I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil (pencil inception)

*seatbelt click* *Mikael Manvelyan – R3 (funky dance music)* Okay. *Mozart – The Piano Sonata №16* *loud snap* [small crowd]: Awww! (irate) *Music for Films – Opposing Armies (dramatic symphonic music)* *Mozart – The Piano Sonata №16* *scraping sounds* *scraping sounds* *grinding on sandpaper* *cartoony plucking sound* *gooey sound* *marker sounds* *marker sounds* [small crowd]: Awww! (adoring) *applause* *pencil writing sounds* *record scratch and end of music* *silence* *incomprehensible*>It’s also basically just salt. You can lick it.>Really?>Mhmm.>Is it tasty?>Well, it tastes like salt, cuz it’s just a big chunk of salt.>You’re a big chunk of salt. [large crowd]: Awwwww!


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