I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?

Hello there! So today I’m very excited because I get to be surprised like it’s Christmas because I have many, many, many, many art supplies in these boxes and I have no clue what’s inside them. So I’m very excited! There are a lot of art subscription boxes out there and you know, you might be wondering which one’s the best, so don’t you worry because I have saved you the, *awkward silence* I have saved you the trouble and I have bought every single art subscription box that is out there and I’m going to open them all up on camera for you to find out, hopefully, which one is the winner and all of these box — *box clatters* Scrawlr box hates me. These boxes cost me $200 in total. So let’s hope there is $200 worth of art supplies in here because if not, Chloe’s not gonna be happy. So today’s video is being kindly sponsored by the wonderful people over at Skillshare, obviously. It’s because of them that I’m able to buy expensive stuff like this. So, thank you, Skillshare. I know a lot of people talk about Skillshare on YouTube, but I thought that I would do something a bit different and actually recommend you a specific teacher and classes that I think will be really beneficial to you. So there’s a teacher on Skillshare called Hardy Fowler and he is an incredible teacher. He has classes on art fundamentals, he has figure painting classes. He has environmental digital portrait classes. Skillshare has over 28,000 classes, if none of his classes actually entrust you, they have stuff like business, photography, design, illustration, programming, pretty much anything you can think of is on Skillshare. So I highly recommend it and it also works out less than ten dollars a month if you get the annual subscription, but Skillshare has kindly given me a link in the description, you can get all of their classes for free for two months, and trust me you can learn a lot in two months so check it out, link’s in the description, 500 people only and thank you to Skillshare for offering that to my subscribers. So with these subscription boxes I got a Scrawlrbox, Artsnacks, SketchBox, Paletteful Packs, and last but not least I got a Smart Art box. The thing I think that’s quite important to note is that these three boxes actually all have premium boxes so you can get like the basic twenty, twenty-five dollar boxes but you can also pay an extra ten, fifteen, twenty dollars to get a premium box. So these are actually the premium cost boxes. So I’m going to compare all of the premium boxes and I’m gonna compare the, just the regular boxes too because… I, yeah. I think I’m gonna start off opening the SketchBox cause it’s got a nice little armor on the front. So I feel like this stuff was actually very similar to what was in my SketchBox when I opened one in like, August of last year, they had these kind of pen things. So we have a brush pen in white. We have a brush pen in gray as you can see. I’m not really a fan of these because they’re not art supplies that I tend to use all that much, but they’re cool. I like that each box has their own theme every month, which is a good idea in my opinion. Ooh, we’ve got a sticker! Okay, so SketchBox never used to put in stickers, it was more like Artsnacks and I think, Scrawlrbox. Then we have, oh what are these? Ohhh! A Zig memory system Brushables dual tipped brush marker. Ooh, okay. Okay, so as you can see it has like a little brush end, and each end is in a different color, so that’s quite nice. So again, this is the premium box, so this was 35 dollars. Okay, so we- okay, we’ve got another brush pen here. This is just a green by the looks of it. Then we have – oh wow, a really huge pencil! This last thing is a Brushmarker Pro. Ooh, okay, this one feels really nice. I’ve never heard of this before. It’s by Karin, Karin Brushmarker Pro. It’s got little brush nib as you can see. Apparently these retail for $14.66, so they’re actually more expensive than I thought, I thought they’d be about five dollars. So in theory, all of this stuff is actually supposed to be worth over $40, which considering I paid 35 is a good deal, absolutely a good deal, so again, I’m not really a fan of this type of stuff but I think it’s a really good box for those that do use this kind of thing. Next up. I’m gonna open up my Smart Art box, this cost me around $45, I believe it was and I’ve never opened a Smart Art box before so I’m very curious to see what they actually offer inside. Because in my opinion that is a lot of money to spend every single month and they don’t offer like a basic box or anything like that. It’s very nicely packaged. That’s cool, I like how they’ve put that on there so you can like draw on it and then potentially get featured, I think that’s a really nice idea. It’s definitely wrapped up very well. Oh, wow! There’s a lot of stuff – *Gasps* Oh, I can see like glitter or something! I’m very excited. Before we get started, it’s like a new birthday, you’ve got open the cards before the gifts, you know. Got to read the important stuff. Calligraphy writing. Okay so this is a calligraphy box, but I’m guessing you can use it for like painting and stuff as well. What I think is cool about Smart Art is that like, you always have like, a specific theme that they go by and they give you a bit of history of each item as well. So we’ve got some powdered pigments, so that’s what these are. So in the Smart Art box we have some very exciting things. We have all of these pigments. So apparently you mix these with the pigments and it makes a um, a fluid ink. So basically you are making inks yourselves, it’s like a dry powdered ink. So you have this really glittery gold pigment as you can see, we have like a really pretty like pearlescent purple, we have a blue pigment, which is really pretty, a pink gold color, which is nice. This is kind of like a coppery pink rust, russet? They’re really nice colors. I mean, it’s a shame that it’s a calligraphy box because I don’t do calligraphy, but I definitely think I would try to make art with this stuff because you can still do that, I’m sure. They’ve also given us loads of these plastic containers. I’m guessing it’s because it turns to like a liquid form, so you obviously need to pour it into this to mix it. Then we have a calligraphy brush. Then we have, ooh! Ohh, I feel fancy! It’s one of those like ink pens, you know that, sort of like the metal ones, and last but not least we’ve got some little Bristol trading cards. Okay! So it looks like these pigments are about twenty-five dollars for a set of them but they have included these little containers here and they’ve obviously included the brush and this, but I still think it’s really well put together box. and I like the little touches so overall I think it works out to be almost around $50 and obviously you have to pay that little bit extra to get it all packaged together and get like, the surprises, which I don’t mind doing. But yeah, it’s it’s a good box. I will not complain about it. Okay, so now I’m gonna try the $35 Paletteful Packs box. I’m excited for this one because this is the same price as the sketch box where I’ve got all of like, these brush marker things in them. Ew… First of all, look at everything that’s inside this box. I have multiple inks, I have a full sized mixed-media pad, these are at least $10. About 8, $10, I want to say? Okay. So we have some ink, we have a lot of ink, graphics ink. So as you can see, we have three, six, seven, eight, we’ve got eight different colors of inks here. Which is a really good selection. We have two, oh I, I actually love these brushes. They’re brushes that I personally buy myself so we’ve got a very fine pointy one and then we have a more flat squared brush and these are really nice to hold, they’re kind of velvety which I really like, hence probably why they’re called “velvet touch,” and I actually love this mixed media paper by Straffmore. And I’ve got a fineliner graphics marker. Okay so we’ve got a brush, a 0.2, 0.4 and a 0.8. So you’ve got a nice selection here. There we go. And I’m not being biased here because everything I’ve opened so far are not like, my general normal art supplies. But I’m a lot more excited about the Paletteful Packs box so far because I feel like it’s just got more in it and more stuff that I’d want to use, I guess. *Rain falling softly in background* Can you hear the rain? Next I’m gonna open the Scrawlrbox and the Artsnacks box and I have actually opened both of these before and when I did in an older video, Scrawlrbox was one that stood out to me so I’m gonna see what they’ve got on this month. Now these boxes are $25… And if we rip that open… ooh, oh, I love this sticker! That is a nice gradient. I’m gonna keep that one and put it somewhere cool. *Gasps* Oh my gosh, these look really nice! These look really really nice. Brush pen, Ecoline. But I love already, they’re like pastels. Can you see the pastelness? This packaging is beautiful, like I thought it like leaked or something, but no, it’s just really beautiful packaging, um, and these are brush pens, right? Yes, they’ve got like a nice brush nib, which is very exciting. We have a, oh what is – ooh a kneadable eraser! Then we have a Viking graphite writing pencil in HB. So just a basic. We have a Unipin fine line water and fade-proof. *Gasps* Ooh, look at how thin and like, nice that is. It’s all… thin and… fine lining. And then we have another one and this one is a light grey. It’s like a really nice pale like, marker box, which I think you can make some like really pretty flowers with that and then, ooh look how pretty this is! “If you’re not learning everyday, then you’re not living everyday.” That is a pretty print. I’m fitting for the Skillshare sponsor today, if you’re not learning everyday, you’re not living everyday, and we’ve got a piece of paper here which is – what is this? Doesn’t tell you. So overall, once again, this is my third or fourth Scrawlrbox, ridiculously impressed, Scrawlrbox seems to be like top, top notch. So lastly we have our art snacks box. Wow, this is jam packed full! We have a Faber Castell water brush. Okay, I love these so this is never a waste to me because I love using like, empty water brushes with um, watercolor. We have, ooh we’ve got some Smarties! An art spray? Oh, I do not trust myself with this. Is it like spray paint? Acrylic spray? Small bit of paper, toned paper, for mixed media, ooh okay, so we’ve got a black, a beige and a grey piece of toned paper for mixed media, so that’s exciting. It’s like flowers! I always like collecting the stickers when they’re fun colors. So inside here – Okay, we have – we have some *bottle falls on table* we have some lip balm! What actually is this? It does look like lip balm. “Gelatos,” oh! Okay, so people told me about these when I had my art crayons a while back in my art video where I tried out the art crayons, people kept saying they’re like Faber Castell Gelatos. So they’re like crayons, smooth crayons. I’ve got pistachio and red cherry, not sure how those colors go together except that they’re complementary colors but I will take it. And then last but not least I’ve got a flesh… camel colored Spectra marker. Or is it bra- brown? So I’m not sure what i – I could make with these, I’ve got like greens, reds and a beige, so maybe like a, like a nature scene. Definitely feel that I didn’t get really ripped off with any of these boxes, I think they all did a fantastic job of theming everything, so overall, I’m gonna say that Paletteful Packs was 100% my favorite. I feel like I got so much inside and I definitely got my money’s worth. Next up, I would say that my favorite would be the Scrawlrbox because for $25, I mean, you know, it’s a well-put-together box. They always put things together that work well together, maybe it’s the sticker that sold me. So that’s it. Thank you so incredibly much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments down below which art box was your favorite or which is your favorite overall if you’ve actually tried them and yes, I really really enjoyed this. I hope that you did too. I have a very exciting art box to open very very soon. I’m not gonna say who it’s by *cough cough* Jazza *cough cough* and it’s coming soon, I’m very excited. So thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*

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