Okay so today I’m really excited because
as you can see I’ve got all my amazing friends here except for Alice hello
Alice she left on her flight earlier we’ve all
been at playlist live this week and we all went met up for the first time and its
been an incredible week but today I thought it would be really really fun if
all of my friends…. mainly Robin and Miranda because Rae is sleepy.. uh..painted
me like a Bob Ross painting all of the links to all these awesome girls will be
in the description down below so check them out! So let’s get started we’ve got some
face paint which is gonna be on my arms and these things which are face paint
pens, I think they’re probably a bit rubbish -What? -Nothing These are like the clicky fancy uppy things so I’m
gonna like roll up my sleeves That’s so nice It works oh oh yes yes let’s get some nice full
coverage -this stinks actually -pretty see through I wonder if those-
-why are you painting me white when
I’m already literally as pale as can be cuz you’re not I’ve got a bit of a tan, everyone as you can clearly
see I’ve got a great tan right now Great to be drawing on somebody I wonder how long it takes to dry -I never wanna wash my arms -Does it feel nice? -It does feel really nice on my sunburn yeah Are you gonna leave like this… -Oh what just happened
-The clicky uppy clicky thing just fell out of the clicky pen chamber oh my god
-This thing sucks -I’ll just like I’ll just paint sideways -okay I’ll just hold it up This is
kind of fun it feels… I’m so tired I had like no sleep, I was
like that’s the queen of acrylic is this how you normally start your paintings?
-like on the skin of another? – Yeah, exactly, yeah -You like it on yourself? -I like to start by painting other people I guess like, as far as priming goes no it with acrylic
yeah with acrylics I don’t usually prime, if I’m doing oils generally I’m gonna
prime because I need to seal the serratus -How far are you? -Not I definitely wanna film this whole
thing in Chloe’s accent right now I’m shading the mountains and oh my hair’s in the way I’m so
sorry That’s okay it’ll be a happy accident we really like
this just roll with it stroke, stroke, stroke, doesn’t art make you so
happy? -That’s actually very good that’s really good -painting
sideways that’s an interesting challenge you all right back there Ray? -can i just rotate your arm?
-yeah rotate away, it’s a joy to take my arm off so you can just- I mean that would be maybe you could -this green is a little anticlimactic
over here nothing is happening I know I’m like really having a hard time
building a contrast -did your parents ever like make you do stuff with your
hands but they were controlling your hands as a kid -yeah like stop hitting your face okay I’m not hitting myself! -stop hitting yourself! BOOM! I have a mole with like a black
hair in it no it’s actually funny because there was there’s normally two
hairs in it and if I spread them out, it looks like a cockroach it’s just like
one antenna there and one antenna there it’s hilarious -What??? Should I like, spoof my name someplace – like Moss? -Oh yeah -are you gonna like face paint me next -I’m gonna get the like James Charles
palette and try to do some special effects things -oh yeah that would be
really cool -but I don’t know if my subscribers would get mad cuz it’s like a
little out of what I usually do -I’m really so cold like I’m gonna go buy a Harley Davidson after this
-Let’s just ask Chloe if instead and I just I’m just way too tired right now to do like
a full thing on the painting so I’m gonna get Chloe Rose like a Bob Ross
Nick happy tree tattoo like right here that cool with you? -Can you become like a mega famous
museum artist like you know and you’re like Van Gogh
I I’m gonna wish I didn’t wash this off
-yeah van Gogh -this feels so weird it feels like some sort of weird massage -okay let
that dry -and I want a signature cuz I’ve not had your signature yet -it feels
like a straight-up Christmas tree I’ll never do it on a Christmas tree
oh what would Santa think of me oh what would Santa think of me if I did it on a Christmas tree -Oh my god -I’ll never never never do it to a Christmas tree well that’s my good contribution -thank you so much I’m so excited -It was like a palm tree everyone’s dying and I just feel like I
just feel like I can’t make it look good you know I’m so sorry I just scratched
your face -it’s my Moss -if you do that you kind of look like Bob Ross don’t worry it can look like a mess cause from a distance it looks good
you know? -No it looks good! -Oh look at that- Yo what up my name is my boss I painted her… -have you guys ever done live
figure work? -no I’ve only ever done Chloe’s -oh you have what was was that in school right? -Back in
college and the nude figure guy he used to mess with us like and he’d be like
laying on the chair and he would just stare and just cuz we know and be
uncomfortable and draw his like you know parts out its so… -yeah I could never do
that -yeah he had the competence of a god one and one time I had asked him to flex
his muscles but the way I did it I was like I did it I don’t know I just asked
him if I could see his back more and so when he did that he literally, he was in
a circle and so what he did and what he did to like flex his like, back muscles is he
literally was like behind me like that I was drawing, and he literally like bends over… Oh my god! That is horrible! um okay I’ll just I’ll just say it’s
done because okay I’d like I’m such a perfectionist and like a good honestly
-yeah -just not stop going yeah we could stay here for weeks Whoa that looks amazing! oh that
looks so good -I feel we should do like glamour and gore does like those -It’s so good! -Thank you yeah oh my goodness
okay I’m not washing my arm And there’s my one, it’s like the worst one, it’s just a smudge of green Oh my god that looks so good thank you so much you’re just like so
great -thanks for being a living canvas for us so this is actually quite pigmented okay this is
very pigmented -and we’re gonna be reviewing this Walmart face paint -I’m excited what
I should, actually I shouldn’t look in the mirror should i -it’s directly across from you -no no no
I’m gonna look at the phone -your eyes just got huge -so, Chloe -this is really therapeutic, I think I’m gonna fall asleep -Look at the regret on Chloe’s face she’s just like… -I promise I
won’t paint anything but a butt print on your forehead -please don’t hi we just filmed a video
Alice’s channel, at you Alice H,U,L,L,O Alice, she’s awesome
-oh thank you -can you guys close the bathroom door cuz there’s an LED light
like shooting out of Chloe’s ear -there we go
-she’s noticed -noticed? -Thank you for watching the live stream -Okay, you’re
starting to look a bit sunsetty right? Oh no! you fell in the sink I do apologize -oh no I’ve
gotten yellow all in the white because this is who I am but there is actually a
hole… -I literally destroyed my other foam with water and when if anyone’s wondering where
Ray is she’s asleep in bed like a sensible human being -because
it’s gone 1:00 a.m. -yeah -I think that we need some blue little clouds, some happy blue clouds to sort of contrast with the red on your
forehead and also because I’m going to add in some mountains -do you want to do
the Grand Canyon in the wrinkles on my forehead, go right ahead -your wrinkles are
non-existent -That’s looking like a sunset! -I’m not looking -Don’t look Can we switch sides so I can get the other side of your face? -yeah please it’s my better side -I’m not agreeing with you! it’s the
same person who’s been bringing up Jessie J is that someone you know? -I love
Jessie J she’s my favorite musician -he asked what your favorite Jessie J song was -“who you are” -“who you
are?” -yes I’d attempt to sing it but I don’t want to make your ears bleed Look at that burn of extention -in this
bathroom we obviously have Chloe Rose you’re on
your channel so I hope you know who that is, this is Mira
Beiler -Okay who’s that -she is also an artist youtuber, this is hollow Alice -hello -and
I am Robin Selark and yeah if you guys didn’t know this is our first time all
meeting, we organized the idea to come to playlist so this is us after three
days of knowing each other it’s kind of like being in an acrylic class -It does definitely pull up your things, I’m afraid I’m gonna write your new
names wrong, and I mean not like -I’m afraid that you, I don’t wanna get too close to your
eye -I’ll just shut up and go to sleep -Oh straight on the eyeline -she said I could
she gave me her permission -I don’t have sensitive skin in any way shape or form
-This is kids’ face paint so detailed yeah -I was going to use like, actual
acrylic paint but then I thought that was a really stupid idea so… *Music* Can you screenshot this and send it to us -yay -my big reveal ready, wait is the right frame in the way, way okay ready oh my god how… -she looks so good -Do you like it
-It’s amazing my eyebrows give it really good texture -I know right! -Have you seen how good my eyebrows look? -It’s so good! Should I do that like, what beauty gurus do, they’re just
like… -Do like a montage of those mmm, ah that’s gonna be horrendous -actually
it’s not you just look sexy yeah that’s true but how my nostrils are
just still white -I was gonna say that wouldn’t that be awkward? -Thank you so much -It was really fun! -That looks so cool! Make sure you check all of these ladies out over on their channels, again link in the description,
and yes thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope you enjoy the video, did
you enjoy the video? -yeah it was really fun -I mean I liked, I struggled but yeah -well you did great
that’s it I’m never washing my arms ever -it was different painting on skin -yeah
there we go so yeah thanks so much for watching, I
hope you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the
next video *Music*


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