HVLP Concours Paint Gun Used on The Popular Hot Rodding ’68 Nova from Eastwood

I’m Johnny hunkins editor popular hot
riding magazine and we’re here at outlaw motorsports in Riverside California to
demonstrate Eastwood concourse paint gun eastwood products are designed for the
professional as well as the do-it-yourself guy now we know that you
don’t have a fifty-thousand-dollar paint booths in your garage so we decided to
erect our own garage style paint booth right here that long motorsports we’re
here with Ron question about well motorsports in Riverside California has
been really great getting a 68 nova ready for paint job here all the hard
works been done tell us a little about your experience
with the gun so far nice lightweight aluminum body
construction stainless steel internals spray pattern has been wonderful
qualities been right there with them with your expensive Eastwood concord
paint gun is perfect for the do-it-yourself-er obvious because it’s
both affordable and high-quality now it’s got a lightweight aluminum body and
the needle nozzle and passages stainless steel for compatibility of water-borne
and solvent based paints the nozzles are available in 1.2 1.41 . a and 2.2
millimeters for a variety of material handling requirements now Eastwood makes a variety of products
for the do-it-yourself hot rodder its popular hot rodding leaders like to do
stuff on their own they’re often reaching for the East cattle so there
you have it Eastwood’s concourse paint gun yeah

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