we’ll have to see what I actually think of this I’m honestly
not a hundred percent sold yet but I did you know she was very very convincing
and what she was saying so I thought why not try it if I don’t like it I can
always you know bring it back or whatever so we’ll see alright guys that
about wraps up today’s video if you enjoyed it please be sure and give it a
big thumbs up so I know to continue doing more hauls also let us know in the
comments section down below what products you decided to pick up or what
products you want to pick up during the sale if you decided to pick up any I
have done quite a lot of hauls so if you want to check out more of them I do have
a playlist and I will link that in the cards in the upper right hand corner and
the description box down below I will also have all the products that I
mentioned in today’s video linked in the description box down below that way you
can check them out I pretty much always have my products linked down there so if
you want like a really good resource for everything video related it’s pretty
much always in the description box I keep that thing stocked thank you guys
so much for watching today’s video I know that it always sounds like really
cheesy and weird whenever I say it but I want you guys to know how much I
appreciate it so I do try and mention it in every single video if you are new
here and you have not already subscribed please be sure to do so and hit that
notification bell so you’re notified for all my future posts and uploads and
videos I have so many ideas and I cannot wait to start just like putting them out
there for you guys I mean I’ve already been doing a few but I have a lot more
so I hope you guys have a great couple of days until I post my next video and I
will see you then bye


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