Hydro Dipping Drones in Spraypaint

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Hey guys I’m Nate. Hey man, I’m Brian Brushwood
from The Modern Rogue. You watched The Modern Rogue, right? Please watch The Modern Rogue. If you don’t, you should. Brian is out here because he wanted
to know more about the hydro dipping we showed you in a previous video. Yeah, specifically,
can you do it with electronics? And how well does it work? We’re gonna be trying that out today. DJI has sent us
a Mavic Air to use in our videos. And while it does look pretty cool
just the way it comes out of the box, we thought we could
spruce it up a little bit. All right.
So what’s the first step, per se? The first step is that we need to get a box or some kind of container
that can hold water, and then, we need to fill it with water, which we’ve already done. We’ve got a big old tub full of water. You know water’s heavy? It turns out. It out turns out,
especially if you have a lot of it. That’s the first step. All right, so we got a bunch of water
and I said we’re gonna dip it in, and what you need a layer of paint on top
and it just wraps around like magic? Yes! Exactly. It is a lot like magic. You need to make sure that your surface
that you’re trying to paint is well prepped. And then, you add paint into the water, It forms nice little sheet. And as slowly lower whatever you’re
painting down throught it into the water, all of that color gets added
on to whatever you’re trying to color. In the last video, what we did is
we made sort of bull’s-eyes with the paint. Always spraying one color
inside the other color. And it does make
a really cool marble pattern, but I think we wanted to try branching out, and see what happens
if we spray a little bit more haphazardly. Can we get a good
camo pattern that way? That’ll be good. Now, we’re not going to go
for a camo pattern, that will perfectly blend
into the landscape around us. I think what we’re going for is going to be a combination of a couple
shades of blue, white, and black. So maybe a bit more
of a snow camo pattern? Oh there we go. Yeah like an arctic Camo. Yeah. We don’t have a
lot of snow around right now, but I still think it’s going to look good. What we’re actually going to try doing is
removing just the top case from the Mavic Air. Of course. And then we’ll paint that. Perfect. Now before we throw
paint on our Mavic Air, I do want to take it for a test flight, and just drive it around a bit. See how it works. You know what this reminds me of is uh, did you have
Transformers when you’re a kid and you gated the instructions
to know how to get it to like? I, I how do I make it a robot? Right there, it’s turning into a, I hope it turns into Optimus Prime,
but I’m a little doubtful. These are the landing gear
and the antennas for the drone. That’s clever. All right. So, the controller I assume,
these are antennas that go up and these things fold, [gasps] There’s attachable joysticks!
That’s adorable! That is awesome! Much less likely to break off
while you’re transporting it somewhere. Oh that’s perfect. Uh, and these are handles. Oh! And of course if you have the DJI app.
DJI app as amazing, right? So you connect into the camera view. There it is. There it is. Hello! Hi! Says ready to go. I’m ready. I’m going to press
the “Go up” button, take off. Hello. There we go. You’re airborne. Look at that! Dude, it’s astonishingly intuitive. You wanna test-drive it? I give a shot. Can you get it into the dome? This is so ominous! This is straight from the future! Man, even in the breeze.>>Yeah, it does pretty well.
>>It’s decently windy out here. But it’s doing pretty good. It’s got personality. I feel like it needs
a cute name like QV7. The design reminds me
a little bit of those portal centuries. I am, I trying to land on that? Boo, boy. It’s a little sketchy. I’m down. Pretty sure is to land well. That was like a scariest angry bees
landing on my head, that I’ve never experienced.>>Oh my! That’s amazing!
>>A swarm of one drone coming at you. That thing is,
that precision is awesome. That’s pretty nut
especially with the amount of wind, we’ve got out here. It was still able to
stabilize himself pretty well, and fly around just where we wanted it. Dude, that’s great! Love this thing. Let’s potentially break it. I don’t want to just start spraying willy-nilly
and then dip something in. I want to have at least an idea
of what we’re going to be going for. So… I think wanted to make it like, oh
you’re saying do your tests? Do tests! Of course, of course! Yes. Yes. I got white bowls
that we can just hit these with primer. Yep. They should take the paint the same way
and then we can just try a whole different spray patterns, until we figure out
something that’ll work. Let’s dig in. You have music for this part? It’s helpful. You didn’t mention there would be
an athletic component. Yeah I forgot. Oh my shoulders. Isn’t that Dreamcast game
that you played the Maracas for? Must have missed that one. I didn’t play a lot of green caps. Most people didn’t. Get ready in the comments. They’ll remember. Let’s give it a shot. It was not mixed up enough,
then we can just keep shaking them. Well, what do you want to do? Do you want to try
doing the rings that we did before? And see how that goes? Yeah, let’s start with that. Um, white. See that pattern coming along? Dude, that looks great! Does it look cool? We just do this? Do we have to paint anything? All right,
that’s a pretty cool pattern.>>Now, it’s going to close it a little bit.
>>Dude, that’s great art!>>But it collapses back on itself.
>>So, we can now take the bowl. Let’s just lower this down
through this part over here. Oop.>>It’s like a tie-dye.>>I kind of dropped the bowl a little bit,
but a little down, and then, just sort of shake it all off. So it doesn’t stick to it
on the way back up. All right where I where I dropped it. We had a little bit of an issue
it hit too hard and fast but all around the outside, Look at those swirl patterns
like isn’t that pretty freaking cool? Yeah, it’s almost I guess all we want
is it for it to be a little bit patchier, right? All right. Let’s try going less this time. So fewer Rings we’ll just go with through
us. You know what we’ve got a few times
will have smaller amount of paint. Let’s stop there. Let’s see what happens. So there’s definitely
a lot less going on. It’s not so busy this time. Let’s like a tie-dye more or like camel. We just shake it around in there,
separate it out. Oh, that looks great!>>Look at that.
>>That looks like camouflage. How about we try
instead of just spraying it in circles. We get a little more fast and loose with it. We we just kind of spray around
in some snakes see what happens there. All right. I like snakes. Said no one ever. That looks neat. Yeah. Okay. So, this is having
just a couple of bands now. We have a lot more a lot more chaos in there. Definitely some chaos. I’m liking this. What do you think about using less of a black?>>I feel like that would give us more…
>>shorter shots with the black? black can be overpowering. Oh, this feels right. Too much white. I don’t know. I kind of like that. Yeah? Yeah. I mean this is the most concentrated spot
and then it did hit a white patch. So what do you think,
you like the banding or do you like the chaos? I like the banding more. I like it a little bit more open. Maybe not quite so open. Is that one where you only
had like a few layers of rings. Yeah. But this is looking pretty good to me. Yeah. So here compare these,
these all feel like art. This one looks the most camouflage. It does look pretty good. Just sort of a natural chaos. Okay we’ve got a good strategy. So let’s pop the top off,
add some tape to protect the inside, and then hit the outside with some primer. of these patterns, which one are we try
and closest to emulate? I like this. Yeah. This one we do want
a little bit of the black. This one I really like
and I think we got some of this splattering by getting down close to the water and yeah it would spread out a little
so, I think that’s going to be our goal plenty of the light blue which I think I have,
light on the black and medium of the other two,
of the white and the dark blue. All right, you ready? Yes sir. All right. I think we’re good. What looks like
the best spot to you? I want to see this Syria
right over there. That right there? All right here goes.
We’re going for that area right there. We get one shot. You got it! You got it! Go dig, dig, dig! So we can go
all the way under. The drama. The drama’s killing me. Oh!! That looks fantastic! We nailed it. Dude, that looks great! That looks excellent. Oh, we got, we got not too much black,
plenty of the light blue, some of the splattering. That’s what I was hoping for. You got like this ocean wave design. Yeah. Swirls of
the white coming in. I am loving it. It looks like
the surface of frozen Jupiter man. That’s awesome. Let’s just add a shot of clear coat,
let that dry a bit, peel off the tape on the back, and we should be good
to reinstall this bad boy. So we need in this studio
is a disembodied hand that I can just stick tape to. this is officially
the coolest looking DJI Mavic Air. In production. Not even in production.
just custom made for us, by us. Brian,
how do you feel about our drone? Better than we deserve!
We’re artists and didn’t even know it. That looks so good. I love this color scheme.
It goes so well with the colors already part of this
We’ve got the black and white, that make up the body and the propellers. The two different
Hues of blue really make a difference as well that little bit of splatter makes
it look other words. Everything just pops, super nice! Very cool. Brian, for those of our viewers not familiar, Tell me about your channel,
The Modern Rogue. Dude, me
and my buddy Jason Murphy are at quest, to become the
ultimate gentleman Warrior and scoundrel. We get up to the hijinks and shenanigans, almost everything’s
held together with duct tape. It’s a lot of fun! Guys, it’s a great channel
go check it out new videos every Friday. Yeah! Mad science to magic tricks. You ever notice that like airplanes
but they make them camouflaged? It’s like uh, you’re supposed to think
those are trees up there? You would think they
would paint them blue. Planes? Yeah. Paint the bottom blue
and then the top you paint,>>just sort of like the colors of the ground.
>>Camel. Maybe the top could be camel,
cases a higher plane.


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