Hunter Rotors: PGP, PGP-Ultra and I-20

It was immediately apparent that we would have to develop a line of sprinkler heads as the most important part of the irrigation systems. Hunter Industries was built around the
innovation of the PGP rotor and has successfully developed a rotor for
every irrigation application from world-class sports complexes to golf
courses, neighborhood parks and residential lawns of all
shapes and sizes. Brought to the market over 30 years
ago, the Hunter PGP-ADJ rotor revolutionized the turf irrigation
market. To this day, the PGP-ADJ is still
considered the best value rotor worldwide. Years of helpful feedback from
contractors, distributors and Hunter engineers has led to the development of
the PGP Ultra. Enhanced features such as automatic arc
return, part and full circle arc patterns in one model, non-strippable drive mechanism and
short radius nozzles offer the ultimate precision and efficiency in a turf rotor. Like all Hunter products the PGP Ultra
under went rigorous testing of internal and external components to guarantee the
maximum life cycle possible. One of the most important features the
PGP Ultra incorporates into its performance is the automatic arc return
feature. This feature returns the rotors arc
setting regardless of where the turret is turned. Automatic Arc Return also ensures
that the precious water is not wasted on sidewalks and driveways. Short radius nozzles allow the reliable
PGP Ultra to work in spaces as tight as 17′ or 4.9 meters in width. With 22 nozzle options including
high flow nozzles, the PGP Ultra can be used in any application with coverage between
17 and 47′ or 4.9 to 14 meters if
desired. For applications that require even more
durability, Hunter’s I-20 high-performance rotor has all the
features of the PGP Ultra and more. If desired, a stainless steel riser is
available as an option. Included in all I-20’s is a stronger
retraction spring, drain check valve and flow stop. These additions allow the I-20 to
out-perform all residential or light commercial rotors. Flo-Stop is a feature that allows the
user to maintenance a particular zone by turning off the rotor flow without turning off the controller. Using the Hunter adjustment tool, an I-20 can be turned off
with a simple turn of the wrist, either temporarily or long term. Along with designing world-class rotors, Hunter Industries also specializes in a
refined manufacturing process. Hunter’s reputation of quality begins
with the way the PGP is manufactured and assembled in San Marcos, California. Hunter rotors undergo testing and
quality verification through the entire build and assembly process. Our quality manufacturing is another
reason our rotors offer a competitive advantage. With an engineering legacy built around
innovation and over 30 years of advanced irrigation efficiency, it’s no
wonder Hunter rotors have always been the number one choice for irrigation
professionals around the world.

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