Human Head Sculpture : Adding Ears to a Human Head Sculpture

Ok we cut this part of the chin now we have
to mark
the jaws.
The bones of the jaws that we are right going to take it from there later we are going to
make kind of, kind of a powerful neck. Cause he’s going to be a youngster guy. There we work with those. And those. Ok now, ok
now we have to position the ears now. To position the ears we have to draw two lines I make
them like this. It’s from the line of the nose and the line of the ears and it’s going
to be this and this and it keeps going to this right here exactly. Ok, then we have
to cut the two ears. Ok, cut this off and the same thing there. And then were going to cut two ears.
Approximately , that’s ok. Then we make it here, kind of. Ok, then I like to go like that then I
cut in here kind of like this and another one in here another one kind of. Through out
this we have to scratch this thing to put in there. Now were there. Lets try the ears.
Let?s go here and try to fix it. Yea, well ears, this guy have big ears. And they will
be sticking out he’s not like without ears but any way. That’s what we have today. Now
were going to make the neck.


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