I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.

Here we have it: all of my red art
supplies that I meticulously picked off of their shelves and out of their
individual containers but let’s not focus on the negative hehe today we’re going
to be drawing something using every single red art supply that I own so
let’s get to it! ♪ if you’ve seen one of my previous videos where I draw with only one color of all of my art supplies (that was a terrible way to say that) but yeah you know the drill on the Left I have all of the red art
supplies that I have yet to use and as I use them I will move them to the right
side of the screen so you can see that I indeed do use every single red art
supply that I own when using a bunch of different art supplies it’s always
important to swatch them out especially when all of there colors are similar or when
they’re all one color but you’ll notice when you swatch them out that even
though all these colors are all one color they don’t all look the same some
have cooler tones, some have warmer tones, some are lighter, some are darker, some
are opaque, some are transparent – so swatch your art supplies …folks —- (that sounded lame) I will have
all the supplies that I use today linked in the description below or at least
mentioned including the paper but the first art supply that I’ll be using
today is this scarlet red Col-Erase colored pencil – because we’re sketching
out an idea right? and I have a lot of art supplies but not a lot of them are
erasable in fact only one of them is erasable: the col-erase pencil (which is
why I’m using it) haha yay! explanations are fun right? so the Col-Erase pencil
is cool because it has an eraser and it’s a colored pencil and you can erase
it so it’s basically a pencil but it’s colored so that’s fun. now when I do
these challenges where I use a single color I like to come up with an idea
that makes me think of that color, or come up with an idea that that color
makes me think of would be a better way to say that – so for this one I kept thinking
“what’s red?” and I kept seeing a stop sign and so I did a bunch of thumbnails and I
tried to come up with other red things but it just really wasn’t clicking
and I remember like oh you know the ‘fiery redhead’ stereotype kind of thing
and I saw the stop sign and I thought why don’t I play around with that idea
just a little bit here and I’ve decided to draw basically, I don’t know if any of
you are playing that game Jet Set Radio Future, but it used to be one of my
favorite games – and the premise is that it’s a group of teenagers you know who
are — actually…some of them might have even been adults — but anyway they’re graffiti
artists and they spray graffiti all over town and you know you have to spray a
bunch of graffiti everywhere and then there’s like rival gangs and they spray
over your graffiti and then you have to go around and spray over their graffiti
which is sprayed over your graffiti and it’s just – you know – it’s just a lot of
that – anyway I was thinking of that and I wanted to draw a character
running a stop sign so maybe this character doesn’t really follow the
rules, and when I started thinking about that I thought ooh maybe they just
sprayed some graffiti and they’re running from the cops so I-I drew
someone pole-vaulting basically – no, not pole vaulting, is that what its called…. in gymnastics? when you….no … it’s just the vault! okay so I drew a girl vaulting over a stop sign
that’s kind of like bent so maybe she’s from a side of town that isn’t as
well-kept so a sign got hit by a car maybe three years ago and it’s still
bent over like that and she’s just hopping it so I just I liked the mental
idea of a girl or a character it doesn’t have to be a girl a character jumping
over a stop sign so ignoring the rules basically and you know that’s that’s
where the idea came from so everything it was basically spawned off of that and
even though I have a terrible way of explaining it I feel like I knew what I
was doing when I was doing it and so yeah – then I moved on to this Copic /coh-pick/
marker or is it Copic? /cah-pick/ ah…… it’s the color r29 or lipstick red but when i swatched it
out i thought it looked like the exact color of a stop sign so i decided to color
the stop sign with it now the letters the S, T, O, and the P which spell the words
stop I didn’t want to be red and I didn’t even want it to be pink like I
wanted it solid white so I had to be very careful not to draw over the
letters because obviously I’m only using red art supplies and I don’t have
a white art supply so I’m gonna have to like use the color of the paper for that
so that was what I was thinking about when I was coloring that in with
Copic marker – next up I use the GoldfaberAqua Faber Castell watercolor
pencil – I’m kind of fond of the way I used this I basically just traced over
the sketched lines that I had made with the col-erase pencil and then I went in
with a wet brush and just stayed within those lines and filled in the area that
would make up the metal part of the stop sign and I really liked the way that
looked and it’s much lighter so I’m using a red color but in getting a very
light tone because I’m adding so much water to it and that’s how I’m going to
be able to hopefully add some contrast to this piece and since I liked the way
that was looking so much I decided to add in the brick texture with this same
pencil so it’s a water color pencil but I’m drawing in all of the shapes of the
brick that would be the background and then when I have all those shapes in I
go in with the paint brush that has water on it and I’m filling in all the
spaces between the brick to kind of fill it in with like the grout you know the
cement stuff and I really like the way that it looks because it’s not like
super filled in with color it’s just sort of like blurring the edges a little
bit and I think it really really helped with what I was going for so I like that and I’ve never used watercolor pencils that way before so you learn something
new every day then I use this dr. pH Martin’s Bombay India ink in the color
‘bright red’ and I love these India inks just the color and the pigment that you
get and I decided to use this for the base layer of her red hair – I also
colored in a couple of the bricks in the background and some of the graffiti that’s going to be something that you’ll notice that I’ll keep doing I like using
a bunch of different red art supplies to color in the bricks that way each of the
bricks is kind of like a different color and it adds more texture to the
background and the bricks don’t seem like they’re all just the exact same red
color — then I used my other dr. pH Martin’s India ink this time in the
color ‘just red’ it’s actually not called ‘just right’ it’s ‘red’ {giggle} and this is a much
more potent um like vibrant red color and I used this the color in some more
of the graffiti as well as her shirt I wanted to give her that like Raglan
baseball tee kind of shirt texture which I always wanted when I was younger
my favorite – anyway I also colored in her boots with that same red color and I
really really like that it’s almost listen colors the lipstick red Copic but
it’s a little bit Pinker you see that? look at us we’re getting so like…. I was
gonna say critical but I wanted to mean like an art critic – is there like
an adjective for that? – but look at us! we’re like learning our colors! we’re
seeing the difference between a bunch of different red colors – pretty cool! so next
up I used this water color right there and Id tell you what color it is but I
don’t really know – I know it’s the st. Petersburg White Nights watercolor set
and I took these two reddish colors out of there but I didn’t label them so I’m
not entirely sure which ones they are if we have any watercolor experts or people
with a really good eye let me know which color you think this is is it
Carmine? or Madder Lake Red light?
because I need to put them away and I really
don’t know which spot to put them in leave your guesses in the comments below
there’ll be a prize… there won’t be a prize. what you do you want a prize?
wait there’s no right answer but I’ll give you all prize you want all a prize?
okay! how about some liner-art? I’ll give you a coloring page: free coloring page!
check the link in the description, see if I actually did it next up we use this
ultra fine sharpie and I added some lines to a few of the elements like the
stop sign and that can of paint apparently that’s it this is the Derwent drawing pencil in the color ‘Ruby Earth’ and I really really
like the color of this pencil because it’s red but it’s like so dark red that
it’s almost brown and I was able to use this to add some more contrast in the
colors like right now I’m using you know red obviously but they’re all very
similar in tone like there aren’t really a whole lot of light colors and there
aren’t really a whole lot of dark colors but with this pencil I get to go closer
to the darker end of the spectrum and I can use that to outline some things and
give more contrast or more attention to the elements that I want to be standing
out in this illustration – in particularly the graffiti and I also added a
pretty dark heavy shadow behind the main character because I wanted all of those
things to really stand out oooh! I’m excited about this one this is the Copic marker
in the color R21 or sardonyx I used this and blended it out to like
the white color for the graffiti and added this really really cool I’d call
it like graffiti effect because it literally looks like some of the
graffiti that I was looking up for reference and the way that the color
fades out to another color and adds like that gradient – this is also one of the
lightest red colors that I own so I used it to add a little bit of blush and
shading to her skin moving on to my Ohuhu marker collection this
is the color 15 I wish Ohuhu still put color
names on their markers, numeral names just bore me but I use this to outline
the character kind of as a lineart but obviously a lot thicker because my Ohuhu
markers don’t have a brush tip there’s a chisel nib on one end and a bullet nib
on the other and I also added some elements to the graffiti because I
realized this color looked exactly like the watercolor that had used the color
in the graffiti that says ‘red’ then I used this Crayola crayon in the color you guessed it red! now whenever I do one of these all color challenges the crayon
is the one that I just wish that I’ve thrown them away by now because they
just don’t really go well with whatever I’m trying to draw but with this one I
thought that texture would come in handy since I’m drawing a brick background and
bricks are bumpy like the crayon texture so I tried to use that to color in some
of the bricks but again realize that I really don’t like Crayola crayons so I
moved on to these Ohuhu fine-liners these don’t have any color names either but I use them both to do basically the
same thing since their colors are so very similar I just made sure that I
switched them out halfway through then I used the other water color again don’t
know what color it was leave your guesses in the comments please I’m depending on you anyway I used this to add a really
distant dark shadow behind the character because I felt like the stop
sign and the girl were really still blending in with that background and I
wasn’t a huge fan of that happening so I used this color to add in that shadow
and at first it was like way too dark so then I tried to lighten it up with paper
towel but it had already dried pretty fast I think it’s because I’m using such
thick absorbent paper but I still really like the effect it’s a much Pinker color
than I was expecting neither of my swatches for either
carmine or Madder Lake Red red deep… light? whatever? hehe look like that
which again is adding to this conundrum! one of my newer art supplies
in my collection the Crayola signature brush markers I really like the pigment
of these and the brush tip obviously I used this to color in her shorts which I
can only describe this color as like fire-engine red it’s just gorgeous I
love it – I also colored in the hat and I added some details to the
graffiti and colored in a couple bricks then I used this red Crayola colored
pencil to color in a couple bricks and that was it this is the Ohuhu acrylic
paint marker and I think it’s a really underrated art supply I really like it, I use
it to decorate like wrapping paper and presents and stuff but it’s just a very
opaque paint shoved inside a marker and then you apply it with a little foam nib
it’s like great I love it this is the manuscript Cali creative
dual tip pen-thing – it’s a chisel on one end and fine point on the other
and honestly the art supplies were starting to feel a little redundant here
but I managed to use the chisel nib to add a little shadows under some of
the bricks like some of them are like poking through a little farther you know?
and then I actually flip it over and use the fine point to add texture to some of
these bricks you know that texture I was looking for from the crayon but it
didn’t really work so I added just a bunch of little polka dots here and there on
the bricks and I really like the way that looks now – this is the Copic marker
in the color R24 or ‘Prawn’ how can you say the word ‘Prawn’ without like sounding
snobbish? hehe anyway I used this to color in a couple bricks and then fill in that
whole bottom section of the like the cement that I mentioned earlier – I
thought that drawing felt a little top-heavy and then filling in that
little section really helped even it out a bit – next up these are two of my red Art-n-Fly markers – one is the color ‘R5’
and one is the color ‘R2’ …d2 nice to meet ya! hehe…that’s not funny is it? I used the darker one ‘R2′ to add
to that shadow behind the character because I’m constantly battling myself
trying to get her to stand out from the background so yeah continuing that
battle with that marker and I also added graffiti to the back of the ground….
background but I realized I drew the power logo upside-down
and slanted and it just looked like the letter Q…. this isn’t Sesame Street so I
had to finaggle that one around trying to get it look a little better – I had to get out
of my trusty white gel pen and try to like color in little sections to make it
look like brick again and like color over my mistake – okay so this is the
Krink marker, in like a chubby super chubby paint marker that’s what I like
to call it and a lot of you guys mentioned last time I used one of these thay these are actually used by like actual graffiti artists that’s like
their go-to marker, I just decided to fix the power
graffiti mark and then add another one because… I mean… I needed to add a smiley
face graffit… like the background obviously wasn’t busy enough but I just really
couldn’t find a way to use this marker to really show its potential so I moved
on to the next art supply which happened to be this red Chalkola
marker – now these are really cool because they’re actually meant for like dry
erase marker boards and like you know that’s their function but they have a bit of a
chalky texture to them and they’re very opaque so you can actually use them in
like your mixed-media drawings and draw over mistakes or also I drew over like
the power of graffiti logo because this colored lighter than like the Krink so
it actually kind of added this two-tone texture – my 24th and 25th art supply
of the drawing are these two Ohuhu alcohol-based markers and I used mostly
the bullet nib for these two like adding some detail to the graffiti I really
like the way adding like that really weird thin line to the top of the word
“cool” even though it looks like it says “COO” … anyway hehe and I added some like darker
shading to like the character and still trying to make her stand out more but I
don’t really fix that til the very end so stay tuned – oh and then I used ’14’ to
add some texture to that bottom section of the drawing just like dots and
strokes just make it look less clean next up I’m not entirely sure where this
art supply came from but it’s a Magic Marker in the color ‘blood-red’ and this
inspired me, I added little bruises and like scrapes on her knees –
she’s a little scrapper you know? she likes to defend herself so it’s gonna
result in probably a couple bruises and scraped knees and she doesn’t really have
a mommy to give her a kiss he and a band-aid so they’re just out there
in the open ready to get infected – then I used an art supply I’m sure you all are
pretty familiar with the crayola marker in the color ‘red’ hehe – and I just use this to
add little details here and there – this is the Pigma Brush, it’s kind of like a
micron, but it’s got a brush nib – yeah, I know! never would have believed it but it’s
in the color red so I have to use it and I use this to add some more details to
like her hair add a little bit of like curly bits and other like little details
here and there – oh this thing is cool this is the Stabilo CarbOthello Pencil it’s
kind of like drawing with like a charcoal? – like it feels like you’re
drawing in sand but it’s like leaving pigment on the paper because you’re
obviously drawing on paper – but it’s super pigmented and opaque and I just I really
like using it and it’s on the darker side of the red spectrum so I can use it
to fix some mistakes like make the word ‘power’ really stand out or like the rest
of the graffiti you know? those parts that are late a little ‘blarbyl now
they’re coming into focus! this is one of the only faber castell
polychromos that I own – so better get to useing it – this one’s also on the darker
side of the red spectrum so I’m using it to outline some more of that character
and trying to really make them pop and I also used it for like shading the back
leg or shading underneath the stop sign because that was looking a little too
pink – I also used it to kind of like grunge up the stop sign because it
really had been hit by a car I don’t think it would look brand new right? this pencil might look kind of boring but it’s actually a metallic
colored pencil so it’s got a bit of a shimmer to the lead when you apply it
to paper and so I kind of tried to use this to shine up like the graffiti but I
really didn’t dig it so…I kind of didn’t do much with this one (like instead of
coloring a whole lot I just used it to add a band-aid to her knee, hehe) this is the Artline 220 superfine pen, its size 0.2 – which is probably the smallest red
fine liner that I own so this was really cool for adding like some details to her
face – I’d already done her face so I kind of wish I had waited until now to do that
but you know ya live and you learn – I was even able to add like the little dots on
a band-aid with this that’s that’s how tiny the point is I’ve
got 2 Ohuhu dual-tip brush pens here in the color red and I’ve kind of just used
these because I had to [giggle] and it might have been to my detriment, I used one to shade
like the knee and like the behind leg to kind of throw it farther into the
background but that’s probably bad idea and then he also added like shadow
underneath her bum there this is the marabou fineliner color graphics fine
liner (that’s a mouthful) and I used this to add some more details to like her
shoes and other little bits and bobs there trying to improve upon the piece
I’m not really being very successful hehehe oh!!!! we’ve made it to the end, it’s my final
art supply!!! this is the Hoelbein Ccrylic Gouache in the color ‘carmine’
and I saved this for last because I knew gouache is opaque so I thought I could
use it to like fix mistakes you know but all I ended up doing was just adding
blobs… to like the graffiti and darkening up the little ledge down at the bottom
or adding some more color to like the one graffiti’s outline – I didn’t end up
really using this one much and then when I took a step back I realized this piece
was really looking like a big red blob and I guess I should have expected it
I’m only using all red art supplies but like there wasn’t really enough contrast
here and I needed to play with it a little bit more I needed to fix this and
what this piece was missing was some more light tones and so I decided to
make the executive decision to cheat a little bit here – the paper’s whites, so it’s
not like, *whispers* its fine, fine, its fine but I use this Posca pen and I outlined the entire character now this
isn’t very realistic and you probably wouldn’t see this IRL like a girl
jumping over a stop sign with the bricks behind her and she has this beautifully
perfect white outline around her but you do see it in illustrations so you see it
in my illustrations anyway and I think this really helped pull her out from the
background I do think it made her look a little bit like a sticker but I’ll take
sticker over blob any day so this is my finished result this is what happens
when I use every single one of my red art supplies I actually really like it I think it’s the pose and like the action of it and
I’ve been really leaning towards drawing things that have like a story behind
them and I’ve realized that’s really what I like I like drawing characters
that are alive and have done something and are gonna go do something you know
like they’re not just stiff mannequins okay and I’m really happy with that like
I think it needs work obviously there’s always things to improve upon and I’m
glad there is or art would probably get really boring so: yay for not being
perfect! and yay for kind of sucking! if we were judging it on like the cool
scale I’d probably give it a ‘coo’ hahaha anyway I want to thank you guys for watching I
hope you all have the most delicious evening full of waffles, BYE!! ♪


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    I love this so much but i think when you added your lips to me it got rid of the fact that she's a (kid it think) and the immaturity disappeared and made her look at least 20

  • Anthony Brown

    What's funny is i watched jazza's vid on this with red and this is how i found you waffles

  • Yunnon

    I love red! that is why Yunnon's hair and eye color is red as well as HiSOKA's

  • MPFT0

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  • AbbyJr

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    I love this it’s kinda giving me subway suffers vibes great work! ❤️❤️

  • Sophia

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  • Sophia

    This is COO

  • Lily Renz

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    I know what JSRF is! I never played the actual game, but I have a DS game, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, and Beat is one of the characters. He's the only Jet Set Radio Future one.

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