Human Head Sculpture : Building a Human Head Sculpture Armature

To make a human head, this is one of the most
complicated pieces because we have to use and armature. The volume of the head is very
big. If we do it like a massive piece, not hollow, it’s going to way so much and it’s
going to collapse everything. The neck is going to collapse everything. The way to do
it is to make a little armature, very light. A structure the head and later cut it off
before it’s totally dry and then pull the armature away. Because I said before, all
of the clay will shrink between 10-15%. If you leave something inside and you let it
dry, it’s going to crack and you are going to loose the piece. This piece you can, I mean what ever we are
going to finish today here, you can fire in a kiln with a cone 6 or you can use the finishing
that I am going to show you later with the special enamels that, it’s going to be self
drying and then if you paint it with those sprays it’s going to last quite a long time
inside of a home. You can not put it outside. Let me show you how you build this armature.
I got this piece of wood. You need a big screw and you just screw that to the block and you
have, like a pole, o.k.. Then you use the incline that you want. This is a an aluminum
wire that you can find in many places in roles and it’s very cheap. I use that in order to
fix and to support the newspaper. Because we are going to make like a newspaper ball
and I am going to try to support the ball with that. And then, the finished armature,
I’m going to do it, next.

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