Human Head Anatomy & Sculpture: Refining the Jaw – FREE CHAPTER

JORDU SCHELL: Now let’s do something drastic. So I’m gonna cut that off. And I’m gonna cut out a wedge of material here. And I’m gonna sink this back in the head. So it’ll be a weaker chin. Now this means that we’re going to have to
make a few adjustments. JOHN ALES: Jordu, how do you assess which direction the wrinkles should follow on a face? JORDU: Well, they all follow similar paths, no matter who it is. So… you know, that really is a matter of reference. Like I said though, they will always follow a very similar path. You know, they’re not gonna be wildly different from person to person. There’s vertical lines – horizontal lines here, and you know, there could be horizontal lines here and then some of those vertical. And then vertical lines here. So, it really is a matter of how much is going on, how old they are. You know, not so much a matter of where they fall, because they all fall in similar areas. See how much more character we’re starting
to get in the face? Just that one little change made a drastically different person. Now I’m going to start laying in the beginnings of the neck here. And you’ll see that by just adding the neck, we’re gonna get a whole other dimension of character. It’s really, really something.


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